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Chapter 6: 6 - Sera Landfall (1)

My father has taught me martial arts ever since I was five.

In this peaceful modern world, why would you need to learn how to fight?

I asked that once to my father and he replied.

" It is not as peaceful as you think, Sera. One day-Cough. Anyway, it won't hurt learning it for self-defense right? Plus, don't you think it's cool?! "

I feel like father said something important at the time but I eventually forget about it, thinking it was probably nothing of importance.

Even on the day before his death, He still insisted on telling me to keep on practicing it, not even a day should I stop.

I'm pretty sure that I could run money with those who already mastered their martial arts.

That's why I could easily knock up these lowlifes.

" Ugh.. My.. little.. chicky... "

" ... "

" It.. hurts.. "

Within a few minutes, she beat them up into a pulp.

These thugs don't even know martial arts, their fighting move is just like a barbarian brawl.

To fight against an expert with that kind of skill? You can dream of.

( Sera, it seems that their actual goal is to kidnap you. )

" What? "

This is definitely no ordinary thugs.

They must have investigated me.

Walking toward the scariest thug among them, she gives him a kick on stomach before asking her question.

" What is your plan? "

" Ugh! ..what. are you.. talking about? "

" Acting dumb huh? "

As expected of the scariest looking thug, he has to be the leader, one whose mouth is sealed.

Since he wanted to act like a dumb, I should make him dumb for real.

By beating him once again.

The leader feels the chill running on his body.

Looking in front of him, the weak girl is no more, what is in front of him is a monster in human skin.

Feeling the danger coming from her once again, even with his little brain, he could tell that if he keeps acting dumb, he is going to get another beating.

By the looks of it, the aura she emitted is seriously frightening to the point that the leader feels like he is seeing an illusion of Anger.

" W-Wait! I'll talk! I'll talk so don't beat me again! "


After she heard about his plan, without further warning, she beat him up once again to the point on the verge of death.

After feeling satisfied, she let out a sigh.

She has experienced this lot before.

It was when her father is still alive and well.

Her father managed the company really well, it was to the point that it became an enormous giant.

As you can tell from all kind of story, this kind of success usually also brings you a lot of enemies.

There was a time when she just got back home from school, there was a group of delinquent surrounding her on her way back.

Because there is no one in her surroundings except for the group of delinquent, she was on her guard.

When they are about to make their move, she attacked them first.

With the belief of "Attack first before your enemy does!", she went full strike.

At first, she was nervous thinking that her martial arts are not enough to fight against them.

But later on, she realized that there was no need for such worries.

The delinquent is simply weak, they can only take one punch from her before moaning like a pig getting slaughter.

She was thinking, how could such a weak group of delinquent even think of trying to kidnap her?

Did they simply think that she was weak because she's a girl?

The conclusion is, they are just simply dumb.

They didn't even investigate about her, No, even if they did, they wouldn't find out about how her father is teaching her martial arts.

After all, even her mother didn't know about this when she accidentally let it slip.

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Another one of those case huh?

These people really don't know when to stop.

The company now is managed by mother, although she's not as good as a father, she has experienced by being beside father most of the times.

That's also the reason why I'm putting so much effort on my studies.

Once graduated, I'll give a helping hand to mother, lessen off a bit of burden on her shoulders.

It must be hard since she was always busy ever since she has taken the seat.

( Hmm. I guess I can't act in a situation such as saving a damsel in distress like in this manga. )

( What a letdown. )

...what's wrong with you?

If you wanted to help people that much then just walk around this district then you'll see some of the thugs from the same group like this one.

( Hoh. That was a very good idea. )

... I was just saying.

Sigh. Someone, please take this vampire away from me.

I'm.. tired.

The two walks away, leaving the 'corpse' behind.

One of the 'corpses' gritted his teeth and said.

" Just you wait! I'll get my revenge! "

He was thinking solely for revenge later on but he didn't realize that there was a shadow right behind him.

The moment he noticed it, the revenge won't come true as he is already dead.


Even after a thousand years, Human is still human.

They haven't changed at all, not a single thing.

Their curiosity, greed, envy, jealousy and etc.

No wonder why I got betrayed that easily in the past.

Human fear the unknown, especially the stronger the unknown is.

Even though we were living fine and happily but deep down inside their heart, they are probably afraid of me.

I was too naive.

Now that I think about it, even I would be afraid of living with a monster by my side.

To them, the monster is me and my kin.

Look at the human of today's Era, They are living so well yet there is still war in some country.

Some war started because of absurd reason while some because of the grief of the previous war.

Even when the monster (me) is gone, human still fights against each other.

Back in the days, the familiar always have to step inside their fight.

They immediately shrink back and calmed down when my kin does.

Their betrayal hurts me but the one that hurt me the most is my own kin betrayal.

Even now, I wonder why I woke up.

Is it the thoughts of hoping that my kin will eventually come and ask for forgiveness?

Time passed by, yet none came to me, even the hatred is getting thinner by the days.

Until one day, a lingering fragrance of my kin appears before me.

When I opened my eyes, I see a girl named Sera Landfall.

a girl that have black hair and light red pupils.

It's probably because the familiar blood in her veins is too small that only a little of her eyes color changed.

So there were some familiar that still live with human-like back then.

I guess there might be some that already changed which are why the coffin is reacting to this girl in front of me.

When the familiar betrayed me back then, they have already lost my protection and so they are unable to find me and this coffin till this day.

Even if the coffin is in front of them, they are unable to see, not even a normal human or Devil.

This coffin was a special one made by Gaia after all.

The moment the familiar lost my protection, they will lose their link toward me, their master.

That was why they are unable to find me when I was slumber inside this coffin.

They probably thought that I have already long dead but here I am, still kicking around.

I might have to look around and see what have the world changed too, it was a thousand years after all.

Everything must have changed.

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