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87.5% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 20: 19 - School (2)

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Chapter 20: 19 - School (2)

In front of Sera's Mansion.

There was a slim figure standing still beside the mansion's gate.

It was a male figure wearing a high school uniform.

He looked at the watch at his right hand from time to times as if waiting for someone there.

It has been 30 minutes of him standing in the same place, waiting for a certain someone to finish with their makeup.

When he was about to look at his watch again, he heard a sound coming from the mansion.

He saw a girl walking out from the mansion with the same high school uniform as him.

When she saw him standing at the gate, she runs toward him.

" Sorry. I'm late. "

" You better be, I have been standing here for 30 minutes, waiting for you like a statue. "

" Hmph, I told you to wait inside but you insisted on going outside. "

" That's because I have never expected a girl to take a long time just to wear that makeup stuff. "

" Back in the old days, there was no such thing as makeup to make a girl pretty. They don't need that much time for preparation. "

" Plus, do you even need to put on such a thing when you are already pretty enough yourself? "

The girl blushes a little toward his remark but harrumphed at him later on and walked away.

The boy followed after behind her back.

" Are you sure you study properly? "

" ..what's with the sudden question? "

" Just curious. So, do you? "

" Of course I am! You have seen it with your own two eyes. "

"Hmm. I do, indeed. But why do you need my help regarding the homework then? "

" T-That is... "

The boy was staring straight into her eyes with a weird expression on his face.

She faltered for a second before her face slowly turned red as she looks away and mumbled in a soft tone.

" it doesn't work... "

" I can't hear you properly, what do you say? "

Her body was trembling for a bit before she turned toward him and looks into his eyes while her face still as red as ever before she shouted in embarrassed.

" It doesn't work! Everything! I tried! But somehow I still have a problem! "

After shouting that out loud she immediately crouches down as if trying to hide in a hole of her imagination.

She still doesn't know why even when she used all her time to study yet still having a problem.

It was as if her brain couldn't take any more teaching material inside it.

Whenever she came onto the problem, she feels like wanting to cry but there were no tears ever came out.

This was why she was depressed sometimes.

She was so absorbed in her depression when suddenly she feels a hand on top of her head.

It was none other than Sebas.

" You don't need to be depressed anymore since I'm here. If it were just helping you, I could do such a simple thing. "

She stares at the person in front of her who was patting on her head.

" After all, you do understand when I explained about homework yesterday night, right? "

" Yes... "

" So you don't need to worry anymore. "

She saw a faint light behind him when she saw his smiling face.

She doesn't know why, but she feels refreshed when she saw his smile.

The girl pushes the boy's hand away as she gets up and straightened her back.

She walked away silently until they reached the school.


Class A.

" Now, Class Monitor, please collect all the student's homework that I have given yesterday. "

" Yes, Teacher. "

The class monitor went toward each student one by one, collecting their homework, no matter if they finished it or not.

Some could be seen complaining because they don't have enough time while some is having a cold sweat as if they have forgotten about the homework itself.

The two transfer student was calm and collected, It seems that they had done the homework.

The poor student who didn't finish or those that have forgotten completely, their punishment was to keep standing on their place until the current teacher's class end.

They have to keep standing for a whole half an hour, they have no choice but to comply with the punishment.

They would have sore legs by then after this class over, especially for boys since after this class was their favorite class, P.A Class.

But they don't mind it as much, it was all because they couldn't wait to see the new goddess in the sports outfit!

They were even some who were daydreaming about it now, only to get punished by the teacher when noticed.

It was not just boys who were pretty excited about the next class, the girls are also the same as them.

They would like to see their Prince Charming in sport outfit, just imagining it cause a nosebleed to some of them.

Among these students, only three— four, who didn't care much about the after class.

It was Sebas, Sera, Shiori, and Youyue.

For Sebas's case, he was curious about the high school's physical education.

He used to see human sparing with each other using a real weapon such as a sword or spear.

They were a great sight to behold, a warrior's fight that is.

But he was not excited since he knows that modern people have changed and progress far ahead.

They wouldn't be training or sparing using real weapon anymore, it was kind of sad.

But that also shows that the world is in peace, to a certain extent.

As for Sera, Let's not mention about her as you can see she was wholeheartedly listening to the teacher's teaching.

Xiao Youyue simply thought that P.A Class was a golden chance for her to get information about her target's capabilities.

And.. to figure out the other identity of Sera's two friends.

As for the hyper girl that was currently sneakily using her phone in class to browse the internet, looking for some cute cat videos.

By putting a book in front of her, it could cover her phone completely.

But she could only watch the cute videos in muted unless she wants to get punished.

Although she seems to be playing around, weirdly enough, her score stays the same.

No up or down, precisely at the standing of the mob.

She seems like someone who could easily get a high score if she put her effort in the study but alas.

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Sera lost her father in an unfortunate incident while Shiori lost her mother when she was just born.

The two were different yet could be the same as both were in unfortunate fate, losing an important family.

This could also be explained how Shiori seems more mature than the other kid at her age in kindergarten.

She doesn't even know what her mother looks alike aside from the picture.

She didn't feel sad at all when she looked at her mother's coffin, as if she was merely a stranger there.

Her father seems even busier than before her mother's death, so she was always alone in her home.

Which was why she preferred going outside to have fun with friends, she was still minor so she's unable to drink alcohol even if she wanted it.

This girl might not look like it but she has a pretty sad life.

No one would know the truth if she didn't say anything.

Thankfully, she didn't go astray and did something stupid that she would regret her whole life.

He didn't mean to be looking into her past but he wanted to know if she was also on the dark side.

It seems fine, but her mother's death is a little bit of suspicious.

He quietly sends a link in his mind toward his subordinate while looking at Shiori playing around with her phone covered by a book.

He also quietly give his prayer to her when the teacher seems to be staring at her, the girl herself hasn't noticed the glare from the teacher and still playing with her mobile phone.

Her fate was already sealed.

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