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100% Humanity's last hope / Chapter 11: Second Job Again.

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Chapter 11: Second Job Again.

After taking this damage the Orc general has dropped on his knees so ending his life I beheaded him with a wind blade spell.

After killing this level 18 Orc General I was able to level up by two levels and I directly felt the consumed MP replenishing which was a great feeling. And not only that but since I have already reached level 10 my second job which is a Wizard was unsealed so the increase by 50% in my magic power which the wizard job can provide was added to my stats besides after killing this level 18 Orc General my Dark magic level has increased by 1 level making it reach level 11. Also since I reached level 10 my Intelligence value has increased by 1 point since every 10 levels Intelligence will increase by 1 point.

So currently this is my stats.

Name: Ady.

Age: 19 years.

Race: Human.

Level: 13.

Job: Magic Swordmaster.

Second job: Wizard.

Power: 800.

Speed: 330.

Intelligence: 21.

Magic Power: 82500 (increase by 50%) => 123750 +25988 (since every point in Intelligence can increase the magic power by 1 percent.) = 149738 MP.

Skills: Appraisal (Rarity: 1) (A skill that can show the stats of other peoples and monsters, and can also show the information of the equipment and items.)

Item box (Rarity: 1) (A skill that provides the user with 100 slots. And those slots can store different things also each slot can contain up to 100 things as long as they are the same.)

Enchantment (Rarity: 4) (A skill that doubles the power and speed of the user for 1000 magic power every minute.)

Skill looter (unique skill) (A skill that makes the user takes the skills and magic from the monsters or humans he kills.)

Sword skill (Rarity: 2).

Dual Sword skill (Rarity: 3).

Martial Arts (Rarity: 4).

Storage (Rarity: 5) (As it names apply this skill allow the user to have infinite storage.)

Fast step (Rarity: 6) (Increase the speed by two times when used no magic power required and has no cooldown.)

Spear skill (Rarity: 2).

Magic: Fire magic level 15.

Dark magic level 11.

Lightning magic level 8.

Wind magic level 3.

Water magic level 4.

And the time function has also appeared and right now it's 09:36 AM, but what surprised me was those icons in the system.

<Host has attained level 10 again.>

<Host can now choose a second job again.>

<Please choose a second job from the following jobs.>





Wizard. (Increase the host magic power by 50%.) <Host has already chosen this job, so host can't choose it again so host needs to choose another one.>

'Again? And the fact that I can't choose the wizard job besides my magic power has already been increased by wizard job effect.'

Thinking of that I become excited and nervous at the same after all if I was able to understand perfectly this means that I will be able to choose another second job while keeping the wizard job that means that I will have two Second Jobs but I couldn't help but also think 'What if it means that I have to choose another job instead of the wizard job.'

'Which case it is? It will be great if it is the first case.'

So after calming down, I start pondering of the best job I should choose no matter what case it is, the first or even it was the second case where I have lose the wizard job.

The Warrior job will increase the power by 50% and the speed by 10%.

The Hunter job will increase the power by 40% and the speed by 20%.

The Thief job will increase the speed by 50% and the power by 10%.

The Swordmaster job will increase the power by 30% and the speed by 30%.

And by the way, my Magic Swordmaster job increases the power by 25% and the speed by 25% and the magic power by 25%.

Without wasting any more time I selected the Swordmaster job.


<Congratulation, the host has successfully chosen the Swordmaster job as the second Second Job.>

<The attributes values has been successfully increased.>

Name: Ady.

Age: 19 years.

Race: Human.

Level: 13.

Job: Magic Swordmaster.

Second job: Wizard, Swordmaster.

Power: 800 (increase by 30%) => 1040.

Speed: 330 (increase by 30%) => 429.

Intelligence: 21.

Magic Power: 123750 +25988 (since every point in Intelligence can increase the magic power by 1 percent.) = 149738 MP.

And if my stats were seen by another person' appraisal this is what will he see. (Second job: Wizard.) after all, it will raise unwanted attention if people find out about my 2 Second jobs.

