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94.73% I’m Your Miracle / Chapter 18: Eighteen: The New Trainee

Eighteen: The New Trainee - I’m Your Miracle - Chapter 18 by Angelika_Aki full book limited free

Chapter 18: Eighteen: The New Trainee



"Ok Taecyeon-imnida of the Kpop group, 2pm."

The owner finally sees the person in front of him and was shocked to see the famous Ok Taecyeon of 2pm. He knew about Taecyeon and 2pm because he isn't that old to not know and also due to his kids and Taecyeon's tv dramas.

"Oh my, it's Taecyeon-ah. I know you! Welcome to my restaurant...." The owner was rambling now since he was kind of panicking in an excited way. Taecyeon has a shocked smile on his face and tried to calm the owner down.

"Ahjussi, the restaurant will be having what it deserves soon since he'll help. We need to get going, ahjussi. Also please send me the details bout the renovation so I can see what I can help with!" Haneul holds the owner as she says this to calm him down even further.

The owner calms down and listens to Haneul, replying her with a nod. "I don't know how you two met but I won't pry into that. What I want to know is if I can get a picture with Taecyeon-ah..." The owner trails off as he turns to look at Taecyeon with a hopeful smile.

"It's fine. I also need it so I can post it for the restaurant to be known. That's one thing I can help with. I could also help with the funds if it's okay?" Taecyeon says and the owner shakes his hands.

"No need. You posting a picture of our restaurant will be a big help as it is. Thank you very much. Let's go up front for the picture!" The owner excitingly exits with the three people trailing behind him. Haneul could see the female worker sneaking in gazes at Taecyeon since she was inside the office with us the whole time, listening.

"You want a picture too right, eonnie?" Haneul asks with a smile and the female worker nods her head while blushing. Taecyeon heard it and he smiles at the female worker, agreeing. The female worker was blushing even harder.

"Here we are! Miss, dear, can you please take our picture? Then take the second picture with us!" The owner says while pulling out his phone and gently giving it to Haneul who took it with a smile. "No problem!"

The owner and Taecyeon positions themselves in front of the restaurant's sign and name when they arrived and Haneul gets ready for the picture. The whole while, the owner and Taecyeon made a pose and Haneul pictures them.

The second picture, the female took the phone from Haneul and Haneul went to the two. After that, the female gives the phone back to the owner and pulls her phone out, giving it Haneul which Haneul takes it, laughing.

The female worker and Taecyeon did a pose together after the owner and Haneul steps away. Haneul takes the picture and gives the phone back. "Thank you!" The female worker says to both Haneul and Taecyeon.

Taecyeon begins to wear his face mask and cap back and takes his phone out to ask for the pictures that were taken from the owner's phone. After the exchange, Haneul and Taecyeon waves goodbye to the owner and the female worker, leaving the restaurant.

Haneul and Taecyeon walks to the car and got in. Haneul sees that it's 8:58 am, almost 9. "Let's head back to the dorm, oppa. I got things to unpack." Haneul says as she turns her engine on and they drove back to the dorms.

"Sure, you need help?" Taecyeon asks and Haneul shakes her head. "Thanks for the offer but I can handle it. I don't have that much anyway." Haneul says while driving and Taecyeon nods his head, understanding.

"After you're done unpacking, what are you going to do?" Taecyeon asks as he looks towards the road. "I think I'm going to practice then take lunch then go shopping for food and daily necessities and then, I have somewhere to go after putting the things away at the room." Haneul says as she takes a turn. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Oh, I can show you where the practice rooms are. You can just knock on our room door after you're done cause I'll just be in the room." Taecyeon says as they finally arrived at the dorms and got out of the car after parking.

"Yeah, I would like that. Thank you, oppa!" Haneul says looking at Taecyeon who was looking at her as well. They both went in the dorm building and up the elevator. Haneul was cautious when they arrived the floor.

She checks first if any of the sevens are out on the floor and when she saw no one, she hurriedly got out of the elevator and walks to her room. Taecyeon found it cute as he watches her. He laughs when she almost trips herself but caught herself.

"I'm fine." Haneul says as she caught herself and continues to walk to her room like nothing happened. "Just knock on the door, okay?" Taecyeon says as he was in front of his group's room door. Haneul nods her head and was about to open her room door, when the sevens' door opened and out came Jackson.

