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82.6% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 74: Solution

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Chapter 74: Solution

But then again, Foo indeed was an expert at fooling people! Euhm.. purely on an entertainment basis of course. Like performing as a magician...

He even got that [The Illusionist] title and ❰Illusionism❱ skill. With them, he should be able to create proper cover, right?

First, Foo awoken the angel. It had to cooperate a bit after all. There was no way that he would carry it.

After some time of mental poking, the angel stirred awake.

"What is it? Ah, I had the most terrifying nightmare! There was an old man chasing me, spewing out one revolting love poem after another. But then you came and embraced me, and everything was fine."

Not wanting to be reminded of the hideous love poems that he had nearly managed to banish from his memory, Foo then hurriedly interjected, "You had some problems with your possession of the skull. The miasma and holiness were clashing, so I fixed it a bit..."

Remembering the event that he was talking about, the angel then exclaimed, "Oh! That's right! I see so much better now! And I got this odd feeling... It reminds me of when I was alive..."

With unsure movements from arms that he had not used in ages, he almost instinctively put them up in front of his face.

"This!" he exclaimed. Moving his fingers around, as if to convincing himself that it was actually his.

"I got my arms back?!"

How long had it not been since he had anything that resembled a body? Some long time ago he had the full skeleton set, but even that was inferior to his current feeling.

By clasping his hands, he felt the sensation of touch that he had not felt in a long time. Of course, he had felt some impacts, but that was nothing compared to the proper sense of touch.

Lost in marveling over this miracle, he then noticed that he had gotten the full body back.

"My body! I got a body!"

Looking towards Foo with a confused expression, he then asked, "Did you manage to resurrect me? Finding me a body to posses?"

He had some bad memories about resurrection, and the thought of being in someone else's body was a bit off putting. But then again, it would be worth it.

"Hmm? Not really. I built the body from scratch. Well, one might argue that I built it based on your former vessel, but it was just trash, so I ended up replacing everything."

"You... built this body? For me?"

"Yes. I was just trying to fix that skull of yours a bit, but might have gone a tad overboard..."

A tad overboard? Right... What would it have looked like if he really went overboard then? The thought was interesting, but something was warning that it might be better to not know...

The angel had no further words to speak. It was just too much to take in. And a mere `thank you` would not be able to convey his feelings. In fact, he felt that it might even be insulting to give such a lacking response. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As such he decided to use this new life that he had been give to repay this priceless favour. Just the help to escape from The Abyss was invaluable. He could finally find out what had happened to his love.

Of course, he was not in a hurry. As he had waited for so long, some more years would not make any difference. She was probably dead by now, so he should focus on repaying his debts and gathering information about the changes in the world.

When he had learned more about the happenings since his banishment, he could try to ask his benefactor for help. Based on his previous achievements, nothing should be impossible to accomplish.

But being given so many favours, it would be too embarrassing to ask for yet another one straight away. Although he would probably be unable to fully repay him, he could at least do his best for a while before he started to ask for more help.

The matter with the particularities of his body did just pass his mind. Although it was a bit odd, he was used to weird bodies. The abominations all had weird bodies, and his current one was more normal than most.

When the angel calmed down a bit more, Foo felt that it was time to go. The earlier comotion with both miasma and holiness had surely caused a disturbance. It was imperative to quickly escape the crime scene. Figurally speaking, of course.

As such, Foo utilized his skills, and projected an image of a regular and nondescript man onto the angel. It was not as the last time, where he injected it into the target's mind, but he instead wrapped the illusion around the target.

It took some work, but finally he was satisfied with the result.

No one would look twice at the man showed by the illusion. He had such a common appearance that one would forget about him the moment he left their vision.

Foo had considered just turning him invisible. But that made the matter of physical contact quite bothersome. As such he just decided to disguise him, so that it was easier for him to move around.

"Eh? What happened?" the angel asked, "Why did my appearance change? I liked the other one better!"

"Do not let it bother you. It is just a disguise. I used some illusion stuff to hide your true appearance. It is a bit attention grabbing after all."

The others were also stunned by the change. Blinking their eyes, they seemed to finally snap out of their daze.

But the events that had transpired rendered them speechless. A tad overboard? That must be the most perfect being in existence!

Focusing on the more important matters, Foo then urged the others, "Hurry! We have to leave before the inquisitor catch the scent of the stuff that happened here!"

Dragging them all out of the door, Foo then made sure to clear up all traces inside the house. It was not that he had experience with such actions... He was just good at cleaning up things... Yes! As something of a perfectionist, he really disliked a messy house.

Then he hurried out to join the others. It was about time to see to the students. The first training session should be over, after all. Luckily he had not gone overboard with that...

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