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33.33% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 7: 7 - Sera Landfall (2)

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Chapter 7: 7 - Sera Landfall (2)

Ever since I was small as cute as baby, I have an incredible of strength not comparably kid of my age.

But it was not to the point of being super powerful like a certain superhero when they were baby.

For example; Kid at age of 10 is simply unable to pick up heavier thing than their weight.

But I can do that just fine.

It is not just the strength that is different than others.

My eyesight can see far away than normal people and my stamina is higher than that of an adult.

I have asked father once out of curiosity when I was sparing with him.

" Of course, you are different than other's kid at your age. You are my cute lovely child after all. "

He replied with something that only a doting parent would say.

Before I could ask for another time, my father went on different topics, as if trying to get me distracted from talking about it.

At the age of 10, I was still an innocent naive little kid.

So it went without saying that father got me good.

Now that I'm an adult, I can tell that something is definitely wrong about me.

First of all, just like what I said previously, my overall abilities are different than those of normal people.

It is not only entirely of that, but there was also another thing that got me curious until now.

That is blood.

Whenever I see blood, I feel the urge inside me, telling me to drink that blood.

Even though the urge was small, I can still be able to take hold of myself.

But at some point, the urge I have been keeping hold of has taken over me.

The accident happened exactly when I was 13 years old.

It was the day when I was waiting for food that is being grilled by my father.

It was also the first time in my life that my father brings me to somewhere else.

My father was saying that my first outing is for a new training phase.

The training is about fighting against a wild animal.

Yes, wild animal.

Me, at the age of 13, was fighting against a wild bear.

The fight was very intense as it was the first fight for taking the other's life.

I won somehow in the end without the help of father's.

At that time, I have begun questioning about what in the fricking world am I doing.

My friends once called me when I was fighting some wild wolf and they asked what were am I doing.

When I answer them truthfully, their reaction is what makes me thinks all this over.

" Wait, what? Can you repeat what you said again? "

" Yea, I feel like I heard something about you fighting against wild wolf.. but I must have heard it wrong right? "

That was the moment, for the first time in my life, I started to question what in the world is my father doing by giving me all these sorts of intense training to the young me.

Well enough of the side topic, what am i talking about again?

Ah, the blood incident was it?

Anyway, when my father was grilling the meat from the wild bear(beaten by me), he accidentally hurts his finger.

I will say this first, he is really really, REALLY bad at cooking.

My father is really bad at cooking.

I have to say it twice because it is that important.

Anyway, when I saw the blood coming out of the wound, my eyes turned red and I lost my consciousness.

When I wake up, it was already night time.

I wonder why my father was in bad shape with his clothes getting torn all over.

With my curiosity as that of a cat, I asked my father.

" What, it was just me forgetting something important and ended up getting bit-Cough. It is nothing important, so you don't have to be a worry. Now that I remembered it, I'll take care of it. "

That was the starter of my father telling me to drink some suspicious medicine.

Since the medicine actually tastes as good as wine, I don't complain much.

And whenever I see blood the next time, I can control my urge very easily.

At this point, even a dumb person can tell what the hell is going with me.


Looking through the mirror, I can see a fang among the teeth.

Although, it was too small that people wouldn't take notice of.

Letting out a sigh from my mouth and said.

" Am I a vampire? "

I have thought that a lot before when I looked back on my memories.

But when I try to find any kind of information about a vampire, it all ended up as fiction.

I simply don't have any known weakness of vampire on me.

The same goes for Sebas.

I have also thought that I'm actually the same as him but he shakes his head.

Then what in the world am I?

" Although faint, there is my familiar's blood in your blood. "

" Come again? "(Sera)

" From my experience(manga), We can call this situation as you having the blood of my familiar in your family, or maybe your father? " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/7---sera-landfall-(2)_36009900052106015">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/7---sera-landfall-(2)_36009900052106015</a> for visiting.

" I know the smell of my familiar really well you know? "

" ..So, what you were saying is I'm half familiar? "(Sera)

" Exactly! But you won't get any prize just because you answer it right. "

" I don't want any prize from you either! "(Sera)

" In the first place, what in the world are you doing in my room?! "(Sera)

" Well, you have been thinking of some interesting stuff and it got me interested. Swoosh~ here I am! "

" Don't you read my mind! What the hell is "Swoosh~"!! "(Sera)

" Don't mind the small detail~ "

Another sigh came out of her mouth.

Being around Sebas really will make one feel tired.

" So? What do you know more about it? "(Sera)

Having a mysterious smile on his face, he spoke.

" Simple. Your father's family is that of familiar, or rather the descendant of my familiar with a human. "

" Back then, the familiar is more powerful and frightening than the strength that you have now. "

" So you have got some of the perks from my familiar's blood running through your veins. "

" Your abnormality can be explained from that. "

" If someone from the government found out about it then I bet that they would capture you for the reason of 'researching' your abnormality. "

It looks like she won't be having a simple daily life, but instead a troubled one at that.

It is not as simple as kidnapping for money like it has always been, the picture simple has gotten bigger.

Or is it?

MinxMean MinxMean

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