Oh shit. Haneul hurriedly gets in her room just as Jackson got out of theirs. Jackson heard the door on his left closed and he looks at the door then at Taecyeon who was watching the door as well. "Whay\t was that?" Jackson asks in english, beginning to be scared from the door closing, and Taecyeon was removing his face mask and cap.

"A new trainee moved in. Pretty chill and cool." Taecyeon says as he opens the room door. "A girl or a guy?" Jackson asks, the scared feeling went away, as he moves closer to Taecyeon. "A girl." Was all what Taecyeon says as he went in the room with Jackson trailing behind him, closing the door.

Jackson and Taecyeon was talking about other things while sitting in the living room and a little bit about the new trainee next door. "I thought trainee rooms were in another floor." Jackson says and Taecyeon nods his head.

"Well, JYP personally showed her to her room and told her to live there so.." Taecyeon says as he shrugs his shoulders. "Really? Then, she must be special. Have you seen her face? Since you helped her and all." Jackson asks and Taecyeon nods his head.

"What does she look like?" Jackson says growing interest and sees Taecyeon looking away. "Beautiful and simple. Innocent, kind and easy-going." Taecyeon says as his eyes glossed over. "You look like you're in love!"

Jackson says as he slaps Taecyeon's arm with a big smile and Taecyeon was brought back when he felt the slap. "Yah, what are you saying? No, I'm not. Also, she's way too young. I could be her older brother at best." Taecyeon says but his heart says otherwise.

Taecyeon felt weird sensations in his heart when he says that. "How old is she?" Jackson asks. "She's 18." Taecyeon says and Jackson was a bit taken aback.

18? Isn't Haneul 18? Plus his description of the new trainee was also like he was talking about Haneul. That ain't right, right?

Jackson and Taecyeon finished their conversation and Jackson walks out of 2pm's dorm room after saying goodbye to Taecyeon. He takes a few steps forward towards his group's room and stands in front of the door. He takes a look at the door of the next room on his right.

It's not her, right?

Jackson shakes his head, denying it and heads inside the room to tell his groupmates about the new trainee next door.


Haneul hurriedly closes the door and leans on it. "He did not see me, right? That was really close!" Haneul talks to herself and shakes her head. "I hope not." Haneul says being hopeful and removes her shoes,, face mask, cross-bag, coat and denim jacket, putting them on the couch in the living room before walking to her bedroom.

She walks in her bedroom after opening the door, seeing the unpacked suitcases makes her want to organize everything quickly. So she immediately takes action. For the course of an hour and a half, she finally finishes unpacking and organizing her stuff.

She didn't sweat since each of the dorm rooms have air conditioner as well as inside the bedrooms. She walks back to the living room, sat on her couch and has a rest since she moved non-stop for the last hour and a half.

She looks at the clock and sees it's 10:47am. I guess I can practice for a little bit then take lunch. Haneul thinks to herself and rest some more. After resting, she goes back to her bedroom to get two oversized shirts, one is to wear during practice and the other one as an extra to wear after practice.

Haneul removes her hoodie, wears one of the tshirt, leaves the hoodie and extra shirt on her arm, leaves the bedroom for the living room. She walks to the living room and places her hoodie on top of the rest of the clothes she left there. She grabs her cross-bag and wears it, puts the extra shirt inside the cross-bag, grabs the face mask and wears it, heads to the room door, and gets ready to get out while wearing her shoes.

She goes out of her room and locks it. Walks towards 2pm's room and knocks on the door, waiting for Taecyeon to answer. While waiting, she ties her hair up in a ponytail, leaving some strands out. The moment she was done, the door of 2pm's room opened and out came Taecyeon.

"Annyeong, oppa!" Haneul bubbly waves at Taecyeon and Taecyeon sees the girl in front of him. She looks cute with her hair up. Taecyeon thinks to himself as he sees her hair up with strands of hair down. "Let's go?" Taecyeon asks as he snaps himself out since he didn't say a word after Haneul greeted him.

