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Chapter 30: Chapter 30. Behind Green Eyes

 Although it was difficult for her to concentrate on anything else while savoring Ophelia's sensual lips, which seemed to guard the path to a magical world where all water, both in rivers and lakes, as well as in the composition of living organisms, had been replaced by honey, ultimately, with much perseverance, Kara managed to free Ophelia from her completely crumpled nightgown, leaving her only in a pair of extremely sexy black lace panties.

 "Damn it, Ophelia! Your body is too seductive for this world. It's like you're the embodiment of lust...," Kara said as she separated her lips from Ophelia's, to let her take a few breaths of fresh air, and in her gaze, the almost completely undressed body of Ophelia entered, whose toned abdomen highlighted her huge breasts even more, and whose plump buttocks had the power to hypnotize with every movement, appearing both soft and firm at the same time.

 "Haaa, you're talking, Kara? Can't you see I can't take my eyes off you?"

 Until that day, Ophelia hadn't had the opportunity to see the completely naked bodies of other women, but she was firmly convinced that there was no one more perfect than Kara and with a greater ability to seduce, each movement of Kara, full of sensuality, having the power to raise her body temperature and make her involuntarily swallow.

 Even though the fair and silky skin easily revealed the contractions of the small but powerful muscles, especially in the back area, which seemed to conceal a nest of serpents, this didn't diminish Kara's femininity at all; it even amplified it, her body appearing to be connected to an inexhaustible source of vitality, a source similar to the one that caused plants to grow more vigorous in the place of those covered by the ash resulting from a volcano eruption. Her breasts, although slightly smaller than Ophelia's, impressed not only with their playful shape, inviting one to tease them like a pair of energetic kittens, but also with their firmness, as they contained a higher percentage of muscle than fat, helping them defy gravity. As for her chiseled buttocks, whose curves seemed capable of bending even light, well, it would take a true team of experts in the plastic arts to describe their perfection – and not just an author who has yet to finish a book.

 "Mmm, I'm glad to hear that... Would you like a closer look?", Kara said, gently lifting her body to bring her chest closer to Ophelia's face.

 Suspecting that Kara's current state was somewhat akin to the calm before the storm and that there was little chance she could take the initiative again that night, Ophelia eagerly brought her face closer to one of Kara's breasts and began to kiss it, while her hands were exploring the curves of Kara's buttocks, trying hard to superficially alter their shape for more than 2-3 seconds.

 With an incredibly beautiful and seductive woman so captivated by her body, Kara's confidence in her ability to conquer someone of the same sex continued to soar. She completely forgot the frustration caused by Alice's repeated rejections, from which she couldn't fully escape even after all the time spent in The Great Moonshadow Forest, this frustration being responsible for laying the foundation for her decision to find a greater number of girlfriends.

 'Maybe it's not a bad idea if I don't look for other girlfriends and just stick with Ophelia...', Kara thought, experiencing not only previously unfelt physical pleasure but also the birth of feelings she couldn't explain.

 Delighted that her actions elicited moans of pleasure from Kara, Ophelia persisted to kiss and lick her chest until her jaw grew tired. In the end, she could only hold one of Kara's nipples in her mouth, like a baby who fell asleep while feeding on milk.

 "Is my little baby tired?", Kara asked in a teasing tone while gently caressing Ophelia's lush hair, who was almost purring like a cat.

 "Mmmm, a little... I tried so hard, and I couldn't even have a sip of milk...", Ophelia replied, in a tone full of innocence.

 Captivated by Ophelia's demeanor, whose cuteness momentarily surpassed her sensuality, Kara took her in her arms and hugged her close, as if she wanted to protect her innocence from the cruelty of the rest of the world for an eternity, forgetting that she herself was the number one threat to Ophelia's innocence.

 The fact that their naked bodies pressed against each other didn't help at all in maintaining that atmosphere. Therefore, Kara, whose excitement reached its peak again, laid Ophelia on the soft surface of the tent floor, and, after a passionate kiss, she advanced towards Ophelia's midsection leaving a trail of kisses, struggling not to be once again captivated by the two mounds in her way as she progressed. Eventually, she reached a small canyon, and she couldn't help but fill it with saliva, turning it into a true oasis in the desert represented by Ophelia's toned abdomen, which began to involuntarily tense due to the unusual sensations it was experiencing.

 Descending even lower until her head was between Ophelia's legs, Kara was pleased to find that she had left the desert area, in front of her, on the black-transparent fabric, large patches of moisture being evident.

 "So delicious...", Kara murmured after her lips made contact with the damp material, her hot breath sending shivers down Ophelia's spine, causing her to involuntarily close her legs, pressing Kara's entire face against her panties, who made no effort to resist Ophelia's so-called attack.

