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91.66% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 21: 20 - Maid

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Chapter 21: 20 - Maid

16th-floor Apartment, Room 7.

6:58 AM

Inside a not so big yet small room, there is one figure sleeping on top of the bed.

From the girl's beautiful sleeping appearance, she appears to be in the mid-20s.

When the clock reaches 7:00 AM, it rang through the silent room.

The girl opened her eyes and was greeted by sunlight from the window of the room.

She had always waking up early every single day without any problem, Today was also one of them.

When she tried to sense the special presence inside of her, she let out a sigh when she knew it was a little bit far from here.

She used to live in a place where no ordinary person would wander to, such as inside the forest, deep in the mountain, above the tree, basically she sleeps in nature.

She could sleep in her cat form anywhere in the city, but she was troubled with the constant harassing from the opposite gender of cats.

Apparently, she was quite charming with her beautiful smooth furs and golden eyes, frankly, any male cats would pursue her if they have seen her once.

But now, she doesn't need to worry about her living place after her precious master makes a specialized subordinate just for the job.

One of the reasons why she didn't have any money was simply because she would rather die than working for other people.

She will only do her job to the one and only, her precious master.

In her mind, only her master exists in her world.

The others are all just a simple background to fit in.

The maid wanted to serve her master every single day, but she couldn't be with him due to her special... job.

Her master didn't want the person living with him to know about her.

But master also didn't necessarily try to hide it, just simply saying it was not the time yet.

Her master once told her, 'Don't worry, I know that you wanted to be my side as my maid. But that day might take a while, so, just for a bit, do you mind holding on until then? '.

She simply couldn't refuse her master's request, after all, the master is her everything.

She started up her day with breakfast while watching the news on TV.

After finished eating, she took a full hour worth of bath.

As a maid, she has to make sure that she is thoroughly clean all over her body.

Once she wears her maid outfit, she took her time reading all the papers on top of her table with a note of 'Intelligence' on it.

The specialized subordinate would usually send these papers on her table by the time she woke up.

She senses the thin presence appearing from the shadow and as quietly as possible put the papers on the table before vanishing back into the shadow.

She didn't feel good when she heard her master was going to create another subordinate.

She also thought that her master didn't want her anymore because she is simply useless other than a duty of maid which makes her flustered.

But she was assured and persuaded by her Master's word.

It's definitely not because her master told her that once he had enough money, she would be able to stand by his side anytime when he bought a house.

During the day, she would occasionally secretly stalk her master.

No, it was not stalking. She was just protecting her master in the shadow.

She would erase her presence and masked it with the surrounding area before following behind her master.

Sometimes, she would bring out a camera and took a picture of him from afar.

The pictures that were taken will be put into a compilation of her precious master photo books.

Even though she knew that her master may have noticed and known about her daily stalking but her precious master decided to ignored her.. weird behavior and let her do as she pleases.

It was not rare to find her in some random spot behind her master when she was away from her duty.

She would even go as far as to replace a staff of a restaurant as a waitress to serve her master. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/20---maid_37269874342414076">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/20---maid_37269874342414076</a> for visiting.

Her maid power is over 9000!


When she opened her eyes, she saw a boy with black hair and brown eyes in front staring at her.

A ton of unknown memories to her was flowing through her brain yet she was not in any sort of pain or feeling uncomfortable.

It was like she was watching all these memories that flow inside her like watching a 'movie' from a box like an object called Television.

It feels like a lot of time passed when she was browsing through the memories but when she was done, she found out that merely a second has passed in reality.

It was truly magical.

After all, the one standing in front of her is True Ancestor, Her One and Only Master.

Even death couldn't part them from being together for eternity.


Private Hotel, Room 101.

In the private room stood two figures, one was brewing a tea like an experienced servant while the other one was sitting on a comfy couch, looking at the servant's figure.

It didn't take that long before the servant poured the drink into a cup and bring it to him.

" Here you go, Master. "

She put the tea on the table and bent down her body a little bit before moving to stand by the side.

" Thanks. "

He sipped on the hot tea before saying.

" It tastes good. "

" Thank you for your praise, Master. "

The girl can be seen happier from the praise of the person in front of her.

She silently brings out a small notebook out of her mysterious pocket with a pen on the other hand and wrote something on it.

She seemed content after looking at her finishing writing and then put it back into her pocket.

After putting the small notebook to her pocket, there was a movement inside her shadow.

A figure appears quietly from the shadow and sits on the couch beside him.

The figure is yet another beauty with a golden body.

The girl brings out a pile of papers out of nowhere and put it on the table by the side.

Then she quietly left by going back inside the servant's shadow.

" Was that the intelligence you asked for, Master? "

" Yes, I presume you have heard from her? "

" I did, yes. "

He silently read through the pile of papers, one by one while sipping on a tea.

It only took about a minute or so before he let out a sigh before speaking.

" My guess was not wrong after all. "

After saying that, he looked outside the window next to him.

The girl, Shiro, walked toward his side before moving the papers aside and stands quietly there.

" You didn't have anything to ask? for example, what should I do? "

" No, I do not. Whatever the choice that master made, Shiro will always follow through it. "

" What if it was the wrong choice? "

" It doesn't matter. Shiro will go through it even if it cost Shiro's life. "

He gives a bitter smile when hearing her answer.

She was always serious like this.

" I didn't actually mean like that. You have to treasure the life that I have given to you. "

" Yes, Master. "

She answered him with a serious expression and bows her head to him.

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