Haneul nods her head and Taecyeon closes the door behind him then the two of them head to the elevator. Haneul was still cautious as she sneaked little glances at the sevens' door. "GOT7 aren't at their room right now. I guess they're at their practice room, too." Taecyeon says as he puts his hand in his pant's pockets after pressing the floor button where the practice rooms are on.

"Oh..." Haneul says as she nods but then she suddenly realized what he said they are at. "How many practice rooms are there?" Haneul asks as she looks at Taecyeon with worry. "We have 5 practice rooms. The first three practice rooms are for the idols and the last two rooms are for the trainees."

Taecyeon says as he looks at Haneul and Haneul nods her head. "I want to practice in the last practice room, please." Haneul says as she tries to calm herself and Taecyeon notices this. "Don't you want to meet GOT7? I mean, you're their fan." Taecyeon asks with curiosity.

"Well, I can't let them know about me. At least not yet... I have my reasons." Haneul says as she lowers her head, avoiding Taecyeon's gaze. Taecyeon cant figure out her reasons but he lets it go, seeming it must be something personal.

"Okay, I won't pursue the matter. But there's one thing I want to ask, though." Taecyeon asks as he walks near to Haneul, bending a little bit to her level, their eyes gazing at each other. Their heartbeats increasing by the second.

Haneul became anxious as she sees Taecyeon draws closer to her. I mean, he's her bias in 2pm. "I didn't get your name, yet." Taecyeon says looking into her eyes and Haneul calms down because she thought it was something else. The elevator dinged at the right moment so Haneul used that chance to slip away and got out of the elevator.

"My name?" Haneul stops in front of the elevator and turns around to look at Taecyeon. Taecyeon was caught off guard cause as she turns around, it was like slow motion. Her hair following her, her eye smiles coming directly for him, she just looks angelic to him.

Taecyeon forgot to breath for a second and hears her say, "You'll know sooner or later." Haneul says and winks at Taecyeon, teasing him. Taecyeon was flabbergasted since she teased him and he just lets it go.

What was that? Taecyeon thinks to himself as he gets out of the elevator and sees Haneul walking towards the practice rooms and stopping at one. Taecyeon catches up with her and sees through the little glassed square on the door to see the inside. They both saw GOT7 practicing.

"I was right. They're practicing. I can introduce them to you if yo-" Taecyeon didn't finish what he was saying when he was dragged away gently from the practice room and towards the last one. "No need. I'll be seeing them soon anyways." Haneul says as she gently pulls Taecyeon along with her.

Taecyeon didn't bother asking her and just silently lets her drag him away with her. It's funny that I let a little girl like her drag me with her. It's like I'm beginning to lik- No, Taecyeon get a grip! Taecyeon thinks to himself as he shakes his head.

Haneul and Taecyeon arrived at the last practice room and they went in. Haneul could see that the practice room was big and spacious with the right equipment and instruments inside. "This is awesome." Haneul says as she checks everything inside. It has also a big mirror which is good.

"Hmm, it's about 11:09 am so I'll stay here till 12. How about you?" Haneul says as she walks towards the mirror and places her cross-bag down near the mirror there. She looks at Taecyeon who was just standing there watching her. "I guess I'll watch you practice. I have nothing else to do anyway."

Taecyeon says as he shrugs his shoulders. "Okay, then. I'll show you what I'm practicing then and tell you right after for what I'm practicing this for." Haneul says and Taecyeon nods his head, agreeing with her. Plus, he wants to see, too.

Taecyeon walks towards the mirror and sat next to Haneul's cross-bag. Haneul begins to prep herself as she went to the speakers and plugs in her phone. She plays If You Do by GOT7 and danced like as she practiced it in the ICSYV building's practice room.

Taecyeon was watching her dance and sing, amazed of her voice and dancing. He knew right then and there why Mr. Park was being good to her. I mean in the past few week or weeks, JYP has been awfully good to us lately and has been promoting and treats us better like he never did before.

I think it's because of her. But how though? Taecyeon thinks to himself but he couldn't find the answer. All he could accept right now is that, she must be the reason why JYP changed. After Haneul was done with what she practiced, Taecyeon was clapping his hands and cheering for her.

