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75% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 17: 16 - Transfer Student (3)

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Chapter 17: 16 - Transfer Student (3)

" Cough. Alright, Quiet down everyone! "

" Let the other transfer student introduce herself. "

The frantic boys immediately shut their mouth and the girl soon followed their step.

But one can easily notice from all the boy's eyes that are burning with the fire of ambition.

Since they already lost one goddess from their class, they were now aiming for this new goddess in front of them.

The girl was silent because they were jealous and envious of her beauty and cold temperament which radiated an aura that attracted the attention of all.

Her burning red hair seems like a real fire that is still actively burning instead of actual hair.

Although she gives off a cold temperament, they could still feel the bursting energy of youth coming from her.

That cold silver eyes were looking all around the class and finally, land on Sera for a moment before moving away.

" Xiao Youyue. Born and raised in China. Nice to meet you. "

"""OOOOOOOH!!! """

The boys shouted after she finished her introduction.

It was because they were simply happy when listening to her voice.

They didn't even care if there were some disgusted look in her eyes, they were simply a boy.

The girl was surprised though as they never heard or seen any Asian that has a different hair color as natural as her, it doesn't feel like she put a dye on her hair.

They were naturally jealous and envy as they have normal black hair, just like any other Asian out there.

They thought she was foreign from overseas as it was normal to see a different hair color there.

She was a beauty yet her bright red hair easily attracted any attention whenever she goes.

Youyue was simply used to this.

Ever since she was small, she always gets flattered to the point that not even a day was spared.

It was the reason why she has a very strong pride till now.

If she finds someone annoying, she would simply humiliate them in front of a lot of people.

Revenge? They don't even have any strength left once she was done with them, It was simply impossible.

Once, a girl was humiliated in front of her lover and friends, her lover later left her while all her friends keep their distance from her, some even harassed her.

After being harassed by a lot of people, she simply quietly quit school.

Youyue simply thought that the annoying girl finally is gone but she was surprised when she goes to the toilet, the girl was still in her school uniform and in her right-hand holds a knife. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/16---transfer-student-(3)_36850654949466976">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/16---transfer-student-(3)_36850654949466976</a> for visiting.

The girl simply lost her mind after all the stress that has been built up till now and finally exploded, the only thing in her thought right now was simply to kill this evil girl in front of her.

Youyue was shocked at first but later on, she became calm as if the previous expression was simply mistaken.

There is one thing that she was proudest the most, It is the power she inherited from her father.

A weak and powerless human simply didn't stand a chance against her, although she looks frail on the outside, She has trained a lot ever since she got to know her own abilities.

Even if there is a gun pointed at her right now, she could easily dodge it to the side and counterattacked as simply as breathing.

She never stopped her training even though her pride told her to stop many times.

So, the powerless girl in front of her was simply a joke to her even if she has a knife at hand.

She simply beat her up to a pulp and told her bodyguard to put her away somewhere, she didn't care what happens to the girl afterward since it was none of her business.

Even when she was on a mission right now, she simply wanted to take it easy.

Since it was not hard and she could be done with it anytime she wants.

She might as well have fun before finishing the mission because it has been a while.

She smiles as she thought of that inside her mind.

Her smiling face makes the boys in the class frozen solid.

It was simply beautiful and mesmerizing, a wise once said, Ignorance is a blessing.

They would never know that her smiling face meaning someone life would be in deep trouble.

" Alright! Sebas, you go sit at the left corner at the window side. Youyue, You can sit beside Sera, that girl who the boys in this class dubbed as Goddess. "

Sebas walk smoothly toward his seat and when he reached his seat which was beside Sera on her left, He said.

" What a coincidence that we're seatmate, Sera. "

Her body flinched when she heard his word.

Coincidence your **s! I bet you use your power to arrange this.

Did you also arrange her seat beside me on the right?!

( That was truthfully a coincidence. I have not used my power for her. )

So you did, in fact, used it for your arranged seat.

( I'll rather seat beside someone I knew than that of an unknown or stranger. )

She harrumphed and stopped pursuing that topic as she looks away.

She didn't notice Sebas's expression when he gives a vigilant look toward Xiao Youyue.

That was because he has accidentally read her mind when the girl was talking about her mission inside her mind.

He was actually curious about her identity at first, that's why he decided to take a peek but didn't expect to get some interesting information.

Firstly, she was born from the Fallen and inherited abilities and one of them is a fearsome ability called 'Mind Manipulator'.

It was not as powerful as his ability which could read even someone past from their mind with simply a glance.

It was actually useless ability back in the days but in this modern day, it was simply powerful if used correctly.

That was how she could easily humiliate someone and even make their social life much worse than ever.

Her 'Mind Manipulator' ability could only be activated when the target was in front of her, it would not work if it was not in her sight.

It was a good thing that he found out about her ability first hand so he could put mind protection on Sera about his existence and her secret.

This way, she won't be able to humiliate Sera the same way she did in the past.

She would likely resort to killing her instead when she found out that she couldn't do with her way based on the mission.

Just in case, He secretly sent a link toward someone about this inside his mind.

' Yes, Master? '

' Do an investigation on a girl named Xiao Youyue, the transfer student. She has a lead toward Demon and Fallen Faction. '

' Yes! '

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