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2.85% How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories / Chapter 4: Prophecy of Cleria Belial's Demise

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Chapter 4: Prophecy of Cleria Belial's Demise

"What is it?"

Diehauser felt a bit coldness looking at his son's current face feeling that news that could shatter him might be said,

"Aunt Cleria will soon be in danger because she fell in love with an Exorcist"


All three of the adults wanted to jump up from this shocking statement but they calmed themselves down to wait for Masaru to continue,

"I can guarantee from the visions I saw the Exorcist loved her truly and even died to protect her, but I feel the reason Aunt Cleria is being targeted by the devils, has something to do with what she discovered that could threaten them enough to make them work with the church even"


Diehauser was the one most affected by this


Dieahauser called out to his bishop who came into the room when Julia saw the serious look on Diehauser's face she took a serious stance as his bishop.

"I want you to take Edward and Jacob, go to Cleria's place and guard her. If any suspicious movements are made by other devils immediately rescue her and her peerage. Do not actively engage with the other devils, but try to investigate which families might be involved"


Julia turned and left the room, the atmosphere was tense. It was difficult to believe Masaru's so-called Divination spell but Diehauser personally did not want to take chances as he already experienced losing his lover and almost his son as well.

"Is there any other visions you had?"

When Masaru heard his father's question he shook his head

"No, these were the only vision I had. But father, this vision of Aunt Cleria, I believe we need to fake the death of Aunt Cleria and her lover. I am not sure why but that vision makes me feel something dreadful about it. Whatever secret Aunt Cleria discovered could even endanger the Belial Family"

Diehauser nodded, he stood up leaving Masaru with his parents as he had things he required to do as well.

"Masaru, are you sure about your visions?"

Calfa who believed Masaru the most out of the three hoped he could be wrong but Masaru shook his head

"Those visions should be accurate if it could tell me about Shuri-san and Akeno... No, I rather not take chances, if nothing happens then it is great but if there is a chance I honestly don't want to risk it"

Calfa walked over and hugged Masaru's head, Masaru truly saw this family as his own, even the naughty aunt Cleria he enjoyed playing pranks with. He could only lie about where he got the knowledge, a white lie to save a life.

"If that secret is truly too great, then we will need to get the backing of several large houses"

Dominic was already considering which houses to contact,

"I believe contacting the devil kings like Lady Serafall. Lord Ajuka and Lord Sirzech will be the best to be included as well. I don't want to contact the Bael family because they uphold the tradition of pure blood devils the most, just the fact Aunt Cleria's lover is a human and an Exorcist at that would cause trouble with them"

At this time Julia along with Edward and Jacob arrived in Kuoh town immediately began to move in different sections to start their investigation, it was truly shocking how many exorcists and fallen angels they found in the town in such a short amount of time but they did not make any move as their investigation was Cleria.

Julia who was the best in sensing Magical energy was the first to discover Cleria who was having a date with a Human who held holy energy within his body, just this was more than enough evidence to confirm a few things.

A Magic circle materialize next to Julia's ears

"You already have a report?"

Diehauser's surprised voice came from the magic circle, he did not expect Julia to call him this soon but the next words made the atmosphere tense because he did not tell any details behind Masaru's visions to her yet.

"Master, I am not sure if I should be privy on the details. But Cleria is on a date with an Exorcist, from the looks of it they know of each other's existence"


Diehauser now finally understood several things, there was no longer time to think

"I want you, Edward and Jacob to keep protecting her from the shadows if there are any attacks on Cleria from Devils or the Exorcist. Save her and her peerage immediately, don't engage in battles"


"To think it would be this accurate... But somehow the manner how he spoke of it felt more like he was speaking from his memories instead of a vision"

Diehauser was still sceptical about Masaru's story but he was still grateful for it, even if there is no danger right now at least he can now guard Cleria for in case if she is perhaps being brainwashed by the exorcist whom she is dating.

What some of them had not realized except for the more Experienced Diehauser and Dominic who realized that Shuri left a talisman tucked into the couch of the room to listen onto their conversation, to be honest, she was truly shocked beyond belief about the tale the boy told his family.

'To think he had this reason to save us....'

She was also doubtful about Masaru's story but the fact he saved her and her daughter was enough for her to place her trust in this boy for now, although the contract she signed with him was also an influence to the trust.


"Morning Akeno"

Masaru who was currently warming up his body greeted Akeno who was wearing casual clothes which will not restrict her movements to train,

"Morning Master"

Akeno greeted Masaru formally who blushed at her way of greeting, as a former Japanese from his previous life there was a fraction of a memory Masaru once wanted to be called that by Akeno and such he could not help but blush slightly to which Akeno unconsciously displayed a more sadistic smile.

When Masaru saw that smile he too returned a familiar smile towards Akeno causing her to feel surprised, a soft throbbing feeling could be felt within her body and it felt very exciting.

'Oh boy, isn't that her infamous S side? Should I perhaps become an S so her M will come out instead?' Masaru thought

"It appears I will have you train your body harder today huh?"