Perceiving that it was the first case and seeing the increase in my stats plus feeling the great power-up, I was so damn excited but controlling myself I took a deep breath then I checked my drops inside my Item box except for a level 18 monster core, a level 10 monster core and a Med MP recovery potion (A potion that recovers 20000 MP when consumed.) the other drops are nothing much since they ware level 8 monster core at most, low healing potions (can only heal small injuries.) and Low MP recovery potions (A potion that recovers 5000 MP when consumed.).

Next, I collected all the monsters' bodies on the ground with my storage skill while looking at the group of people on the roof.

'Now then I guess I should go and see those guys over there.' Saying that I proceed to the two-story building where the group of peoples was staying.

**** The police station chief POV. ****

Right now, I and my companions and a group of civilians were surrounded by over 200 monsters on the roof of a two-story building and although we are doing our best I am afraid that our ammunition is limited so we can't kill all those monsters so sooner or later other monsters will flock here so they will be able to enter this building and even if they weren't able to break through the entrance, we don't have enough supplies for 58 people.

'So what should I do? Should I lead all the fighters downstairs and fight those monsters with the swords, after all, I am a swordmaster and I am already level 8 besides the rest are all level 5 and higher since we killed a lot of monsters using the guns. But none of us has any experience with a sword so what will happen if we were overwhelmed and they were able to enter this building, the civilians' lives will be in danger in that case. Fuck, what should I do then.'

"What the heck is that?"

"Is that a human?"

"Is he using magic?"

Hearing my companion's voices I looked at where they were pointing and I saw a human boy standing on the roof of the opposite building and around this boy, there was a lot of wind blades floating in the air and before I could even think of what he was doing I noticed that all of those blades which numbers were at least 100 were descending to the ground toward the monsters then it was followed by a lot of explosions sounds then I felt a small earthquake which caused this building to shake which caused us some panic.

"Quick, take cover." I hurriedly said.

After noticing that the shaking has stopped and that there were no injuries in our group I quickly got up from the ground and went to the edge of the roof followed by the other guys to see what the heck just happened.

When I looked at the ground I saw a lot of dust then after this dust dissipated what I saw was something unbelievable.

"This is ..."

And not just me, all of us were shocked after all we saw that all of the 200 monsters were dead except for two orcs and we also noticed that those blades that this boy just used have shattered the street which was made of concrete.

I already noticed that was a magic spell since some people have a Wizard job but isn't a bit overpowered this magic spell.

But what I saw now was more shocking he jumped to the ground from the roof of a 3 story building and seeing this scene I couldn't help but curse out loud ignoring the fact that there were some children around me.


Then this boy began walking toward those two orcs just like he was walking in a park suddenly one of the orcs attacked with 10 bullets but the boy just extend his right hand then a dark wall appeared in front of him. Later some bullets were able to break this wall making the other bullets pass to this boy but to our surprise, he wasn't behind the wall so I looked to the direction of the two orcs and I saw this boy standing there while holding a sword with his right hand and beside him there was one of the orcs headless corpse and he was extending his left hand toward the other orc and there were 5 spears heading toward this orc but this orc was able to dodge 4 of them while one of them penetrated his left shoulder.

Then this injured orc charged toward the boy but he was greeted by some wind blades which was the same magic that this boy used to kill the 200 monsters but this time they were smaller than before.

But again this orc was able to dodge but unlike before, this time 10 bullets were able to penetrate his chest.

Taking a lot of damage the orc was dropped on his knees before getting beheaded by the boy magic.

Seeing this battle I was so shocked it was like I was watching a movie.

"That was awesome."

"Yahoo, We are saved."

Hearing those guys voices I was able to return to my senses so using the binoculars I focused on this boy figure, after all, I couldn't help but get curious about this strange yet strong youth but when this boy turned my way and I was able to see his face I was stunned.

'Shit isn't that boy Damarion neighbor, Ady. Wait, he disappeared, did he left us.'

After all, even the monsters corpses have also disappeared but before I could even guess where did this boy went I suddenly heard a voice behind me.

"Hello, uncle Albert, it has been a while since the last time I saw you, what's up?"

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