"That was amazing. Love your voice and dancing, though they feel somewhat familiar like I heard and seen it from before." Taecyeon says as he stands up and puts his chin in his hand like he was thinking. Haneul panicked for a bit but calmed when she saw him shrug his shoulders.

"But I can't put my finger as to where I heard and seen it from." Taecyeon shrugs his shoulders. "I have another one I want to show yo-" Haneul didn't get to finish when Taecyeon's phone ringed. "Hello?" Taecyeon picks up his phone and answered.

Taecyeon was talking to the phone and it was a quick conversation. "I'm really sorry about this but I got to go. Our manager called and said we have a meeting in 10 minutes. He said it's about our concert soon." Taecyeon says in a sad manner, feeling sorry to leave just after one song.

"It's fineee. There's always a next time plus this is important for 2pm. Your concert, man. Go, go, go!" Haneul says feeling happy for him and pushes him out the door. "I'll make it up to you!" Taecyeon says trying to stop himself from the pushing of Haneul but boy is she strong.

"Sure. You gotta treat me to ice cream." Haneul says and Taecyeon nods his head. "See you and take care!" Haneul says and Taecyeon was now out of the door while Haneul was inside. "You, too!" Taecyeon says and waves goodbye to Haneul and heads to the elevator.

Haneul waves goodbye and watches him leave. Once he's gone, she closes the door and locks it to prevent anyone from entering. She walks to the instruments area and grabs a guitar. She checks the tune and hears that it was in the right tune.

She begins to play some chords and clears her throat. She starts to play her guitar version of Let Me by GOT7's Mark, english version. She plays the intro and the melody kicked in. The atmosphere became calming and soothing. She begins to sing.

"Baby, you're bright as the sun on vacation, yeah.

Feel like I'm gonna need me some Raybans, oh yeah.

Boy, you're giving me giddy sensations, yeah.

Just you and me and it's time for some relaxation..."

She continues to sing, changing the girl words to boy ones since obviously, Haneul's a girl. She sings passionately and with a smile. At that moment she felt happy and contented. Everything in her life are going smoothly even though there were some bad situations but she overcame them. Bad things may come but there's always good things in the end.

When there's rain, there's a rainbow at the end. No matter how hard life hits you, face it and break yourself from that. As Haneul was almost done singing, her eyes was closed the whole time she sang.

So when she opens her eyes, she was shocked to see who the person was from the mirror. No, scrap that, who THEY were!

---- Naw I'm just kidding. You thought, huh?! Did I get ya'll? HEHEHE okay let's go back to the story!! ----

She opens her eyes and only sees herself in the room. She finishes singing and calmly breathes. She places the guitar back to it's place and walks towards the speakers for her phone. She plays If You Do by GOT7 again and practiced until 12. Her phone alarm rings, signaling it was 12.

She unplugs her phone from the speaker, walks towards her cross-bag, getting the shirt from the cross-bag, removes her shirt, wipes the remaining sweat with the used shirt and wears the extra one. She hangs the shirt wet with sweat on her arm and made her way out after grabbing her cross-bag.

She got out of the practice room and walks towards the elevator. Before she arrives at the elevator, she checks the first practice room where she saw GOT7 was in earlier. She still sees them practicing inside even though it's already 12 which is lunch time.

I guess they're pretty serious when it comes to practices. I should go buy them some food in case they get hungry. Haneul thinks to herself so she quickly walks her way to the elevator and presses the floor where she stays in.

She got out o the elevator immediately when she arrived and walks to her room and unlocks it. She gets inside, removes her shoes, walks to her bedroom, throws her used shirt on the laundry basket, gets a new coat and another black sweatpants to wear. She throws her used sweatpants in the basket. She grabs a towel to wet it and wipe herself with it after removing her clothes, leaving her in her underwear, to rid off of the sweat and stench in her body and face.

She wears the shirt she had on earlier, the new sweatpants and coat, then the cross-bag. She puts her hair down and combs it with a comb. She ties half of her hair up neatly while the other half down. She left two strands on the front of her face with enough strands of hair in them.

Haneul then begins to walk out of her bedroom and walks towards the room door to wear her shoes. She got out of her room and locks the room. She walks to the elevator and down she goes.

