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43.47% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 38: Prophecy

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Chapter 38: Prophecy

After running for a while, and still not seeing the miasma, Foo was getting worried that he had ruined the whole Abyss.

However, on his mind where an even more pressing matter: "You said that there was an arm reaching from the gate of death that were chopped off, right? Did you see where it landed?"

Not one to be falling in despair ans self-blame just because of one tiny mistake, Foo were already out to profit from it.

"The arm? No, it dissolved quite soon after the gates closed. Why do you ask?" The skull asked, clearly puzzled on why Foo would want to know that. That arm were creepy just to look at, why would anyone even want to have it?

"Never mind then" Foo replied.

Clearly having calmed down a bit, the skull then complained: "Anyway, what was that!? How can you emit such evilness?! No, can that even be called evilness anymore? It is clearly way beyond that!"

"And how could that evilness come from such a pure soul? And why is it still so pure, even after emitting such pure evilness?!"

At this point, Foo could not bear that everyone seemed to think of him as evil, and that the skull did not find it logical that he had a pure soul. If Foo did not have a pure soul, that who would?

"Stop whining! I even made sure to exclude you from the emission, so you should not even have felt a thing!"

At this statement, the skull was stunned. Did this mean that the most terrifying event in his entire live... well, after his life included too... was not even an fraction of what had truly played out? That the oppression and fear that were way beyond that of the big-shoots in The Abyss were just the slight bit that passed through after being ignored...

Following these thoughts, the skull decided to reflect deeply on the profound questions of life. Wasn't the weather lovely today? There had been a long long time since last time he were in a place without miasma. Never once since he was banished, in fact.

Although the lack off miasma was somewhat uncomfortable, as his existence had come to rely on it, it was not that threatening in the short run. And it made him able to almost imagine that he was back with the woman that he loved.

The skull was busily reminiscence of the beautiful memories of the past. Definitely not escaping from the reality...

And Foo was continuing his escape.


-- Meanwhile, further ahead in the direction of where Foo was heading. --

In a plaza that seemingly were made of dark pulsating flesh, gathered around a huge glowing crystal that seemed out of place, were countless abominations. Everything from ghost like figures to humongous lumps of flesh.

They had all kind of appearances, but the only thing that they all had in common were that they were all shivering. That and the fact that all looked creepy and reeked of evilness.

The beings gathered here were all embodiment of evil; they breath evil, they think evil, they speak evil and they are evil. One might think that such being have long since forgotten all about fear and horror, that it had only became a form of pleasure.

But for the first time that they could remember, they were now instinctively shivering in fear. The ripples in the miasma that hit them a while ago had carried the uttermost feeling of dread. It made even the miasma in their bodies want to escape.

Luckily, it was only a short burst, but some of their weaker underlings were fainted on the ground.

"What was that?!" someone finally asked.

"I never experienced anything like that before!" another one chirped in.

Given that the beings had existed for a really long time, and that particular being had existed for as long as anyone could remember, the statement had some extra weight to it.

"Whatever it was, why did it have to happen just now?" another one grumped.

"Indeed! We were finally going to use the crystal of life to break open the seal of The Abyss!"

The other abominations made sounds of agreement, they were finally going to utilize the crystal of life, that they had prepared for something close to eternity, in order to allow one of them to travel to the world of the living and from there undo the seal.

But now something really ominous had happened. Why could it not have waited until they were done?

But then another ancient being opened his eyes and said, "It is the prophecy!"

The fact that this revered being of few words had spoken startled the ones gathered around the crystal. And the words that he spoke agitated them like when you throw a scorching stone into a bowl with water.

"The prophecy!"

"Can it really be the prophecy?!"

"Oh shit!"

"It must be it!"

"Eh, what is this prophecy you are talking about?"

And a stunned silence fell over the gathering. Before they spoke up again.

"Oh, you must be new?"

"You do not even know of the prophecy?"

"When the seal of The Abyss were placed, one of the strongest demons that were among the first to be banished used his power in order to see into the future for any way to escape. The prophecy that he spoke was—"

But the speaker were interrupted by another, who seemed to just love the sound of his own voice, "There shall be a day when the world shivers, and the miasma flees. The Devil will appear, and The Abyss will cease to exist. Only the crystal of life can pave the road of our salvation. When the Devil hides his skull in the ground, the end is nigh."

"The hell! I was going to say that!"

"Too slow!"

"And oddly, he died the moment the prophecy trance were over. It is really rare to die after a prophecy—"

"Right! Right! That only seem to happen if the future that they saw were way too horrible. But that usually only applies to those `good guys`, there would never be something that would be too much for him to handle, right?"

"Hey! You must stop interrupting me, I was—"

"Anyway~ The prophecy have ever since been our guiding beacon. The hope to get back to the world of the living. To get hold of all those tasty souls and cozy bodies—"

"I was talking! You can't just—"

"It clearly says that we can use the power of the crystal of life to send this Devil out from The Abyss, where after he can undo the seal, and thus the prison known as The Abyss will cease to exist."


"It took some time to understand the importance of the crystal of life, but we found out that it can harmonize with the seal. The seal is designed to suppress—"


"—evilness and death, but the crystal can open a path where even we can escape. Then we had to figure out what this `Devil` meant. The word—"

"You haven't seen any, right?"

"—usually refers to personification of evil, thus we have started to—"

"The seal is suppressing them, that's why."


"Oh yeah? You can interrupt me, but I can't interrupt you?"

"I have seniority! So shut up!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


"Anyway, we have thus been calling our leader The Devil, as he is the most evil one of us. He is the one that will lead us back to the world of the living, and wage war on the—"



"Don't let me get started with the spinach!"


And suddenly, the two abominations were tumbling around in a pointless attempt to strangle each other.

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