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53.84% Hubby Cheating | √ / Chapter 7: ✓1 - Eye Candy

✓1 - Eye Candy - Hubby Cheating | √ - Chapter 7 by Marcel4eva full book limited free

Chapter 7: ✓1 - Eye Candy

"Um...hello," Preston flushed at the Adonis lying on his back under the basins, taking a minute to admire the hard muscles on display beneath his shirt. "Rex Ford? Would you like another hard candy or a cup of coffee maybe?"

Preston couldn't stop fidgeting and sweating anytime he was in the presence of this man. He was never good with names but ever since Rex showed up as the new plumber and introduced himself heartily, his name had been permanently engraved in Preston's memory. Sometimes the brunette found himself muttering the name over and over as he made up crude fantasies in his head before he went to bed each night. It was hard denying to Chester he wasn't already smitten.

"Oh yeah, that'd be great, thanks Preston,"

"You can call me Pres. Might sound a bit odd but I accept it too," Preston found himself fluttering his lashes like a teenage girl on a seduction mission. Big, hot bad boys like Rex always brought out his femininity which was how he acted when he was bubbling with excitement or a nervous wreck. The more dashing they were, the more girly he acted and he'd always tried, unsuccessfully, to tone it down.

Rex, surprisingly, didn't seem to mind though.

"Okay, Pres," He whispered in a husky voice that turned Preston's insides to goo and his dick into a monster. He had to turn away hastily before Rex noticed and termed him a creep. The plumber turned back too to the new sink he was installing. Preston did a sign of the cross, then began humming happily as he tottered around the cramped little kitchen in the back of the shop which was aglow with flour and yeast on all surfaces. He turned on the coffee perlocator and added half a teaspoon of sugar into the brown mug he'd bought especially for Rex. Chester was out and so was Jude — gone to the store to get more supplies, so he and Rex had the whole afternoon to themselves until at least Chester got back. He made for himself a cup of hot cocoa and placed two giant-sized confections on white saucer plates.

Preston had carefully stored away every little detail of Rex so they'd be there to mull over later. He chuckled as a surge of excitement made his heart lift. It was always fun having a new crush but Rex was so painfully straight that getting something out of it would be impossible. But that didn't stop Preston from looking his way every little opportunity he got.

Thank goodness Chester and Jude were out. Preston hated having them around when Rex came by. They teased him too often and tried to play cupid in hopes of getting Rex's attention drawn to him since they were aware that Preston could never approach Rex directly to woo him.

Today, he was going to make good use of their absence.

"Here you go, it's on the shelf," He told Rex. "It'd get cold in a few minutes so hurry up,"

Rex was still under the sink, rattling with a piece of equipment or wrench or something. Preston had no idea, neither did he care. His line of expertise was different entirely.

Rex's T-shirt was drawn up above his dot navel but his face was out of sight, so Preston had no reservations whatsoever as he shamelessly admired his smooth, toned stomach. Solid, not chubby nor too slim but all muscle and supple. Preston supported his jaw with the heel of his hand and sighed dreamily. He really was the perfect spec.

"Preston? Stop daydreaming and get your butt over here. We've got a whole ass order of two-hundred hard candies to be delivered early tomorrow morning," Chester called from the doorway, clutching a black shopping bag, Jude not so far behind him. His voice was light and teasing, matching the curiosity in Jude's eyes.

Preston stuttered, looking down to conceal the flush that swept up his neck to his cheeks. "Y-Yes Sir,"

Chester grinned. He knew exactly what Preston was daydreaming about but he was lucky to have Brock — his own man waiting patiently every evening to help him sod off. Preston was extremely picky and had to lust over any guy he deemed worthy enough whenever he could. They weren't much in town, neither were they adding up in numbers every day. Altogether he'd only crushed on three men — Rex inclusive. Simon was part of an undercover ruffian gang who were hired by bloodthirsty politicians whenever an election came up and could be seen with his pals every evening as they turned out of their hideout to operate. He'd saved Preston's ass once from a rival gang and that was all it took for Preston to fall for the brute. He'd sighed and wished and prayed for Simon to do just more than wink at him whenever he passed by, but nothing changed. Then when his hope began to slip away, Charlie — a red-haired smoking hot lawyer that never missed the Subway, nor the purple hard candy every morning became a fresh obsession.

That too never worked out. Now, Rex was new on the list and he'd certainly be starring in Preston's wet fantasies tonight.

Preston took one look at Rex's crotch area and wondered what his cock looked like. Pity he'd never get the chance to find out.

Later that evening, Preston, soaked in flour and yeast was cleaning the surfaces while Chester loaded out the candies onto the table to harden. Jude had gone for his evening shift at the market the minute they were done, a habit of his, leaving the cleaning for them. When Preston finished sweeping and flipped the sign hanging over the window to closed, he stretched and yawned.

"You tired, man?" Chester asked.

"Yeah, I couldn't sleep well last night. Perhaps because I finished the latest episode of The Conjuring and it was so dreadful, I had to stay awake till dawn to make sure I wasn't strangled by some demon or something,"

Chester chuckled. "Are you hitting the clubs tonight?"

"No, I want to turn in early for work tomorrow so I'm gonna have an uneventful night. I'd go tomorrow though," Preston smiled at the thought. He loved Saturday night clubbings. He and his childhood friend from Massachusetts, Derek were going to check out a new gay club newly opened downtown and he was looking forward to some flirting and dancing, maybe a one-night stand.

Just then Rex sauntered in through the back door to talk to Chester.

"I'm halfway done with the installation. I'll come by Monday to finish up the job,"

He stood close to Preston as he spoke, and as he spoke, he lifted his arm to swipe at his wet brows. Preston caught the warm musky scent of his sweat and it smelled good. It was so unfair. There was no way he was so perfect. Maybe his underwear stank?

"Alright, Rex. Thanks. Have a great weekend," Chester was saying. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Preston had zoned out, staring desperately at Rex as he tried to find out at least one flaw that would make this Greek god more human. At over six feet, he loomed over Preston who was a measly five-foot-nine and wasn't as tanned as he was. Rex's body was also solid — in a sexy lean way actually with the right amount of padding. Preston itched to cuddle him. His flaming russet hair which stuck to his forehead was thick and surely soft to touch. Preston placed him at twenty-seven, in love the glorious dark stubble sprouting from his chiselled jawline.

Preston suddenly realised that Rex was talking to him. "Bye, Pres," he said with a wink.

"Um...bye," Preston ran a self-conscious hand down his neatly trimmed brunette hair. He grinned broadly, hoping it didn't come across to Rex as creepy, girly even. Most straight guys hated it when he flirted outrageously. "See you Monday,"

As the back door shut again behind Rex, Chester was laughing. "Um...bye," He trilled, swiping a hand down his hair in a ridiculous and inaccurate imitation of Preston. Because what the fuck? That wasn't the way he'd done it. First off, Rex's smile made his cock excited for starters.

"Sir, that's not funny," He rushed to grab his bag and coat in a flurry of anger. "You don't have to laugh at me. Just because you have a husband doesn't give you the warrant to mock the singles around here,"

"I'm not mocking you and there's no one single around here except you. Jude's in love with his Irish girlfriend and I have my man,"

"Well, good for you. How about you two stop taking my burden upon yourself and let me enjoy my unrequited crushes in peace?"

Chester chuckled some more before he said. "Okay, to be honest, he's one eye candy,"

"Isn't he?" Preston sighed wistfully.

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