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58.33% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 13: 12 - Combat Maid, Shiro

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Chapter 13: 12 - Combat Maid, Shiro

Somewhere deep in the Forest.

There is a slim figure of a male drawing some kind of magic circle on the ground.

It can be said that this magic circle is definitely a special one as the line was drawn by an ominous and eerie red looking color that of blood.

The magic circle was quite huge and took a lot of space on the ground with a lot of weird language on it.

There was a sticky bloody knife and bucket full of blood a certain distance away from the magic circle and it could be said that it was none other than the figure's own blood.

As True Ancestor who is literally immortal, losing such thing as blood is nothing as it will just regenerate a new one.

This magic circle was the idea he has gained from the source(Manga), only someone like True Ancestor could make it as the regeneration power of his is truly frightening.

Only someone on his level could do this, but such being can only be counted on one hand.

Dying because of losing too much blood, that is very comedic but if it actually happened then True Ancestor was nothing in the first place.

Although this certainly looks like something that only someone from an Evil Cult or Devil Worshiper would do, it was not entirely wrong from the other perspective, but to True Ancestor, this was just merely a magic circle for creating subordinate.

Looking closer, the figure's hair is silky black hair with the brown eyes which is common to see for Asian.

It was none other than Sebastian Winstanley.

After having finished drawing a magic circle filled with blood on the ground, Sebas walk toward the bucket that is filled with his blood and put it in the middle of the magic circle.

The moment he put the bucket, the magic circle lighten up, giving off an ominous aura.

He nods his head and stood at the corner of the magic circle and muttered.

〈 With the blood of True Ancestor, The Origin of The Night King, I created you. 〉 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/12---combat-maid-shiro_36127306758023075">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/12---combat-maid-shiro_36127306758023075</a> for visiting.

The blood in the bucket moved the moment he speaks the incantation.

〈 Your life is now bound onto me. 〉

The mass of blood compressed into a small little fetus.

It was weird and very creepy, seeing a small fetus in the basket.

It was not moving, just eerily stood there.

〈 As your Creator and Your Master. 〉

The fetus eventually grows into that of a baby in the blink of eyes.

The gender is unknown at the moment since it was hidden by the shadows.

〈 Your role is to stay by my side with your servitude and protection. 〉

The small little baby only took a few seconds before it turned into that of a female adult.

It was truly like watching a recording in fast forward, but it was actually real and happening right now.

The long hair that reaches the bottom was as white as snow, it was truly beautiful.

She has an amazing figure like an hourglass.

Her arms and legs look even more delicate than an ordinary girl.

That glamorous and very seducing naked body is truly a sight for sore eyes.

The eyes are still closed shut and it actually looks more like a corpse right now since it's not breathing at all.

Only True Ancestor could look inside of it and noticed that there was no soul inside of this body.

That was because the soul has taken its place inside him.

Because of that, she was literally immortal(Undying).

Only by using his own blood could he do such a thing, giving her the cheat.

〈 Your name is Shiro. The name was taken from your silky white hair that is the same hair color as mine. 〉

The breathless body is now taking its first breath and the figure slowly opened her eyes.

The wide awaken eyes was a beautiful golden pupil.

It would stun anyone if they ever stare into her eyes.

It was simply beautiful and mesmerizing.

But that didn't include the person in front of her.

The busty naked girl stares at the person in front of her before she smiles and said.

" Nice to meet you, My Master. My name is Shiro and I'm at your service. "

After saying that, she bows her head to her master as any maid would to their master.

It was such a sight for the sore eyes, no question asked.

" Good, it was a success after all. "

Apparently, the information that he has given her has successfully got into her head without having any problem or causing her brain to explode or something.

That will truly be very gory, a beautiful girl having their head exploded like 'Boom!', nuh uh.

Though he has never failed in his creation, you never know when trouble happens.

Demon God was one such example after all.

Gaia never created such evil being yet that being was born from the accumulated evil of all being.

Since Gaia has fallen into a deep slumber until now, he thought that when he woke up, the world would have fallen into the previous one, full of chaos and havoc.

But thankfully, such a thing didn't happen, He can sense that there were many devils aura around the world but, that was it.

There were no Demon God traces anywhere except Devils in the Living World.

Most likely, the seal was still working as ever.

Well enough of the past, I have enough of looking at the sight in front of me.