She got out of the elevator and is now out of the building, to where to she walks towards her car that she parked somewhere so that the sevens' can't see nor recognize it. She gets in her car and went to the same chicken place where she bought the chicken she ate with the sevens' before.

She bought three boxes of chicken, fried, sweet-sour and honey-butter flavors. She also bought 7 water bottles and 7 cans of coke. After she bought them which took like 15 minutes to cook and pack, she got out of the place after paying and giving them tip which they were grateful for.

She walks back to her car and drives back to the dorms. It took 5-ish minutes to drive to the dorm since she was speeding a bit because there weren't that much cars and people. She arrives at the dorms, parks at the spot she parked before and got out.

She walks towards the dorms with the boxes of chicken and drinks which are in plastic bags. She heads inside and got in the elevator, pressing the button of the practice rooms' floor. She got out of the elevator and walks towards the first practice room, seeing that the sevens' were still practicing inside.

Haneul takes out a piece of paper and a ballpen from her cross-bag after she puts the food and drinks down on the floor in front of the room's door. She wrote down something and places it on top of the chicken. She ran to the elevator and gets ready to ran back to the first practice room- lets call it pr(practice room) from now on- to knock on the door to alert them.

Once the elevator doors began to open, she ran back to the pr's door and knocks on it loudly. She heard the music stop playing and footsteps towards the door so she ran back to the elevator and got in. She hurriedly closes the elevator door and when it was almost closed she saw the pr's door open and out came Yugyeom, seeing the food and drinks on the floor then turns to look at the elevator.

Yugyeom didn't get to see who the person was from the elevator but he didn't mind. When he saw the food and drinks on the floor, he picks them up and walks back inside the pr room. " Yo guys, someone left food and drinks in front of the door. The rest of the sevens who were resting, walk towards Yugyeom as they saw him with bags.

Jaebeom immediately takes the food and drinks away from Yugyeom and puts them on the floor, to get them ready. He sat on the floor next to get ready to eat. "Oh, there's a note." Yugyeom takes the note from the bag of chicken and reads it out loud.

"Since you guys are working so hard, this is my treat to you guys. I'll see you guys, soon! -H." Yugyeom says what's on the note and the rest of the sevens were reading with him while the food maniac was on the floor already eating the chicken.

"H? Haneul-ah? Is this from Haneul-ah?" Jinyoung asks as he reads the note again. "Probably, I mean it's the same chicken she bought for us before but I don't know how she knows what floor we're in and that we're practicing." BamBam says trying to find a reason but he just shrugs his shoulders in the end.

"Maybe she just asked around. I mean, she bought us food. We should not assume things about her. We trust her." Jaebeom says logically as he eats another piece of fried chicken. " Yah, don't eat them all. Leave some for us." Mark says as he sees Jaebeom eating more. Jaebeom begins to eat slowly as the sevens' begin to sit around the food.

"I guess you're right, hyung. Haneul wouldn't do anything bad to us nor is she a bad person. Now let's eat what she bought for us. We'll repay her next time." Youngjae says which the rest of the sevens' nod their heads, agreeing.

"We also need to prepare for the show tonight." Jaebeom says before biting into another piece of chicken. The rest of the sevens nod their heads as they bit into the piece of chicken in their hands, grateful of Haneul. If it weren't for her they would have skipped eating just to practice for the show tonight and for their upcoming new music videos and songs.


The elevator doors closed and she sighs in relief. Hopefully they'll eat well. Haneul thinks to herself and presses the button down the ground floor since she'll go out again to eat and go shop for food and necessities.

She arrives and got out of the elevator, out of the building and now is walking towards her car. She gets in her car and drives off to the nearest shopping mall which also has restaurants, department stores, other stores, grocery store and more.

She drove for about 10 minutes and parks her car, getting out of the car. She heads inside the shopping mall and it's a good thing she's wearing her face mask to cover her half of her face. Her tummy starts to grumble so she heads to a restaurant.

She checks the restaurant and sees it sells variety of food which looks good. She enters the restaurant and was greeted by a friendly, waitress. "Annyeonghaseyo, welcome to Wide Vary, home to a variety of food and dishes." The waitress says as she leads Haneul to a two person table and Haneul sits down as she was handed a menu.

