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11.95% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 9: New Day in a New World

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Chapter 9: New Day in a New World

The warm sunshine was pouring in from the window, gently pulling Foo awake. Well rested, Foo sat up and studied the room. It was open and luxurious, had the bed he was in, a wardrobe, a desk, a chest and a wide window. All furniture gilded and looking quite expensive.

Shrugging of a bad dream, he noticed the status pane:


Name: Foo

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* Hacker - Active

* Cheater



* Adventurer: Rank F



* {Blessing from the God of Earth}



* [Techno Wizard] - Active

* [One man army]

* [Destroyer of worlds]

* [Cheater]

* [The bane of Gods]

* [Otherworlder]

* [Leader of a world]

* [Silver tongue]

* [More fatal than curses]


He realized that it was no dream. He could attribute the unfamiliar surroundings to something else, but that glaring status pane was irrefutable proof. Sighing he decided not to mind it. This was a brand new and interesting world! He should not feel down just because the system was a bit buggy!

With heightened spirits he left the room and entered the wide hallway. Walking down the soft red carpet he reached the stairs, which was also carpeted. When he entered the dining area he was greeted by a low murmur. The atmosphere was infinitely more refined than in the adventure guild.

There was people wearing expensive and luxurious clothing at the tables, all giving off a noble aura. Foo was in fact sticking out from the masses in his simple getup and relaxed manners. But as refined people, the other guests just threw a curious glance his way before they returned to their discussions.

Less refined ruffians might have looked at him in disdain, but all that was here knew that to enter this place he had to have the capital or backing. There was only the slight interest on why such a figure would be so humble. In fact, such figures were often more dangerous and eccentric, so it would definitely be best not to provoke them.

As Foo reached the reception desk to ask for some food, he found out to his surprise that he was not hungry. It was not that he did not feel like eating, but almost that he had no sense of hunger. And when he thought back on the day before, he did neither feel any need to sleep, except for the mental exhaustion that the system gave him.

Pondering on what this could mean he also recalled that he had lost his body. He arrived here as a soul, so the system must have created a body for him? Or was it the God that sent him off?

Interrupting his thoughts, the inn keeper greeted: "Good morning branch master. Would you like some food?" Foo was stunned. "Branch master?" he asked. Studying the inn keeper, looking for any sign that he had eaten anything inappropriate. The inn keeper was a solid man, but not as brutish that the men in the adventure guild. He looked refined and friendly, with a neat and expensive uniform. His eyes looked puzzled, but not unfocused. And had no other signs that he had some mental affliction.

"Ah yes" The inn keeper explained. "Einar explained that the past branch master was taking a vacation, and as such you, as the highest ranking adventurer in the city, was appointed as the temporary branch master until they send a replacement. In case your management skills were approved, the position could also be made permanent."

Foo shuddered. ``I accidentally happened to vacate the branch master seat, and they hold a grudge against me?`` Foo was no fool. The fancy titles was just an attempt to hide the fact that the branch masters was just working their asses off. Just look at the past branch master, he had been worked so hard that he collapsed by some mere words! Yes, that was definitely the reason for the collapse!

There was no way that Foo were going to let them push that responsibility on him. In fact, an rank F adventurer should actually be of higher status than the branch master. By accepting the position, he would lower his status and add lots of rules that he had to follow. If there was a new branch master replacement that also had the E rank, then Foo would be of a higher rank, and thus would be treated as a superior by the branch master in question.

No matter how he looks at it, taking the branch master position were a really bad idea. And then there is also the fact that the position of branch master is quite low. It might sound impressive in a little village, but it really was just a little laborer of the guild. He might be able to delegate the work to others, but he still had to stay around the city in case of emergencies. And he would be obligated to do publicity and political appearances, sign and make the more important decisions and lots of other bothersome stuff.

"No please. Just call me Foo. I am not qualified for this branch master position. I am sure that Einar can handle this without my help. And if there is any emergency, then obviously i would help as an adventurer." Foo said while smiling.

The inn keeper was shocked, although he could almost hide it. ``It is obvious a lie that he is not qualified. And he could have delegated all bothersome tasks to the workers. For someone to think so lightly of the branch master title... he must definitely not be offended!`` Beaming an even brighter smile, the inn master continued: "You are so humble, master Foo. Anyway the adventurers' guild are paying to bill, so feel free to eat as much as you want." He said with a conspiratorial glint in his eyes.

Foo chuckled lightly and said: "In that case, lets order everything!" He would definitely not go easy on the guild, as it tried to force him into the position of branch master. And the actions of the previous branch master should also be punished. ``How dare he trick me into getting the `Cheater` class?!`` It was obviously the guild's fault!

The both men was harmonious in their evil laughter, which sent the other patrons shivering.

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