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CHAPTER # 01 - I'll Save The Female lead - Chapter 1 by Roaimi_Maali full book limited free

Chapter 1: CHAPTER # 01

Year 3021:


"Felicia!!!! You will not do that and that's an order!" shouted the chief from the head quarters.

"I'm sorry chief for the first time disobeying your order. But I have to do this or else things won't end up good for anyone.."

"Listen Felicia, you don't have to this okay? we will work things out... please drop that idea I beg of you" said the commander of our team.

"You all know that I won't change my mind so it's no use and by the way chief, didn't you teach me to always be ready to sacrifice myself for my nation and that's exactly what I'm doing! this is my homeland and I want to contribute in saving my fellow citizens from these jerks. And also this is the only way..... if it's not me it will be someone else so why not it be me? okay?"

"Felicia...…." all the eyes got teary including all the members present there, the chief and commander. Oh! I didn't mention that I was an orphan and when I was 7 years old the chief took me in and brought me up to be a loyal servant of my Nation and Brother Ryan, the Commander, is his son he also treats me like his little sister and all the member in our team adored me as we all grew up together and also I'm the youngest. They are the people who hold special place in my heart and I also don't want to leave them but it's my duty. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";ll-save-the-female-lead_20418112506282005/chapter-01_54896454501723041">;ll-save-the-female-lead_20418112506282005/chapter-01_54896454501723041</a> for visiting.

I recently turned 18 and in our organization when you turn 18 you are assigned with your very first solo mission, and as to the tradition I also got assigned with one but the difference is that this will be my first and last solo mission. It's not like I haven't done any mission at all, I did, with my team, and that to brilliantly. I don't wanna brag but I am the most talented agent in my organization and that too from a young age and recently I was also recognized as the top A-rank agent of my organization.....Amazing isn't it?

Okay so now back to the point.....As I am an A-rank agent I was assigned with an important and difficult mission which was to go in the enemy's territory and find about their next move... At first chief refused it but I managed to make him agree to it. So now that I was in the enemy's territory I found out that they planning to launch missiles on my country soon so I had no other choice but to plant explosives in their head quarters and blast them so that I can save my homeland. It would be too late if I were to return or wait for reinforcement so I had to do it by myself..... for my country.

"Don't worry about me, I'll always be with all of you in your memories but that doesn't mean I'm telling you to let me go nope... You have to remember me always but in happy moments cuz y'all know how much I despise depressing things....So just be happy and....." I choked on my tears but I didn't want them to notice so I got silent.

"Felicia...." the commander didn't have anymore words to say.

"We still have time Felic-" Brother Ryan said but I cut him off "No there isn't.....there isn't, that's the main point.....Brother Ryan" I said and at this point Brother Ryan too broke down.

"When did y'all got so sentimental huh? Being sympathic or emotional is forbidden in our job so stop it!!" I scolded making them go silent because I was right. In this job you have to be strong hearted, so a weak hearted person is never welcomed.

"I have to go now there's not much time left.....Take care of yourself.....All of you! Don't get sick or sad over my death okay? and chief don't forget your medicines before sleep okay! I love You all very much.....Brother Ryan too.....and you too...…Dad..". And with that I went out of cover. I didn't cut the connection from the communication device in my watch so that they can know I carried out my mission successfully while on the other side everyone was trying control their tears as they really adored Felicia but now there's no going back.

I already set up everything only now was left was the fun part...… seeing their terrified faces. I went on the highest place there so I can gather everyone's attention and when I did that all of came out full armed and by seeing this scene I couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

"I mean how petty of you to be scared of such a small and delicate girl?" I took out the remote control of the placed explosives and the horror on their faces was just so satisfying. And suddenly they all pointed their guns on me and I laughed causing confusion among them.

"Even if you shoot me or let me go I will still press the button so you have no other choice but to bid eachother goodbyes....You have 7 seconds. And with that I took out my favourite strawberry candy and ate it because I wanted my death to taste like my favourite flavour which is strawberry. And the last thing I remember before closing my eyes that I pressed the button and everything exploded!.


"Ow..... my head hurts...." I said while opening my eyes and adjusting to the light. "Where..... am I? Is this Heaven?.... Didn't thought it'd be this fancy" I thought as I looked around my surroundings.