"I'll be right back to get your orders." The waitress smiles at Haneul and she could see the genuineness of her smile. She looks through the menu while the waitress left to tend to other customers. She finally decided her orders and placed the menu on the table and checks the restaurant out.

Good service, lively, and a lot of customers. Haneul sees the waitress coming back as she takes a turn, passing a table with a group of guys laughing. "Hey, miss!" One of the guys calls for the waitress who passed by but by the expression on the waitress' face looks like she was annoyed.

She motioned her hand to say wait for a moment to Haneul politely and Haneul nods her head. The waitress smiles at Haneul apologetically as she saw a plastic smile plastered on the waitress' face as she turns to the group of guys' table. "What can I do for you?" Haneul hears the waitress ask the group of men.

"You can do a lot for me actually. Let me get your phone number. Let's hang sometime." The choice of words that the guy said held arrogance and lust which made Haneul's eyes roll and the waitress was trying to hold back her annoyance with a smile. "I'm sorry but no thank you. If it isn't about the restaurant, the food or the drinks then I can't serve you. Please, excuse me."

The waitress held back her words and gives them another smile as the group of guys were stunned by what she said. What? Can't a group of guys understand the word no and the word rejection? Haneul thinks to herself as she watches the waitress turn her back towards them and walks towards her.

The waitress gave a smile to Haneul that is genuine and not fake as she walks towards her. "May I get your orders?" The waitress asks with a smile as she takes out a notepad and a ballpen. Haneul was about to speak but a chair scraping the floor surrounded the restaurant. People who were eating were now paying attention to the person who made the noise.

Haneul and the waitress turns to look at where the noise was made and they saw that the guy who called the waitress was standing with his chair behind him and was looking angrily at the waitress. The guy suddenly walk towards the waitress and grabs her wrist, holding it tight.

"What are you doing?! You're hurting me!" The waitress yelps out in pain as she tries to push the guy's hand off of her. "I won't take no for an answer. Either you give me you're number and pay me back then I won't hurt you." The guy menacingly says and didn't care about the other customers who witnessed him threatening her.

The guy held the waitress' wrist more tightly as the waitress yelped in more pain. What's more 'amazing'(I meant this in a sarcastic way) is that the other customers were just watching it happen. No one dared to help or want to provoke the guy.

"So what do you want to do? Either give me your number or I'll hurt you." The guy held her wrist even more which the waitress was now crying. "Even if you hurt me, I'll never give my number to an asshole like you!" The waitress screams as she cries in pain.

"You made your choice, then." The guy lets go of the waitress' wrist and was about to swing at her. Haneul snickers and due to that, the guy stopped midair, hearing Haneul snicker. "What's so funny, bitch?" The guy says as he swears at Haneul. He, then, notices Haneul recording him the whole time with her phone.

"Delete that or else!" The guy begins to threaten Haneul who is now standing up pushing the waitress, also healing her wrist a bit to lose a bit of the pain, behind her and gave the waitress her phone to continue recording. "Or else what? You'll beat me up, too? Do you have the guts?" Haneul provokes the guy.

The guy looks at Haneul and glared at her. He swings at Haneul who swiftly dodges it while pushing the waitress away. Due to how hard he swung at Haneul, made him flew to Haneul's table, breaking the things on it.

"Did all of you see that? He charged at me first so this time, I'm defending myself!" Haneul yells and points at the customers, who are cowards to even help, even if they have their reasons not to. It's not okay to not help someone in danger or in need of help.

The guy charges at Haneul again and Haneul moves to the side and gave him a jab to his left jaw with her right elbow. The guy fell to the ground, groaning in pain. "You lot. Get your friend before I get angry." Haneul says her words seriously and the other guys with the one on the ground ran to him and got him up.

"You'll regret this, my uncle is a cop! I'll definitely report you about this!" The guy who was being helped up, said. "With what evidence? I have it all on record. You think I'll be the one in bars? Are you stupid to not understand the situation you're in? You don't even understand the simple words no and rejection."

Haneul says spitting facts and the guy just lost his words to say since he knew that Haneul was right. "You'll regret this, I'll take my revenge and kill you." The guy threatens and still doesn't know what his situation is in.

