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Chapter 64: The Inquisition

After some more fruitless observations, he noticed a translucent pillar in the sky. It stretched from the ground and all the way up in the sky. It was like how a force field might have looked, barely visible and no details.

However, it was definitely not a forcefield. Who the heck would be so stupid that they would make it reach that far up in the sky? The fact that it was drawing attention from far away was quite disadvantageous.

It was highly likely that the forcefield was protecting something important, so why would someone declare for the world to see where it was? The only thing else that it might be would be a location beacon.

Basically a signal to help others locate a location. Whatever it was, as Foo had no better options, he advanced towards the pillar. It must be quite new as he had not seen it before. It was quite noticeable after all.

After a bit of walking, he reached a house that was not that different from the others. The only thing odd about it was that it was surrounded by that odd forcefield-like thing.

Also, the house seemed to have an translucent image of ruins that overlapped it. While the houses in the area was a bit more intact than the others, it seemed almost as if someone tried to project an image of this particular house being inaccessible and uninteresting.

It was just that they failed to do so. Not only did they have the highly noticeable pillar that announced its position, but the attempt of illusion was just too weak.

The only thing it managed to do was to make Foo even more interested to see what was inside.

Without further ado, Foo thus entered the building. And as he thought, the forcefield-like thing was not a forcefield. It made no resistance when he entered. In fact, it just popped like a bubble upon his touch.

After he had entered, he noticed the siblings sitting at a chair. With the little girl in the brother's lap. And with the brother hugging her, as if to protect her from a perceived threat.

But they did not seem that frightened, so it was likely not that bad.

After gazing around some more, Foo noticed a man sitting on another chair, drinking some tea. Startled at the sound of Foo's arrival, the man turned to face him.

"Who are you!? And how did you come here?!" the man asked, clearly confused of Foo's presence.

"Hmm? I noticed the signal beacon in the sky, so I came to check it out."

Foo was puzzled over the man's reaction. He had after all put up that glaring beacon, so why did he seem surprised that someone came to take a look?

"Signal beacon?" the man asked, clearly not following what Foo said.

"Yes, the thing that was around this house, stretching up in the sky and allowing one to see it from miles away."

After blinking a couple of times, the man seemed to come to a realization.

"Are you referring to the concealment formation around the house?"

This time it was Foo that blinked, "Concealment formation? That thing?"

"Of course! It is a high level formation that conceals an area so that no one can see through it! It even have warding curses that makes people want to leave the area alone, and to perfect it all, there is a potent barrier to disallow entry!"

Seemingly proud while boasting of the properties of this formation, the man continued, "The illusion is so powerful that no one can see through it, the curse ensures that people stay away, and the barrier can even keep out the most dangerous beasts!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Foo had a bad feeling. This man seemed to put great value on the formation. He took great pride in that it was `unbeatable`. How could Foo have the heart to dispel the man's delusions?

As such, Foo steeled his heart to use some while lies. While embarrassingly scratching his head, he said, "Ah, yes! One could totally not see it at all! Highly impressive! And the curse was so ingenious! And with such a strong barrier, anyone would be able to feel safe!"

However, the lines that Foo made up did not help at all. At Foo's mention, the man realized what his presence meant.

"You! You... broke the barrier?!"

It also happened that the man was from The Inquisition. The power that was hunting down evil spirits, demons, and people that interacted with them. As such he had the skills to see through lies.

And he could clearly see that all praises towards the formation was blatant lies. And the fact that he had entered the building showed that it was incapable of keeping him out.

He then thought back on what Foo had said when he entered. ``A highly noticeable beacon? It was the concealment formation! How he heck can you call it noticable?! It was supposed to be completely invisible!``

The worst thing was that he could clearly see that the man before him had not been lying at all. He had found the concealment formation highly noticeable, and approached in the belief that it was some kind of beacon.

One could not fool the powers to see through lies. Even gods could not fake the results. The only way to avoid it would be to block it, but that would be clearly noticeable for the user.

As such he knew for sure that Foo had not been lying. Except for the praises.

The fact that someone looked at his precious formation as if it was trash was just too much for him. Puking a mouthful of blood, he blacked out and fell of the chair. Due to him fainting, the tea cup in his hand was smashed to pieces against the floor.

Taking an alarmed step backwards, Foo cried inwardly, ``That was not my fault!``

Jumping down from her brother, who was frozen in stupor, the little girl run to the man on the floor. When reaching him, she carefully poked at him with her toes. After making sure that he was unresponsive, she nodded proudly.

"I told you that Foo would save us! The man might have said that he was suuper strong, but as we know `words are more powerful than weapons`!" she exclaimed with a beaming smile towards her brother.

ZombieSpy ZombieSpy

Oh my! This time it is a triple release!! I am on a writing spree! Luckily the novel will not reach rank 50 this week, else I might get stuck in this spree... So for the sake of enabling me to laze around, please hold onto your stones!

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