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Chapter 10: 10 - Assassin

Third Day before Holiday End.

At the roadside, in front of the mansion, there is a group of suspicious individual stood beside a van.

This suspicious group was wearing a black mask hiding their face from being seen, their outfit is also weirdly enough, all black.

If there are people that have seen this suspicious group of people, they would have called on police right away.

This suspicious group didn't just have weird attires, they also leaked a murderous intent that only those who have killed people should have.

Any normal person would piss their pant if that murderous intent were aimed at them.

This group of people have been living here and sleeping inside the van at this place for the past few days.

They would drive the van away from time to time in order to not arouse their target of being suspicious on them.

Normally, someone would have called on cops by now but there no such normal people on the surrounding area.

The only thing that stood in this place is the huge mansion beside the street.

The other people living in the mansion around the place have evacuated somewhere else but it will only be 3-4 hours at most with the reason such as earthquake will come through here anytime soon.

It could only take around that much time in order to not arouse the suspicions of High ranked government. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/10---assassin_36206261141823367">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/10---assassin_36206261141823367</a> for visiting.

Their target is the one living inside this mansion.

They are a group of assassins sent by someone to kill a certain daughter.

The father was already killed by them three weeks ago and it was secretly done without being noticed by neither anyone nor the cops.

The case was not being investigated because they also have a higher rank cop on their side which makes thing easier to them.

Now, their second target is the daughter.

After staying around the roadside in front of the mansion for the past few days, they have gotten enough information.

Right around this time, the target would be the only one in the mansion.

The guy who was living with the target has already left an hour ago.

They have about 3 hours to finish their job before the guy came back which is enough time for them.

A group of a suspicious individual can be seen opening up the gate quietly before slowly walking toward the mansion.

One of them is closing his eyes while putting all his focus on his ears.

After a few seconds passed, he gives them the signal that their target is currently on the second floor.

Another one of them went toward the door and by using his masterful lock picking skill, the door was opened in no time at all.

The group moved slowly and quietly toward the stairs to the second floor.

They can hear the sound of water running through the second floor, apparently, their target was taking a shower.

This was definitely a good time to ambush the target while she was in the bathroom.

They would wait beside the bathroom's door holding onto their weapon, once the door opened, they would precisely and swiftly cut her throat.

Once they have done that, they would put her back to the bathtub and swiftly left the place.

It shouldn't take them to long to do all this.

Their plan to ambush her is because she is not like any ordinary girl.

She has the blood of familiar running through her veins, although it was not much, it still can put up a fight with them.

After all, they are only a human, although they have been trained in assassination since they were kid, she must have also been trained like them by her father from the information they gained.

If they don't care about the ruckus, they would have attacked her by now but the mission was to do it quietly and swiftly.

With this plan in mind, they await.

1 hour later.

The water is still running in the bathroom as their target was singing out loud without any restraint as if she was the only one in the mansion.

The assassins were already annoyed that they have wasted a full 60 minutes waiting while listening to her singing nonstop.

Her singing skill was good for sure but if one was to listen to it for a full 1 hour of it, none would feel good about it.

Especially for these people, their goal was to kill the target as quickly as possible.

Now, all of them is annoyed by her singing.

( I'm going to go to the van for a moment, you guys can stay here and wait for it. )

Whispered one of them which he immediately leaves his position and went on.

Some of them also wanted to follow along but since they don't know when will the target finished(it could be 5 minutes after they left), they have to wait once again and endure the singing hell.

The guy who leaves the place was in a happy mode.

He doesn't have to listen to that singing hell anymore.

Even if he left, they were still four of them waiting there, so it's fine for him.

As he walks through the hallways, he heard footsteps 3 meters away from him.

They should have been two people outside while one is on the watch while the second was inside the van, ready to move out anytime.

They should have not come in unless it was something important but they were highly skilled assassin nonetheless and shouldn't be making a sound such as a footstep when they walked.

What this meant was it was not one of them but it certainly doesn't make any sense.

There were no warning coming in from the one watching outside yet the footsteps is approaching slowly toward him which mean they were done in.

But by who? Who can do such a thing toward the two standing watched outside while not making too much ruckus for them to hear it?

It was highly likely that the one who did it is a skilled one.

Being on guard, He quietly hides at the corner of the hallways as he ready his weapon on his hand.

*tap tap*

The footsteps sound was getting closer and closer to where he is, He took a deep breath and focus on the sound.

When it was close to the point that he can sense the other person location, he immediately slashed out the saber on his hand toward the enemy.

When he moved, he can see that the person was actually the guy who was living with their target.

As the saber was getting closer, he feels certain that this guy that is frozen shocked(?) by his attack wouldn't be able to counterattack.

When the saber was just an inch closer to the neck, he feels immeasurable amount of pain on his stomach which cause him to coughed a mouthful of blood, the saber hit nothing like the person in front of him has moved beside him without him being able to see anything before sending a punch right on his stomach.

The pain was enough for ordinary people to fall unconscious.

But he was not like the other normal people, he has been through a lot of trials before being able to join this assassination group, the trials were true hell.

Holding onto the pain on his stomach, he gritted his teeth and sends the stare of killing intent toward the person.

" Oh? You weren't knocked out? "

The person said so as a little bit of shock on his face but soon it was replaced by his normal expression.

" Who.. are you? "

The pain in his stomach is real and this was something unbelievable for someone who they thought of weak could possibly do.

He didn't find any kind of aura around this guy from his perceptive of being an assassin for 3 years.

This is why he and the other of his group thoughts he was simply weak like ordinary people.

But that punch was definitely powerful, it was enough to knock out ordinary thug to the unconscious.

He came to the conclusion that this guy was hiding his power all this time.

" Why are you asking something so obvious? "

He was confused.

What does this guy meant by that?

Did he know about him, No, looking closer at this guy face and browsing through his memory, he is sure that he had never seen this guy before?

Or does it mean that this guy knows him because they are from the same trade?

Which mean this guy is also possibly an assassin?

When the guy was about to open his mouth and talk, he opened both of his ears and focus on his hearing.

" I'm the person who was living in this mansion. "

When he heard the answer, he fainted.

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