" Do you know what is your role? "

" Yes. My profession is Combat Maid that's excelled in close combat and on defense. "

" Anything else? "

" I'm also good at serving as an experienced maid, Master. "

" Umu. So far was what i wan- expected. "

" And the last one... "

The beautiful naked girl was suddenly turned into a white cat with golden eyes in the blink of the eye.

Something like this would definitely shock any normal person to death but it is actually happening right in front of him.

The cat meowed at him before walking toward him and purr at his feet.

Looking at the cat that is purring at his feet, he smiles and put his hand on its head, giving head pats toward this cute kitty.

Everything works out well, the holy bible(manga) is truly great!

I won't even come to think of doing this back in the days, but now, I have all kind of idea I wanted to test out.

But that can wait for later.

" Good. You should stay on this form until I give my permission for you to turn back to normal okay? "

" Meow~ "( Yes, Master. )

He picks up the cat and as he was about to change his arm position onto holding her in a comfy way, she moved to his shoulder and meowed at him.

" Well, that's fine. Just make sure you don't fall off okay? "

" Meow! "


When she wakes up, it's already morning.

She ended up falling asleep after playing that nice game all night.

She was woken up by the smell of food from the kitchen downstairs with the grumbling stomach.

*Growl~~~! *

*Sniff Sniff*

It was the smell of food while the war inside her stomach was grumbling in no time, asking for permission to launch an assault.

Never in her life did she ever thought that the vampire, Sebastian Winstanley, could cook.

And she was right, Sebas, never in his life did he ever touch a kitchen's knife.

After living for a thousand years, He only ate the food that was cooked by the chef or someone else.

He didn't want to do such troublesome thing just for food.

I guess that is why he was quite shocked at mother's culinary skill.

That was the first time that I saw him making that kind of expression, different than his normal one.

I keep it locked in my memory after all!

It must be a mother that is making breakfast at the kitchen downstairs.

I wanted to wake up but this comfy bed is holding onto me.

I'm just a weak little girl after all(We totally believe ya).

This comfy bed is taking me hostage!

I need to get up! My Will!

I need.. to yell.. for help!

" What are you doing, Sera? "

" Wha- "

Opening her eyes wide and look toward the voice that she heard from her now opened bedroom's door, stood someone that she knows.

Her face flushed red and you could see smoke coming out of her ears.

" You should knock first before coming in! "

She threw the pillows at the rude fellow.

But the rude fellow use dodges!

The pillow attack missed!

The pillow flies across the hallway, never to be seen again, just kidding.

" Don't dodge! "

She used her ultimate move that is, throwing two pillows!

Yet the opponent dodge once again like it was nothing.

Apparently, the opponent is a too high level above her.

She needs more pillow-nation!

" Kuh! "

Looking left and right, she didn't find anything left to throw.

Unable to do anything else, she let out harrumphed and fall her back on the bed.

" My Dear Sera, the food's ready. Come downstairs~ "

She heard her mother's calling from the kitchen downstairs.

Apparently, this was the reason that the rude fellow is coming to get her without even knocking on the door like always.

" If you are late then I might eat up all the food. "

Said a certain someone before swoosh away, to the heaven- Kitchen.

His shadow was long gone, it was a wonder as if he has not eaten for weeks and was now using all his strength to run to the kitchen.

But that was merely a joke because Sebas literally ate every day whenever her mother's cooking.

" You dare! "

She shouted back as she heard the voice and seeing the vanishing figure before waking up and running toward the kitchen as fast as possible or the food might really get eaten up and finished by a certain glutton.

Her mother always visited every morning to make breakfast before she went to work.

Today was no different than any other days, it was noisy as always.

Although it was noisy, she doesn't necessarily hate it.

She feels that this was yet another good day that she will remember in her holidays.

The school holiday will end soon or later, and so she wanted to have as much fun as she could before it ends.

Once she goes back to school, she might not have enough time to play around anymore.

After all, she had to focus all her power into studies.

Although this is merely a whim wish of her is to have fun, it might have accidentally triggered a certain flag.

And it happened on the day she goes back to school, she was met with trouble on that very day.

That trouble is.. truly one that she didn't expect nor see it coming.

MinxMean MinxMean

Combat Maid is LOVE!

Beautiful Maid is LIFE!

I wanted to have one as well! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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