 Separated only by a thin piece of fabric from the cave that sheltered the sweet spring she had detected traces of, Kara lost patience and began to dig in with her powerful tongue until the material was soaked with her saliva, and the sweet taste began to diminish.

 'It seems you don't want to let me through... Well, then I'll have to take more drastic measures...', Kara jokingly threatened in her mind, referring to the heroic pair of panties that had resisted her attacks, then she began to pull the thin edges into her mouth with her tongue and tore them with her strong teeth, an image that seemed to Ophelia similar to that of a wolf stripping the skin off a deer.

 Not being a match for Kara's teeth, accustomed to grinding the raw flesh of the toughest beasts, Ophelia's panties admitted defeat, unfolding like the petals of a rose, in front of Kara appearing a new pair of succulent and hot lips, seemingly casting a spell capable of heating her entire body, making her brain melt, leaving in her mind only the desire for her lips to forever take the place of the defeated guardian of the entrance to Ophelia's most delicate place.

 Burying her nose in Ophelia's short and silky hair, filled with her fragrance, located above the hot lips, Kara began to passionately and adoringly kiss the well-lubricated spot by the nectar in which Ophelia's pleasure had materialized in the last hour. This action was enough to finally send Ophelia to cloud nine, her body involuntarily contracting as passionate moans escaped the tent they were in, echoing far among the trees of the forest they were in.

 Enchanted by the warm liquid that surged into her mouth, a powerful aphrodisiac that was making Kara more and more obsessed with Ophelia's body, desiring that her touch be the only one capable of bringing her to such a state, Kara began to collect with her agile tongue all the droplets that had escaped from the soft pink walls her hand had helped to reveal, her actions prolonging Ophelia's climax, who was unable to even say on what world she was, as everything in front of her was a bright, shining white.

 Seeing the result of her actions and realizing she was on the right path, Kara continued to alternate powerful strokes of her tongue with deep kisses, letting her saliva flood every corner, and, occasionally, she took the small pearl at the junction of Ophelia's lower lips between her actual lips, sucking and massaging it with her tongue from all directions, giving Ophelia, who had buried her hands in Kara's lush hair and wrapped her legs around her, climax after climax.

 "Ah, Kara! I want you even more! Go deeper... Ahhhh!", Ophelia managed to say amidst moans after another powerful climax, as she desired the union between her and Kara to be even more profound, wishing to capture in the depths of her being, if not the entire soul of Kara, at least a portion of it.

 Aware that her tongue alone wasn't enough for this mission, Kara began to moisten two of her fingers with the mixture of her own saliva and the nectar with which Ophelia rewarded her during moments of climax, while her mouth planted dozens of kisses on the inside of Ophelia's legs, whose smooth and flawless skin trembled with every contact with her lips.

 After a few minutes, noticing that her fingers were slippery as if coated with oil, she brought her hand to her mouth, and, while looking directly into Ophelia's eyes, to whom she offered a well-deserved break, Kara began to lick them with a very erotic expression on her face, this sight making Ophelia involuntarily lick her lips.

 "Hmmm, curious to know what you taste like? If you want, I can share them with you...", Kara said teasingly, then, pushing herself up with her free hand, she rose from between Ophelia's legs and moved toward her face. Wiping with her breasts the area between Ophelia's silky hair between her legs, and her breasts, and then spreading her entire naked body over Ophelia's, she began to kiss her deeply, making no effort to stop the saliva from her mouth from penetrating between Ophelia's lips.

 Excited by Ophelia's lack of inhibitions as she eagerly swallowed the saliva contaminated with her own juices, Kara interrupted the kiss abruptly, then, introducing her two well-moistened fingers into Ophelia's mouth, she began to delicately explore every corner, rubbing them against the soft and fleshy lips.

 Surprised by Kara's gesture, Ophelia didn't initially know how to react. However, encouraged by Kara, who whispered words like "lick them" or "rub them" in her ear from time to time, she pressed her lips around them, and moving her head in the opposite direction of Kara's hand, she began to take them as deep as possible into her mouth, teasing them with her tongue from all angles.

 'Fuck! At this rate, I'll reach orgasm just from my fingers...', Kara said in her mind, the internal struggle within her eyes between the colors green, black, and red being won by the first of them, her eyes beginning to shine like two emeralds in the sunlight.

