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79.16% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 18: 17 - Detective Shiori Arrived!

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Chapter 18: 17 - Detective Shiori Arrived!

During Lunch, School Cafeteria.

" Ah, Can I call you Sebas? By the way, My name is Shiori Arisawa, Sera's one and only best friend! "

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" Nice to meet you, Arisawa. "

" You can call me Shiori since you were close to Sera. Hehee~ "

"Do you want to sit and eat with us? "

" Yes. "

He put down his food on the table that he bought from the cafeteria and sit beside Sera.

To her left, It was her best friend, Shiori Arisawa.

To her right, It was someone who lives together with her and also a vampire, Sebastian Winstanley.

She knew that this would have happened the moment she saw him walking straight into the class.

Her peaceful life seems to be nonexistent by now, she could only try to not make it turn worse.

Especially when it came to her school life!

"Mr. Sebas, you have been living together with this beautiful lady right? "

Said Shiori while making a pose like a detective interrogation someone by grabbing her two hands while putting her chin on top of it.

" Although not in the same room, Yes. "

There was a flash of light on her eyes when she heard the answer.

" Oho. So you prefer to sleep in the same room as her, yes? "

Although her voice is not loud, it's definitely not quiet either.

A student that's eating quite close to her table seems to have heard her intentionally loud word.

They were now whispering to each other quietly but Sera can hear them pretty clearly.

" Of course not, right, Sebas? "

Read my mind and say yes! You hear me!

" Yes. "

" See? "

The chattering from the different table has quiet down, a relieved sigh came out of her mouth.

But Shiori didn't let that one slide.

" So you called him by that huh? You two seem pretty close. "

" What, but you also called him like that! "

" No no, it is entirely different than the way I did. Totally. "

" I don't see any difference! "

"Calm down, Sera. Your indifferent personality has broken down. "

She quiets down and sits when she saw her surrounding, all the students were staring at her.

She looks at her best friend who was snickering at her failure.

It must be fun to you, huh, She thought as she pressed her foot on top of Shiori's, grinding it.

Her best friend snickering face took a sudden halt and grimace silently.

That's what you get for making fun of me, she silently eats the food in front of her.

Completely forgotten about the person seating beside her on the left.

"We are quite close indeed. We have been playing together all weekend. "

The pitiful girl who was holding onto the pain took a sudden turn when she heard his nonchalant reply.

"'Playing'? What kind of play were you talking about? "

Another question of her bought the other student attention toward this table once again.

Before Sebas could open his mouth, Sera kicked in.

"We were just playing games in free time. Didn't you also say to me that you're playing at the arcade on holiday? "

" Mhm~ Yes, I do. Your answer is pretty disappointing, Sera~ "

" Hmph, I won't let you do that. "

Said Sera as she eats her food quickly in order to run away from this situation before it gets worse.


Looking at the three chatting in their own world, Xiao Youyue was having a complex thought at the moment.

It was because she couldn't read what is on Sera's mind.

It would be fine if it were just Sera since she might have inherited some kind of ability from her father which makes it possible to somehow block her mind power.

But the weird thing is, she is also unable to read the mind of both guy and girl beside her.

From the notes of her father, she knew that Sera was not that strong to be able to protect two of her friend's mind, together with her.

She believes in her father's intelligence unit before, but now she was not so sure.

Perhaps, this might be the reason why the assassins that her father sent was killed with none left.

She shakes her head and said to herself that it was impossible.

There is no way for someone like her (Sera), who only have faint dirty blood running in her veins, could do such a thing.

It was impossible.

Although she was arrogant and haughty, she was not stupid.

Just like how she still trained herself every day even if she was already powerful.

She believes in the saying 'Dragon among men', she isn't the only strong one in the world.

Her father is such an example yet they are many out there that are way stronger than her father.

She knows because she had accidentally come across important intelligence when she sneaked her way in father's office.

For now, she will watch them from afar and come up a plan later on.

She could have fun in the meantime.


Somewhere deep in the Forest.

There was a cave, Darkness filled within it.

There was a small figure inside of this dark cave.

The small figure seems to be that of female at the age of ten, for sure she's a kid.

But this little girl seems used to living in this dark filled cave.

There was a lot of stuff inside this medium size cave, such as cookware for cooking and other stuff.

There is also a bed that seems to be hard to sleep onto for someone born from the city, it was made from wood and leaves, after all.

But the little girl doesn't seem uncomfortable at all living in this cave from the look of her expression.

The little girl can be seen cleaning up the surrounding cave as if she was going to leave this dark cave anytime soon.

She filled up her clothes and some dried meat into the bag that she found somewhere inside the forest.

After finishing packing up her stuff, she stood outside the cave and give a sad look toward the cave.

This was the cave that she had been living her entire life.

A life's worth of thousand years after the incident that she won't forget her entire life.

The cave has given her a lot of bittersweet memories but now, she had to leave.

That was because, deep within her, she can feel a force of time that had been frozen is now tickling and moving like normal.

She could also sense a being that is related to her and knew who it is.

It could only be that person.

The person that she has been waiting all her entire life.

She believes the person would not die just like that.

He was her one and only father, after all.

" Mother of Earth, Gaia, Please give me your blessing on my journey to meet my father. "

Looking toward the sky, she gives her prayer for the last time in a while.

As she closed her eyes, she didn't notice that she was now glowing with nature aura surrounding her for a few seconds before finally went away.

After about a few seconds passed, she took her first step outside, toward the life signal inside her.

" Wait for me, father. I'll be coming. "

She disappeared silently as if she wasn't there in the first place.

The cave has now been hidden by a mysterious force and no ordinary human could see through it.


In my deep sleep, I sensed the being that I have created awoken after a long tired sleep.

I could also feel a prayer coming from his only child.

With the little power I have accumulated after thousands of years, I give my blessing onto this pure child on her long harsh journey.

I hope this child would get her happiness in this life.

Because, I am, Gaia.

The Mother of Earth.

MinxMean MinxMean

Who was the small little girl at the last scene? :O

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