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Chapter 2: 2 - The Past

There was once a living vampire in the past forgotten days.

Back then, the vampire is not someone to be feared.

The human worship the vampire as a god whiles the familiar as God's servants.

The familiar treated the human kindly.

Even though they weren't human, they didn't treat human indifferently.

They have a longer lifespan than that of a human but it was not a problem for them.

They, the familiar need to drink on blood in order to live.

Most of them only drink a liter of blood which is enough to last them for days but in return, they will lose their strength and became as weak as human while also being able to walk under the sun without getting burnt.

There are still familiar that drink blood unlike those that only drink a liter/day and that's why they would turn into ashes if they ever walk under the sunlight without any protection.

But their strength is not to be looking down upon, especially at night.

Where did they get the blood from?

It's simple, Wild Animals.

So the familiar could live on by sucking the blood of wild animals.

Unlike the familiar, the vampire doesn't need blood to live.

Yet if it were to drink blood, it would have gained more ability and grew even stronger.

It was such a cheat existence that even it reared itself.

But it decided not to drink on blood as it thoughts that it's already plenty powerful as it is.

As such, the human lives peacefully with the vampire and its kin.

But that didn't last long.

There is single human living in fear of them.

He is called Johan.

One day, he was on his way to hunt for game in the vast forest.

As he was thinking about what he should get for today's dinner, he saw a familiar in a distance.

He was about to go and give his greeting like the usual when he came to a sudden halt.

The familiar gives out a strange feeling.

The usually peaceful smiling face is now giving off a dangerous feeling.

The feeling is coming from his instinct as a hunter.

He runs.

The instinct told him that if he were to get close, he would get killed.

He passed a lot of familiar on the way, they give a kind greeting to him like always.

But to him, it looks like a monster getting ready to bite on him anytime if he ever let his guard down.

And so, he runs.

He keeps on running.

When he arrived at his house, he immediately locks the door up with anything as if afraid that the familiar could break the door.

He sits in the corner and covers all of his trembling body with the fur from a game.

The fear ran rampant inside of him.

The fear ran so deep inside of him that he even forget that without the help of familiar, he won't be living as comfy as now.

Once it gets him, he immediately tries to tell on others.

He ended up telling them a lie with a lot of exaggerates in it.

Such as that the familiar is secretly drinking human blood behind their back.

And of course, the human started to go missing since then or so he said.

Of course, it wasn't familiar who did it as they prefer drinking animal's blood instead of human since it would ruin the relationship they had with them.

Then who kidnapped all those human?

Obviously, it was him, Johan who had done it.

He killed them all and said in his mind that this is for the good of the human race.

The vampire is the creator of the familiar so obviously, it knew about it and chooses to ignore it for its kin.

The vampire abandoned us.

The vampire betrayed us.

For what?

It was all because we are just weak creature.

All those lies were feed to two people then it goes on until it reached them all except the vampire and its kin.

The vampire and its kin not knowing anything still enjoying their daily life while the human has started on their plan.

Only a single familiar knows about it yet stay silent and just watch them like a passerby.

Because they knew how powerful the vampire and its kin is, that's why the meeting was somewhere deep in the mountain far away from their populace.

The plan was named The Witch Hunt.

The leader of it is Johan and from then onwards he was called The Pope of the Church. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/2---the-past_34520518690397603">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/2---the-past_34520518690397603</a> for visiting.

The plan was moving smoothly so far but when it was found out by the Vampire, it all started to fall apart.

Seeing the blood everywhere, the corpse of the kin and the human he knows, everything drives it to madden.

Losing its mind to rage, it unleashed the most powerful abilities in its arsenal.

The whole area surrounding the vampire until 5km a far was obliterated with not even a speck of dust left behind.

What was there was just a single deep pit.

But the wrath is still raging inside, without further warning, it destroyed everything that it sees on its way of rampaging, when it finally stopped, the surrounding terrain has already changed.

When it finally wakes up from its madden state, it decided to went slumber due to having exhausted too much of its power.

The human that survived against the Vampire's Wrath was so scared to death that it would even appear in their dream as a nightmare.

When the Vampire finally stopped one day, they gathered all their courage and decided to see what has happened to the Vampire after all that by sending their scout to the last place it was seen.

When they finally arrived at the place, all they can see is simple sand, everything in the surrounding has become a sea of sand, Desert.

The Vampire is nowhere to be seen, and so, the human concluded that the Vampire was killed by its own power.

Even the kin that has betrayed the Vampire is sure of it, the demise of Vampire.


In the deep sleep, it remembers everything.

The past that it wanted to forget but couldn't.

The hatred, disappointment, anger, sadness from that day is still deep within it.

But as time passed, the feeling eventually grows weaker just like the passing days.

As it was reminiscent of the past, it smells a fragrance smell that it once knows.

Although it was faint, the smells was unmistakably that of a familiar.

Because of it, it wakes up.


My name is Sera Landfall.

As of now, I'm 17 years old.

Currently, I'm living in the dormitory.

I used to live with my mother but as she got less time to send me to school, she told me to live in the dormitory.

I understood that the reason was that she's busy.

Mother is the only family I have left which is why she has to take care of the company left behind by the now deceased father.

I also put even more effort into my studies so that I could give her a helping hand later on when I graduated.

That's why I have no time to play around like any other girl around my age.

Don't even mention the word Love, I'll beat you up.

Do mind that I also know how to spend my free time.

Don't think that I'm a loner because I only focus on study.

I do have friends, several of them at that.

They didn't put as much effort as me in studies but they are still my friends.

They also occasionally ask me for advice on their study and fashion.

Yes, fashion.

For your information, my family is quite a wealthy kind.

And so, it's obvious why I have quite a good fashion sense.

They often asked me about it which I kindly give them some advice here and there.


In front of me is a beautiful white-haired girl(?).

Her beauty is on the same level as those celebrities standing at the top of beauty ranking.

I hate to say this but she is slightly prettier than me.

Yes, just slightly.

There is no way that this is a boy.

A boy can't be this pretty, not even those so-called trap.

This beautiful figure has to be a girl.

MinxMean MinxMean

Did someone say trap? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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