 Finally pulling her fingers from between Ophelia's lips, who remained with her mouth open to catch the strands of saliva dripping from them, Kara began to kiss her again passionately, while her hand, which had reached between Ophelia's legs, cautiously inserted the two well-lubricated fingers between the other pair of Ophelia's lips, which slowly parted around them, the soft walls tightening around the fingers until they encountered a very thin and elastic barrier, about whose breaking Kara knew from the few pieces of information she had found in the past about how two women can have sex that could be quite painful.

 "I'm going to enter now... You can bite me if you feel uncomfortable...", Kara whispered into Ophelia's ear, then, after putting her lower lip into Ophelia's mouth, she began to push the two fingers deeper and deeper, the thin barrier trying to take their shape, and when her fingers went more than halfway in, she felt the resistance in front of them begin to fade, Ophelia bitting Kara's lip at the same time, making this action not because she felt more than a slight discomfort, but because it seemed like the right gesture to mark the moment, and because it was a gesture full of eroticism capable to excite Kara even more.

 After inserting her fingers until they were completely engulfed by the warm, slick walls that massaged them from all sides, Kara began to move them back and forth repeatedly, testing various positions to provoke even greater pleasure for Ophelia, leaving her mouth free to deduce from the intensity of her moans when she found the right position, while Kara has her entire face buried in Ophelia's neck, giving her kiss after kiss.

 "Ahhh, Kara. More, give me more...", Kara heard Ophelia's voice after a while, who seemed to have forgotten that a finger is at most 7-8 centimeters long and wished for it to go as deep as possible inside her.

 Stimulated by Ophelia's words, which had challenged her ability to fully satisfy her without any assisting device, Kara's eyes began to shine brighter and brighter, and a sensation similar to the one she felt when using the Predator Claws skill started to envelop the two fingers inside Ophelia's vagina, beginning to be surrounded by a thick layer of green energy, which increased until the walls surrounding them were stretched to the maximum and it easily reached Ophelia's cervix when Kara's fingers were fully inserted.

 "Ahhhhhmmm!!!", Ophelia screamed, taken by surprise by the sensation of complete filling, the green energy surrounding Kara's fingers stimulating every millimeter inside her, rendering her not only incapable of saying anything coherent but also unable to breathe properly.

 Seeing Ophelia melting under her due to the pleasure she caused and having the sensations of the two fingers amplified, feeling every friction between the green energy and Ophelia's insides, Kara felt she was close to reaching her climax as well, the area between her legs being so wet that occasional droplets fell from her onto the hair above Ophelia's lower lips, which was soaked with a mixture of Kara's saliva and her own pleasure juices.

 'It would be a bit embarrassing to reach climax without even being touched... Hmmm, maybe we should speed things up a bit so we can move on to a position that will take both of us to the heights of ecstasy...', Kara thought, feeling hotter and hotter, then she increased the rhythm with which her fingers went in and out of Ophelia, bringing her close to climax again, Ophelia's unfocused gaze and the contorted positions of her limbs signaling that this climax would be much deeper and more intense than those induced by Kara's mouth.

 With her back arched to the maximum and saliva dripping between her lips, Ophelia intensified her moans, no longer able to distinguish even Kara's face just 5 centimeters away, while, captivated by Ophelia's expressions full of eroticism, Kara unleashed the green energy surrounding her fingers, which lost its material properties and was absorbed into the twisting depths of Ophelia.

 "My Ophelia, I don't think... there's anything more this world than you...", Kara murmured while licking all the saliva from Ophelia's chin, and after giving her a slightly gentler but very affectionate kiss, to help her recover from the intense climax, Kara separated her chest from Ophelia's, and after lifting one of Ophelia's legs, she brought her pelvic region closer to Ophelia's until their lower lips connected in a kiss devoid of the movement of their actual lips but equally wet and satisfying. She then began to move up and down, abandoning any trace of restraint, Kara having nothing in mind but the desire to satisfy herself using the almost exhausted body of her lover, putting her needs ahead of Ophelia's for the first time.

 "Ahhh, damn it! It feels so good...", Kara began to scream, reaching climax quickly due to her already heightened state of arousal. Her eyes began to shine brightly again, and a mass of green energy started to emerge from her lower lips, easily finding its way into Ophelia's insides, carrying both a part of the nectar in which Kara's pleasure and feelings for Ophelia had metamorphosed, as well as a huge amount of vitality, after the absorption of which, Ophelia was once again engulfed in a powerful orgasm.

 Kara repeated this process about four more times until the fire within her began to subside and she noticed that Ophelia could barely open her eyes and couldn't even move a finger, then, after kissing the exhausted Ophelia for a few more minutes and whispering various praises and promises in her ears, Kara took her into her arms to transition to sleep, their naked bodies, covered in various fluids, clinging tightly to each other as if they had magnetic properties.

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