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76.19% HUO YUHAO DOULUO REGENESIS / Chapter 16: Chapter 16 Deep meditation benefit, meeting with future allies and possible friends and Gift of planetary lord as Cherry on Top

HUO YUHAO DOULUO REGENESIS Chapter 16 - Chapter 16 Deep meditation benefit, meeting with future allies and possible friends and Gift of planetary lord as Cherry on Top

Chapter 16: Chapter 16 Deep meditation benefit, meeting with future allies and possible friends and Gift of planetary lord as Cherry on Top

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As Huo yuhao observing changes in his golden space, he is awakened by bloating and girr girring sound originated from his abdomen, followed by intense sense of hunger. Observing Huo yuhao chrysanthemum douluo immediately hand over many vials of liquid high nutritious vial of food. He starts devouring one after other vials of liquid food mean while he starts making pot of meat and precious herbs along with barbeque at yang side of yin yang well. Due to absorption of vitality and elemental power around yin-yang well the temperature at yang side is moderate for barbeque. If poison douluo present at this time he will surely curse in his heart at the use of his precious yin-yang garden.

Huo yuhao devouring the vials one after other which can't quench his hunger. Seeing his hunger attack chrysanthemum douluo hand over all the liquid food vials which he possessed. Voice of silk worm rise in his mind that huo yuhao because of body physique massive improvement from level 60 to above 80 level make his body severely deficient in nutrition, he should drink as much as without any worry. The starving deficient body if not satiated then it will lead to some serious injury. The passive automatic revolving of heavenly technique also slowly improving his body which in this condition may worsen the situation if huge nutrition not taken adequately. When all liquid and semi liquid meals are finished by Huo yuhao, chrysanthemum douluo put big pot of ten-thousand-year beast meat along with plates of barbeque. Huo yuhao take whole pot and start emptying it fast. Looking at this chrysanthemum douluo reluctantly start making another meal. Meal after meal half day passed. Expression of chrysanthemum douluo are not good as he, a titled douluo was working as chef all day. When his tons of meat reserve provided by pope for Huo yuhao is almost runs out, expressions of Huo yuhao are relaxed and he start eating at normal speed. When ghost douluo reach at the yin-yang well with fresh reinforcement, chrysanthemum douluo leave for pope hall with little happy expression to report the changes after Huo yuhao deep meditation. The precious news is when Huo yuhao released his spirit rings after finishing his huge meal, both two rings of Huo yuhao becomes black. Because of sudden rise in physical fitness along with improvement and dilation of all meridians makes Huo yuhao annoy. Because he again felt almost emptiness in his meridians and fall of two levels the spirit power in his widen meridians is as thin as hair only.

After three days of recovering, eating and cultivation, he leaves for spirit city as he comes to know that instead of two hours he perceived time it was two months passed in deep meditation and expected date of delivery for his mother in two to three weeks. And this will be also his time to fully recover and fill his meridians with spirit power.

While traveling back to spirit hall along with ghost douluo, he was meditating diligently and calculating his gains. In golden space the blue colored ice grass efficacies are completely consumed by his body evolution during deep medication. (Author's note: as our Huo yuhao blessed by golden space, which having abilities of autonomic control awarded to Huo yuhao. In some way this golden space is auxiliary cheat to facilitate many problems solving for Huo yuhao. With intensions of Huo yuhao to use the ice grass and fire apricot efficacies for physical improvements and use those efficacies to further refine his body elemental efficacies, resulted in the consumption of these efficacies for his body physique and elemental affinity. So, there is no any improvement of the spirit power by these drugs consumptions.)

The red color fire apricot efficacies are remained only 30 percent as remaining consumed by his body as tempering and improvement. For remaining 30 percent of fire efficacies and 5 percent of purple morning dew efficacies, he also starts developing plans for maximum benefit. He noticed that his body not taking these efficacies in golden space and his skull spirit bone also saturated with purple efficacies of purple morning dew, which changes it color from pink to purple with pink hue surround it.

On reaching at spirit hall, (author's note: the genius Huo yuhao has special privilege given to him by pope. Considering his young age and workload of developing technologies and study materials it is ordered by bibi dong herself that, unless if there is some urgent and emergency matter, he first has to meet and spend some time with his family first before reporting to pope hall.) First he goes and meet up with his parents and take the lunch after that he goes to pope hall.

Huo yuhao shows his black rings and his observation for changes in his body meridians and fall of level to bibi dong , who listen to his finding and also perceive these changes by placing hand over his head. She asked him to take it slow and rest with his family as vacation and also to take good care for his expected mother. He obediently agreed but ask his permission to meet with Ma xie of fire chicken martial soul, ye ling ling of nine heart apple, hu leuna of charming fox and licking dog of hu leuna that is, the fire elemental spirit master of golden generation.

First he meets Ma xie who was cultivating diligently by using heavenly technique method without adding ring to his martial soul for whole two month with patience. Spirit level of Ma xie breakthrough to level 10 after one week of his joining to spirit hall. Huo yuhao put his hand over his head and noticed that more than 95 percent of evil impurities are exuded from Ma xie's spirit power with thickening of his gaseous spirit power. He asks him to sit and start meditation by revolving mysterious heavens technique and told him that he will slightly provides help to clear his evil attributes in his spirit power, which Ma xie happily accepted as it was told to him that he will be allowed to add spirit ring after he fully purifies his impurity. He sits behind Ma xie and put his both hand over his back and start imagining to infuse fire apricot efficacies in ma xie. Around 25 percent of red efficacies transferred automatically in ma Xie result in remaining 5 percent red efficacies. Ma xie fall in to the deep meditation.

Huo yuhao leaves the Ma xie residency and goes meet with hu leuna and other fire spirit master in golden generation present with hu leuna and her brother. After pleasantries he repeat same procedure with both of them the remaining five percent red efficacies fuse to fire element spirit master and purple efficacies to hu leuna. Because of his power over the cheat like abilities of golden space he intent for those efficacies to be used to improve the quality of their martial soul instead of increasing their spirit power level. Making their martial soul evolve or at least improve quality wise will also help to speed up their cultivation speed with bonus booster of heavenly technique he created for spirit hall loyalists.

The major benefiter was Maxie as 25 percent of fire efficacies not only purifies the evil impurity but it also evolves his martial soul from fire chicken to proper phoenix shaped along with huge quality leap in his martial soul, and if he cultivate diligently along with his study for fire and dark elements, there is high chance he goes thourgh secondary awakening at level 70.

After that he meets with gentle ye ling ling who he meets previously and has huge good impression on Huo yuhao. She is studying human body, healing medicine and also on Huo yuhao recommendation, part time working in maternity hospital. There is good environment to observe the vitality of newborns. Huo yuhao seeing the shadow of life goddess of the god's realm inside ye ling ling because of her gentle ambient personality. Huo yuhao decides to help her to improve her perception in both healing and vitality, if he successful she might be chosen by life goddess as her successor.

Another big change he does not told anyone is appearance of multicolored spear in his golden space. When meditating and communicating with planetary lord, he perceives answer from the planetary lord which make him very happy. As he always envies absorption ability of golden and silver dragon spear used by tang wulin and his wife silver dragon. He previously plans to take the help from silver dragon, when in future he tries to open portal and absorb other worlds to improve douluo planet and its planetary lord. His first target will be demon world and later the same invading world which was absorbed by douluo plant result in evolution of douluo planet to demigod realm. now he got strong absorbing weapon from planetary lord which also improve his connection with planetary lord. The beings which can't be absorbed by him will directly transferred to planet and its planetary lord without any backlash to him..

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