Masaru looked at Akeno who was now stretching her muscles,


The thought of "training" that came in Akeno's mind was a secret she saw her mother whip Barakiel late at night, the pure bliss of both her parents faces surfaced as well causing her to blush.

"Morning Big brother! Akeno-san"

Shirone came running while wearing her training clothes.

"Morning Shirone-chan"

Akeno wanted to tease Shirone a bit to make up for her loss against Masaru's come back, but the white cat already dodged past her standing next to Masaru.

"Morning Shirone, you slept well?"

Masaru gently caress Shirone's hair while she was nodding causing her to smile blissfully, Akeno who saw this felt a bit jealous about their close relationship because she did not have the chance to make friends with other kids her age.

"Alright, let's start with our daily exercise. We will be jogging around the mountain over there two laps"

Akeno who heard Masaru's training item could not help but feel he was crazy

"That's too far!"

Masaru was a bit confused at first but then remembered

"You can try only one lap first, I and Shirone normally do two rounds to warm up"

Akeno who heard this felt she will be left out which stimulated her fighting spirit to endure this training, but she will surely repay Masaru for this.

Masaru, however, wanted her to train hard today so they could see her limits in every part to draw up a training plan for her, Masaru already decided that regardless everyone of his peerage present and future will train their bodies even if they are Mages so as to have another combat power they can use in case their energy is low.

Surprisingly Akeno followed him and Shirone for the second round of Jogging, the moment they reached the base of the mountain where they will be resting she did not utter a word and only wordlessly collapse on the ground wheezing.

"Good Work"

Masaru smiled while holding out a bottle of water towards Akeno, she fiercely glared at him before grabbing the bottle while sitting upright while pouting.

"Hmpf! At least you know how to be a gentleman"

Masaru smiled, he truly admired her spirit to not give up while Shirone took her seat next to Akeno, he looked at the two.

"Well it's good to exercise the body but Akeno, your magical reserve is quite large, although you might be a mage in my team it will not be good if you don't train your body to at least. With a strong body, you can at least surprise your enemies who tend to look down on Mages for their weaker body because it is quite common Mages normally focus only on their magics"

Akeno nodded while listening to Masaru who continued,

"While Magic can help you in a physical boost state but it still runs on your mana reserves so the moment your reserves diminished then you will be vulnerable, having a stronger body prevents your mana from damaging your body if it overloads your maximum capacity your body can hold. Although it never happened before, I will rather be safe than sorry"

The two girls kept quiet after listening to their worrywart master but still felt warmth, he always considers training in many aspects for the two of them while they still focus mostly on their specialized fields. Having more cards to play for a rainy day, is what Masaru wanted.

'With Akeno training her body while also training her Holy Lightning and elemental magic from an early age without the trauma will greatly enhance her power compared to the original novel. I can only be grateful to the whatever sent me here close to Shirone I could also prevent her trauma from forming, but I will still need to allow her to fight against her sister to allow her to vent her anger... There is still a month to go then I will have to go to the Vatican's, honestly I hope I can meet her before Cao Cao gets her in his hands... Her potential as a swordsman and her sacred gear can grow even further, plus her still being about 10 years old I can somehow influence her personality-- whoops that sounded bad, I will educate her' Masaru thought

After resting long enough the rest of the day the three of them split up, Akeno was trained together with Shuri and Circe. This arrangement was agreed on during breakfast as Shuri still wanted to train her daughter in the techniques of the Himejima family while Circe will train her in her Demonic Energy usage as well as some magic spells she could train.

Shirone was still training under the tutelage of a fellow Nekomata reincarnated devil who was a peerage member of Dominic's team training in her Youjutsu and Senjutsu. At times Masaru will be training with her, but today Masaru was training with his father who was busier as of late while keeping an eye on the surroundings of Cleria.


"So how is Masaru?"

Shuri was talking with Akeno while they were taking a bath, naturally, Shirone was with them as well but Shuri did not bother to hide their discussion as this little girl kept her promise by not mentioning it to anyone.

"He's kind, and a worrywart... Nice to tease as mom taught me"

Akeno began to explain how Masaru was treating her similar to Shirone during training, always giving her pieces of advice but what surprised Shuri the most was how Masaru indirectly explained Barakiel's circumstances to her in order so she will not hate her father but she knew better than that.

'He really did something for her which I should have done but could not because I love her father and her equally so she would not take it seriously...'

Shuri knew Masaru also did it in order to prevent obstacles in her path to becoming stronger,

"He's such a hopeless Master, I will have to look after him Mother"

Akeno showed a rare smile towards her mother causing Shuri to feel that the weight that was on her shoulders was finally gone, it might have been cowardly but she still needed to test the boy for a period of time before she could truly relax and right now she felt happy.

"Big brother really is hopeless, he even told his father he refuses to have male peerage members because of the list of members he planned to save which are of course females so he might as well go for a full female peerage"

Shirone explained something Masaru mentioned a year ago when his father, Diehauser brought up the topic for his possible peerage plans,

"Fufu, so he wants to build a Harem?"