"Oh, really? Then, I'll wait for that day. I'll beat your ass if you do." Haneul says as she walks towards the waitress and gets her phone, stopping the recording and puts it back in her cross-bag. The guy was dragged away by his companions and are out of the restaurant without even paying for their food.

Assholes. Haneul thinks to herself as she sees them walk out. "And you all!" Haneul says getting all the customers' attention. "Do you really not know what to do or you just don't want to help and get yourself in a mess like that? What would have happened if it was your daughters, your moms, your granddaughters and your nieces, huh?"

Haneul scolds the customers who didn't say a word and had their heads lowered. "I don't care about your reasons, if that ever happened to you, to your moms, your wives, your daughters, you nieces and your granddaughters, would you stay still idly? No, right? But if was a person who has no relation to you, you won't get the thought of even helping them."

Haneul says being more disappointed. "Where the fuck is your compassion? Even if they have no relation to you, you should still try to help. That's what makes you a good person." Haneul ends it and sat on her seat, disappointed.

The customers were silent and understood what she said and meant. After a while, everything went back to the way it was. The owner, who was notified late about what happened, was concerned about the waitress and had her put in the staff room to rest. The owner thanks Haneul and told her that what she's ordering will be on the house.

"It's fine, you don't have to do that." Haneul tries to tell the owner but he shakes his head. "I value my workers like as if they're my own children. I'm a father of two daughters and a son. I would've done the same thing you did if that ever happened to my daughters or to someone else. I would like to give my thanks in this way. Please."

The owner basically bowed at the end which Haneul stood up quickly to stop him. "Okay, okay fine." Haneul gives up and gives in to the owner's request. "May I get your orders?" Haneul tells her orders to the owner and the owner writes it down and leaves to get it done.

"Hey, miss?" Haneul heard a voice of a little girl so she turns to her right and sees a 11 year old girl. Haneul turns her body to face the girl and caresses her head. "Yes?" Haneul gives her a kind look. "I wanna say that you're amazing for what you did for the waitress. I would have done the same but eomma says I'm too young to help."

The little girl says and Haneul's eyes did their usual smiles. "Thank you. You're eomma is right. You're too young. You should grow more and become a good person who helps people, okay?" Haneul says and the little girl nods her head. "I will! I will become like you!" The little girl declared with a fist on her chest.

"Then you should be a good fighter as well, because when you see something like that again, it will end up with fists flying." Haneul tries to say in kids' term of words to make it seem more for kids their age. "I will." The little girl held determination in her eyes and that's what made Haneul melt.

"Jin Ae-ah, there you are. Oh, hi. You're the one who helped the waitress earlier, right?" A woman who looks to be in her late 30s came into view. Haneul looks at the woman with a bump in her tummy. Haneul nods her head as an answer.

"What you did was great. I would have done the same if I wasn't pregnant. My husband had to restrain me from going to your side earlier because I was pregnant." The woman says and Haneul understands. "I think you and your daughter are great people. You both will have good futures ahead of you. As long as you keep being good, you'll receive blessings."

Haneul says and the last one was for the little girl. The little girl smiles and laugh when Haneul touches the little girl's nose. "We have to get going. We hope to see you in the future!" The woman says as she held her daughter's hand gently. "Bye, eonnie!"

The little girl waves goodbye to Haneul as she watches them reunite with their father outside and off they go. Haneul was sitting back in her chair, waiting for her food and checks her phone for the time. She sees that it's 1:36 pm and notices a text message from Mark.

Mark : Me and the guys thank you for the food and drinks! We'll repay you back, Gom-ah. We miss you! :(

To Mark : Glad you guys enjoyed it! I miss you guys, too!

After replying to Mark's text, the food came and Haneul begins to eat her food. After a good while of eating, she finishes and was about to stand up and go to the owner but she stopped when she sees the waitress walking towards her with a smile.

"You should rest." Haneul says as she pushes the waitress back gently but the waitress shakes her head. "I'm fine now thanks to you. I don't know how to repay you back. I-I.." The waitress couldn't find the words to say as she trails off, feeling so thankful and scared at what happened earlier.

"No need to repay me back. Girls gotta have other girls' back or just literally have other people's backs when they're in danger or in need of help. So, don't worry about repaying me. I'm just glad you're okay." Haneul says and the waitress nods her head.