The door flew open which shocked me half way to death except the fact that I already was.... . "MY LADYYY!!!!" a girl walked in dressed up as maid. "You finally woke up! I was sacred to death... *sniff*…I thought you'll never wake up" she said while crying badly. "Haha..." I awkwardly laughed 'What's going on?...' I thought. "My lady are hurt? Do you feel any pain? Is your head okay? Do you need anything? oh how can I forget I'll call the physician wait a second I'll be back" She showered me with questions and then disappeared like thin air. "Isn't this Heaven? Where the heck am I and why are my hands so small? What's going o-"

Again the door flew open making me flinch, revealing a pretty couple with worry and excitement on their faces.

"Oh my daughter! You finally woke up." said the lady running towards me and then hugged me like there's no tomorrow. "I- ack.. can't....breathe..." I said and then she released me while saying "Oh my! I'm sorry my baby. Are you hurt?". "I'm oka-" I was about to say but then another hug came towards me. It was the man who came in with the lady, her husband I assume... " Oh my baby, you really had us worried" and now I had enough, who the heck are these guys?

"Um....haha....but I have a question.." I said.

"Go ahead baby.." the man said.

"Who....are you?" I said making them freeze at their spot and soon after both them started crying. "Our daughter doesn't remember us oh what should we do? Our sweet baby fell so hard that she can't even remember her own parents" said the man while crying.

"The physician is here!!!!" the door swung open revealing the girl from before and an old man , and this time I kinda got used to that smash the sh*t out of the door tradition so I didn't get that surprised. And soon after the man who was sitting besides me ran to the physician and grabbed his collar.

"Why does my daughter not remember anything? How the hell did you treat her?" he shouted at the physician. "My sincere apologies but I also don't know and I haven't even checked her yet" said the old man. "Oh yes.....I'm sorry I acted rashly" said the man releasing him and bowing. 'Dude you okay?' I thought and then a thought came to my mind.. 'Did I transmigrate or something like in novels I read? like when you die wrongfully so God gives you a chance to live your life again. So sacrificing myself wasn't in vain?. Oh God I knew I'm your favourite, you couldn't watch me die isn't it?'. Then my thoughts got disturbed when I felt a hand on my wrist, it was the old man checking my pulse.

"How's she? will she be okay? will she recover her memory?" said the lady still in tears.

"Everything is fine except for the part that she lost her memory. I think-" the physician was saying but got cut off.

"WHAT?!!!! My lady lost her memory?!!!" shouted the girl who I guess is a maid by the way she's dressed. Everyone looked at her shocked and then she realized what she did "Ack.... I'm sorry my lord! I just got shocked that my lady lost her memories." she exclaimed. "'s okay I guess. Yes what you saying Mr. whales?" said the man.

"Oh yes. I was saying that I think that she hit her head on ground quite hard which may be the reason that she temporarily lost her memory but there's no need to worry, in most of the cases the memory comes after a while but you should not force her to remember or it may get worse. There are very rare cases that the memory doesn't come back but even if it doesn't come back she's still your daughter, you can make new memories with her because there's no way to recover a person's memory with medicine, it depends on the person's own capability. I hope you understand. For now let her rest, keep her happy and around the people she liked and hope for the best. Now I shall take my leave please excuse me." said the physician while getting up.

'Oh right they don't have technology yet as in year 2084 a device was launched which could recover a person's memory even of the day you open your eyes as a baby' I thought.

"Okay. Thank you for coming, the butler will see you out" said the man. And with that the old man left leaving me, the couple and the maid in the room.

"My baby now that you don't remember anything let us introduce ourselves. I'm Duke Carlos Niam, your father and that's Duchess Ruminah Niam, your sweet mother and that's Fannie, your maid. Oh and if you see an old man with a mustache then don't get scared of him, he is the butler, you call him Mr. Butler" said the duke.

'Hmm.... Duke Niam?.....Ruminah.... I think I have heard these names before... but where?' I thought and the duke continued.

"And you are Sabrina Niam, our beloved lovely daughter" he said smiling.

'Sabrina Niam?...….. wait a sec....' I thought

"WHAT?!!!!!!" I shouted due to the shock I just received.

"Sabrina Niam you say?" I asked grabbing his shoulder.

"Yes! Did you remember anything?" they all asked in unison while their eyes sparkling.

"Yes...… My DOOOOOM!!!!".

Roaimi_Maali Roaimi_Maali

Now that Sabrian has entered this new world, what changes might appear in the plot?

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