Shuri felt that was truly a rare sight where Masaru was acting his age as a boy, but Shirone pouted

"It's the worst"


"Achoo! Someone cursed me?"

Masaru who was currently studying middle school subjects from scratch again in his room was oblivious that his plans for a peerage were revealed by Shirone.


"Mom, how am I suppose to contend with more girls!?"

Akeno was eager to learn more 'tricks' from her mother who taught her many kinds of ways to tease Masaru by making him more conscious of her as a girl who worked. Although Masaru still did not take it seriously at that point because in his mind he still had thought it was only a 10-year-old fleeting love that will probably change when she grows up so he would rather wait, but never in his mind he would realize that Akeno did hold him preciously because he saved her and her mom.

"Ara ara, so you want to fight for first wife position?"

Shuri intended to tease her daughter but once again she was shocked at her daughter's serious expression, Shirone interrupted with a short reply

"I don't care how many women flocks around big brother, as long as I can stay at his side I am content."

'But his lap is my territory' Shirone thought.

Shuri who heard this could only chuckle thinking that the boy has a natural deposition to make girls fall for him in a way they won't cause conflict with one another.

"I believe the best way to maintain your position is to have the upper hand since you are still young you could do...."

Shuri thought for a moment and gave some more tricks for her daughter to use, although it was intended to work since they were still children she could not teach the adult seduction techniques just yet otherwise it will be a disaster for Masaru. Soon the bathroom door opened and Calfa entered with a towel,

"Ara? So Shuri-San, Akeno-chan and Shi-Chan is also here"


Shirone smiled running towards Calfa, hugging her tightly and Calfa returned the hug.


Akeno greeted her as well, it was the one thing Calfa demanded from the girls was to call her grandmother and not Madam since Calfa already treated these two girls as potential granddaughters.

"Good Work today Calfa-sama"

Shuri smiled at the friend she made during this week,

"Same to you as well, Shuri-san"

After a while, they kept talking about random things until Calfa spur of a feeling blurted out,

"Honestly I am thankful to you Shirone... Akeno... Because you two girls are here my grandson has someone to talk with his age...." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-demise_40722559108447380">;s-demise_40722559108447380</a> for visiting.

Calfa gently caress Shirone and Akeno's hair, Shuri who heard this found an opportunity to ask

"Calfa-sama, I heard from one of the servants that Masaru-kun was originally missing and he was found together with Shirone.."

"You wish to know about his past?" Calfa asked to Shuri's question, Shuri nodded as she was interested in that boy's history,

"Well since your daughter is his peerage, I suppose it will be fine to tell you about his past"

Calfa began to explain the story Masaru told them two years ago when he arrived in the family Manor, Shirone also filled in the other spots Masaru originally did not want to mention this to his family because it was truly cruel and a nightmare for a child to undergo it all.

When Shuri heard this, faint tears formed at the corner of her eyes when she realized just how much Masaru experienced. It was truly something a child should not experience in this current era, but the supernatural world did not follow the change of times of the human world.

Even Calfa was surprised to hear the experiences of Masaru which Shirone mentioned, it was not things Masaru mentioned to any of them and she could only hold her chest feeling a painful beat in her heart. She truly underestimated what her grandson went through, she was truly grateful to Shirone to learn of this.

Akeno was crying while holding Shuri, in Akeno's mind there was no other thought than to work hard for Masaru's sake and make him happy. Only now did Shuri understand the meaning behind the words when he said he did not want Akeno to experience losing her mother.

'I truly underestimated the emotional scar he was enduring....'

But what the two ladies did not realize was that Masaru did not have an emotional scar precisely because of Shirone and Kuroka and most importantly he was a transmigrated Soul who had a stronger will power than average warriors.

"I honestly did not expect him not to tell us everything"

Calfa still felt a bit conflicted but Shirone answered the answer she already came to understand,

"He told me the reason he did not reveal everything is because it was already over in the past and there was no need to reopen old wounds. But more importantly, he only wished to make happier memories with his family"

Calfa held Shirone closer in order to endure not crying,

"But his Harem plan is still the worst"

When the ladies and girl heard this they burst in laughter, the once tense atmosphere became lighter and everyone overcame their sadness by making themselves determined in their own way. It was unknown whether Shirone did this intentionally, but it managed to recover the mood.


"So are we going to communicate with the Gremories first?"

Diehauser was now talking with his father, after a week since Masaru and two of his peerage members saved Shuri Himejima and Akeno Himejima who were both Wife and Daughter of Barakiel of the Fallen Angel Higher-ups. It was finally time to announce it to the Gremory, or precisely only to Sirzech as Masaru told them.

Dominic nodded

"Yes, we can't hide this fact forever so we need help as Masaru predicted. So I wrote a report and a part of Masaru's vision he told us as well"

Diehauser who heard this pondered

"Will they take the vision part seriously? I mean we can't tell them about Cleria's situation which is evidence to prove it's true"

Dominic laughed

"I added the origin of when Masaru got the Visions so they will believe it because they were the ones who rescued him of course"


Author Note:

The chapter has been edited, If I missed something please just drop a Paragraph Comment and I will Fix it

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