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I’m Star-Lord (SW Xover) I’m Star-Lord (SW Xover) original

I’m Star-Lord (SW Xover)

Author: AlienWarlord

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Chapter 1: C1 Beginnings

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(A/N: GIF contest in the last chapter!)

In a dimly lit prison cell, deep in the hull of a dirty Ravager ship, a frail and malnourished 9-year-old boy lay huddled in the corner, clutching a broken Walkman cassette player. His bony frame bore the unmistakable signs of starvation, a harsh reality of his captivity.

[Insert Picture of Peter Quill here] (A/N Bonus points for a younger version as well)

Outside the cell, a small group of Ravagers sauntered past. With a cruel sense of amusement, they tossed rotting vegetables at the defenseless boy, the putrid mess hitting him square on the head. Laughter echoed as they stumbled away, clearly intoxicated by some alien substance.

Within the confines of the cell, the boy remained unmoving, his chest rising and falling weakly, his body succumbing to the harsh conditions.

As his life teetered on the edge of oblivion, a sudden blue wisp materialized and shot into the cell. It collided with the young prisoner, merging seamlessly with his small form.

The foreign soul intertwined with the boys native soul, and a subtle but noticeable transformation occurred. His malnourished body began to strengthen, providing a temporary reprieve from the imminent threat of death.

With a jolt, the boy woke up, his head throbbing in piercing pain. His eyes widened as a flood of memories unfolded before him. Two distinct lives clashed in his consciousness.

One of a young boy named Peter, which matched his current surroundings as well as his body, and another of a 36-year-old balding man named George.

The amalgamation of these two contrasting existences left Peter staring at the ceiling in wide eyed shock.

As the pain subsided and the two souls settled into a perfect fusion, Peter, or was it George(?), grappled with the realization that he now possessed the memories of two separate lives, in a body that felt both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

The vivid recollection of George's death, drowned by colossal whales during a calm day at sea, lingered in his mind. 'I can't believe my sister was right…' he thought in annoyance.

Although George lived a fairly normal life as a fisherman, working on a large commercial fishing boat, he certainly died in a rather abnormal fashion. Whilst on the job during a stormy day, suddenly, a group of whales started attacking the ship, aiming for the propeller.

And worst of all, his sister, Britney, was raving about whales attacking ships, just a few days earlier. She even showed him a couple TikTok's as proof, but he just shrugged it off and went right back to work. After all, he had a mortgage to pay off, and a shut-in, jobless, lazy, no good sister to take care of.

Even if she was a 26-year-old shut in, he was still her big brother and he refused to throw her out, no matter how much she annoyed him by eating his food, begging for money, or hogging the TV.

They were still family, after all…

One thing led to another and George fell into the water, drowning in a dark turbulent sea filled with giant, angry whales.

'But if I died, then how am I here?' He couldn't fathom what could have happened to bring him here, but he did know one thing... 'I guess Britney will have to find another guy to live off of now that I'm gone… or she can get a job, but that's not very likely… whatever, it's not my problem anymore.'

He gave his sister a mental salute, knowing she was most likely going to end up homeless. 'You had a good run, sis…'

Although his death was a harsh memory, It was a stark contrast to the hardships faced by this body's original inhabitant. The loss of a mother to cancer and subsequent alien abduction leading to the wretched conditions of his current captivity.

Growing up, Peter was very close with his mother, who only died a few weeks ago, leaving him all alone. After all, he never knew his father. It was only ever him and his mother against the world.

Directly after her death, Peter ran out of the hospital crying, and was almost immediately abducted by aliens. But for a naive child, who just lost his only family in the world, being abducted by aliens sounded both scary and exciting. So, at first, he didn't even bother resisting and followed them right into their ship.

And that was the biggest mistake he's ever made in his entire nine years of life. Because as soon as he was inside, the kind and welcoming smiles on the Ravager crews faces disappeared.

Instead of the space adventure he was hoping for, little Peter was thrown into a cell and practically forgotten. The aliens who abducted him only came around when they wanted to point and laugh as they fed him inedible food, which he was forced to eat in order to survive.

'Kid… that was so dumb…' Peter, armed with the knowledge of a grown adult, told himself. 'Didn't anyone ever teach you about stranger danger? I mean, come on. How could you let Yondu trick you like that? They even broke the Walkman that mom gave-'

In the darkness of the cell, Peter's eyes widened with a sudden realization. He was Peter Quill, the Marvel character known as Star-Lord, albeit in his younger form. 'Holy sh•t… Holy sh•t… Holy sh•t… Holy sh•t… Holy sh•t… Holy sh•t… Holy sh•t… Holy sh•t…'

A strange amalgamation of joy and fear emanated from both the 9-year-old child and the 36-year-old man within him. Despite the grim circumstances, and the knowledge of beings alike Dormammu, Thanos, and even his own father, Peter found solace in the knowledge that he was a character from the pages of a comic book, and a particularly cool one at that.