"By the way, those guys didn't even pay for their orders and just left. Bunch of assholes. I'll pay for their orders since you guys don't want me to pay for mine." Haneul says and the waitress shakes her head again. "No, no, no. You don't have t-" Haneul puts her hand up which silenced the waitress.

"Now, where do I pay?" Haneul asks with a smile and the waitress gave up. The waitress leads her to the cashier and Haneul paid for the assholes' orders and gave a huge tip to the waitress and the owner. Before the owner and the waitress could run to Haneul as they noticed the tips, she was already out of the restaurant.

--- The next part is going to be about her grocery and necessities shopping. It might get boring so if you don't want to read the this part you can skip to the end to read my thoughts and things I want to say. But if you want to read this part you are free to do so! ---

Haneul is now walking around the grocery store which also provides necessities in another section. Haneul walks towards the necessities first with her cart and grabs whatever she needs to last for a month and they're not that much since she's the only one in her dorm room.

Two boxes of tissues which has like 10 rolls of tissues in each box, 3 toothpastes, 5 toothbrushes, shampoos and conditioners, soaps, soft and long towels, and two rugs for the bathroom, putting them into her cart. She then walks towards the raw food area getting chicken, beef, and pork packing them in a plastic bag before weighing them each then puts them in her cart. Getting eggs along the way.

She then walks to the vegetable area and grabs whatever she thinks she needs then walks to the sauces like soy sauce, oil and such. After grabbing everything she needs, she walks towards the the rows of cashier lanes and found a lane with little people. She lines up and waits for her turn.

After waiting for a few minutes, it was her turn and all she brought gets ringed up. She payed for the goods and puts the bags of goods in the cart and brings it with her. She heads to the department store, where pots, frying pans, plates and such are in, with her cart and when she arrived she asked the security if it's okay to bring her cart along and the security said it was fine as long as she doesn't steal by putting things inside the bags of goods.

Haneul nods her head and walks her way towards the pots and pans. She grabs two pots and two frying pans and puts it in the space next to the bags of goods. She went to the spatulas and whatnot section and grabs whatever she needs. She walks to the utensils area and grabs 2 plates, 2 pairs of spoon and fork, bowls, knives, cutting board and others.

She heads to the the water bottles and grabs three good sized water bottles. After that she went towards the lanes of cashiers and walks to one and paied for her goods. She then left the shopping mall with the cart, walking towards her car. She puts the goods inside her car and went back to return the shopping cart.

She walks back to her car and drives back to the dorms.


Heeeeyy guyss! How are ya'll doing? I hope ya'll are doing okay! The pandemic has been hitting all of us in the ass, I know. Good and bad things happen to all of us. So we should just stay strong and know what is right and wrong.

From what I wrote bout the waitress' situation, I mean like not all men do that but there are some scums like them who doesn't understand nor accept rejection and the word no. I mean is it that hard for those kinds of men to understand and accept that women are not into them? I mean bruh, women who are nice to men who are hitting on them thinks those women like them but really don't cause they're trying not to get in a more messier situation and when those men get rejected they would either call those women bitches or hit them.

I don't really get why some men could assume that women who are nice to them, wants them. Excuse you, they're trying to not get killed because some women in those kinds of situation gets beaten up or killed for that reason alone. I'm not only speaking about women but also men who are also experiencing this. This goes both ways. We should just accept things that are not for us.

This one is for the boys and the men, please don't put your hands on a woman if she feels uncomfortable, isn't into you, says no to you and doesn't want to be involved with you. Accept and understand the word no, rejection and reality.

This one is also for the girls and the women, please don't put your hands on a man if he feels uncomfortable, isn't into you, says no to you and doesn't want to be involved with you. Accept and understand the word no, rejection and reality as well.

This goes to everyone, if you see someone in danger or in need of help, please don't hesitate to help unless the danger means endangering your own life, that's up to you. Have the heart and the compassion to not only save yourself but also those around you.

This goes both ways ya'll. If ya'll want peace, then give the fucking peace yourselves. This is just my opinion so please don't come at me with malicious comments and threats.

Please comment down your thoughts and spread positivity in the world because you are doing great and you are amazing!


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