'I'm Star-Lord,' Peter realized, a smile growing on his weakened face.

Peter wasn't sure how he ended up here, and he didn't really care. After all, this is his second chance at life, a much more exciting life than his last one as well!

'I was already dead anyway…' He thought, taking the fact that he transmigrated much better than most. 'It's not like there's anything to go back to either…'

It's not like George had a wife, or kids to worry about, just a sister that needed a reality check, so why complain?

He was in the Marvel universe!

Even if he thought Disney had screwed it all up after Thanos's arc was finished up, Peter still felt a rush of adrenaline just thinking about his new life!

But soon enough, the thrill faded as he thought about his current situation. "This isn't Disney's MCU," he realized.

The Yondu here was far worse.

Unlike the fatherly figure that Peter Quill got in the movies, this universes Yondu was an evil, disgusting man, who didn't seem to care for Peter in the slightest.

In fact, he seemed to take great pleasure in torturing him…

"I need to get outa here before it's too late."

Lying on the cold metal floor of his prison cell, Peter's mind raced, trying to figure out how to escape from this hell hole, but nothing ever came of it.

He's just a kid after all. What can he do to the thick metal bars? And even if he could escape, what could he do to the hundreds of armed Ravagers outside?

Then another thought hit him, his mind drifting due to the isolation. His father, Ego, a powerful planetary Celestial, wasn't just absent from his life; he was the reason his mother was dead in the first place…

'He's also the reason Yondu picked me up…' He thought, his anger rising. 'But why didn't he deliver me? Are we still on our way to him?'

Peter sincerely hoped not, preferring to stay here and starve than meet the man that took his mother from him.

If this universe followed the same plot, which based on his memories it probably did, then his father abandoned his pregnant mother and later came back to kill her off because he found himself growing too attached. He had plans of universal domination and love was only a hinderance to his grand goals.

Commitment issues at its finest…

"He killed my mom…" Peter's voice trembled with anger, tears welling up in his eyes. "…for such a stupid reason!"

The anguish of losing his mother transformed into a burning rage, fueled by the revelation that Ego intentionally inflicted cancer upon her. Instantly, the love for his mother ignited a fierce determination for vengeance!

Stewing in thoughts of patricide for what felt like hours, Peter's stomach grumbled loudly, reminding him of the pressing need for food.

The merger of souls had somehow enhanced his body, granting him a temporary breather from the brink of death, but hunger persisted nonetheless. His weakened state urged him to search the dimly lit cell for anything edible, and his eyes fell upon the rotting food the Ravagers had callously thrown in earlier.

Grimacing at the sight and stench of the putrid mess, Peter hesitated. 'I'm going to kill them all as soon as I get out of this cell…'

Despite the revulsion, survival instincts prevailed. With a determined sigh, he crawled over and picked up the disgusting food, visibly recoiling as he brought it to his face. Taking a deep breath, Peter took a reluctant bite, the slimy and bitter taste assaulting his senses.

But still, he forced himself to eat, each bite a struggle against the urge to vomit.

As Peter choked down the nauseating morsels, his surroundings suddenly reverberated with the distant sounds of explosions and gunfire. Alarms blared, signaling chaos aboard the Ravager ship. Panic seized Peter's thoughts as he hoped desperately that whoever was engaged in the firefight might unwittingly become his savior.

'I hope they have edible food…' He thought, now deeply regretting that he ate that rotting garbage, the taste still lingering in his mouth. "Why did I eat that trash! I should've just waited…"

After minutes of straining to hear over the sounds of distant explosions and the chaos that enveloped the Ravager ship, the sounds began to fade. The ship's vibrations settled into an eerie calm, interrupted only by the hum of distant machinery.

Finally, a robed and hooded figure emerged down the dimly lit hallway, a glowing purple sword in hand.

'Huh? He looks like a Jedi…' Peter thought, but shrugged it off as a coincidence and did his best to act like a scared child. "A-Are you here to save me?"

As the mysterious man approached, he stopped in front of Peter's cell, swinging his glowing blade to slice open the bars, which clattered onto the metal floor, still melting from the intense heat.

After a moment of silence, the man pulled back his hood, revealing a face that bore a striking resemblance to a young Samuel L. Jackson.

[Insert picture of Mace Windu here]

Before him stood a man who looked remarkably like Mace Windu from Star Wars, 'he even has the same purple lightsaber…' Peter couldn't believe his eyes.

The sight confused him immensely, as this certainly wasn't Nick Fury. After all, he had both eyes, and for all Peter knew, Nick Fury could be white in this universe, like his comic book counterpart.

As the reality of the situation set in, Peter couldn't contain his curiosity. "Are you a Jedi?" he blurted out, his eyes wide with a mix of awe and disbelief.

A/N: 1947 words :)



AlienWarlord AlienWarlord


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