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Chapter 1: Please Kill Me

" Ethan! you better get down here, right now!"

A beautiful yet angry voice echoed in the living room from Ethan's Mother calling him to eat. Her name is Clara Yeshua, she has already prepared dinner, and one of her two sons is already eating, but Ethan still locked himself inside his room.

" ETHAN HENDRIX! Don't you dare make me repeat my words!" Clara dropped his full name as she stomp her foot.

Immediately, the door of Ethan's room opened with a bang, revealing a 16 years old boy with messy golden-like hair and tired pair of golden eyes that are almost isn't going to be able to hold on any longer, sooner or later, they will close and he'll sleep deeply.

He walks from the hallway to downstairs, as soon as he's near her mother, he got a smack on the back of his head.

" Eat!" Clara said, instead of a tone of an invite, it was a tone of an order. Her worries was changed to anger.

" I'm going to visit dad." Ethan said rather than sitting on one of the chairs to eat the appetizing foods served on the table.

Clara was stunned but she agreed for the sake of his son to finally eat.

" . . .Alright"

" Thanks"

With that, they went to the dining room and sit. Clara and her son are eating quietly, they're very quiet, the atmosphere should be peaceful and awkward, but the atmosphere seemed to be chaotic somehow.

" How was school?" Clara asked her sons to break the silence. Ethan and his 15 years old younger brother Blake just arrived home a couple of minutes ago which explains why Blake is still wearing his school uniform. Blake, possessing pure white hair and silver eyes, completely different from Ethan but completely alike to Clara.

"Hmmm, Great!"

". . .tiresome"

Both answered.

" Oh, and why is school so tiresome, Mr. Ethan?" Clara asked.

" Just because" Ethan answered.

" Shouldn't you get over her already? She's already dead." Blake said bluntly without looking at Ethan's eyes staring at him with despise, putting a spoonful of rice to his mouth, as if he feels nothing about Ethan's chilly glares.

Ethan sighed, he stood up and said: " I'm full, I'm going to jai l" even though he didn't eat a single grain.

" You can't, it depends on your crime whether you'll be jailed. And since you're only 16 you'll only be sent to juvenile jail, you need to wait for 2 more years to be jailed" Blake explained, though it's a misunderstanding. . . for now.

"Wait, you said you'll go tomorrow" Clara said, it's dangerous at night because there have been rumors going around that kids from 10 to 18 years old are getting kidnapped, and soon their corpses are found chopped and was divided and placed in four main tourist spots in their city.

" Clara, you misunderstood, I said I'm going to dad. Also, Blake, please stop, stop showing off like a spoiled brat, learn some common sense first before talking to me again." Ethan said, blatantly giving both his mother and brother a dissing stare. he was about to walk away when. . .

" You're not going anywhere!" Clara shouted as she stood up, pausing Ethan from walking towards the door to leave. "You'll be cleaning the dishes today" she said firmly.

" Why did you hire the maids for?" Ethan asked, making the maids that are lined up in the corner of the room next to them scared.

"That. . ." Clara doesn't know what to excuse. Even if she tell him that she's ordering him to do the dishes because she doesn't want him to leave, He'll leave without a second thought. . . again.

" They are hired to watch a certain spoiled young master do the cleaning of the dishes" Blake answered on his mother's behalf with a sly smile, also not letting him go somewhere.

" . . ."

Ethan walks toward the line of maids and stands in the last line. He closed his eyes and lean against the wall, waiting for his mother and brother to finish eating so that he can clean the dishes and finally leave the house to go to his father who was jailed for life for a piece of advice.

Clara and Blake took that opportunity to eat very, very slowly. If they don't want to live in a peaceful city, the only solution is to split those two.

Two hours later, Clara and Blake finally finished eating. Ethan has also fallen asleep on the cold marble floor.

Clara smiled warmly at the sight of her son's peaceful sleeping face, she approached Ethan and sat next to him then put Ethan's head to her lap before stroking her son's messy hair. Another warm smile appeared in her beautiful feature.

' You used to be so smiley and energetic, you always say "I love you" to me every day even though sometimes it's becoming annoying, you were sensitive enough to every little things to know that I'm already annoyed, that's why you always gave me a pure-hearted smile instead of the word "Sorry". Remember that?. (sigh) if only you haven't met your first love in such a situation. You were such a lovely child back then. (Clara frowned). . I'm sorry for not taking care of you properly. I may not be able to promise anything but I . . . I'll support your reckless actions starting tomorrow' She said at the back of her mind.

She stood up and order the strongest maid to carry Ethan to his room, she then ordered the other two maids to wash the dishes.

Just when the Maid was about to lift Ethan, he opened his eyes and punched his cheek real hard.

The maids, Clara, and Blake's eyes widened, they were shocked.

The strongest maid bowed deeply in a haste to apologize " I- I sincerely apologize! I wasn't able to stop young maste-" The maid paused when Ethan tapped her shoulder twice, she felt as if the part where Ethan tapped were stabbed by something sharp and dangerous.

" I'm fine, thank you for waking me up" Ethan showed his gratitude to her by nodding. He went to the table to collect the plates, he then washed them and dried them with the towel.

" Done" Ethan showed Clara his shiny washed dishes. " I'll be heading out now" he added and walk toward the exit of their mansion.

" W-wait!" Clara stuttered.

Ethan turn towards her and asked:

"What now?"

" Give me one last " I love you Mom" before you walk past through that door" Clara requested, a little embarrassed, her face was bright red.

" Y-yeah! Me too! give me one last smile!" Blake requested. Ethan used to spoil him, but since then. . . he always get a mock from him every time they meet.

" . . . You two. . . By any chance, you two are not on drugs, were you?" He asked, a little weirded out. It's as if he was treated as someone going to a war without the assurance of safety for his life. Though he knew there's no way 'Angels' would do drugs.

" Of course not! We just want the old Ethan back!" both said in unison.

" Oh. . ." Ethan tilted his head at the same time as he slightly smile "Bye mom, love you" he waved before turning around and open the door to leave the two in trance. He did what they requested since he's in a good mood from the fact that he can finally go "play".

On his way to Jail, a forty-five years old man was trying his best to pull the rope connected to his head called him.

" Hey boy!, help me kill myself, please" His tone was begging and hoarse, by just hearing him, one could tell that he had suffered a lot.

". . .Sorry, I'm in a hurry" Ethan declined politely with a bow. Just when he's about to walk away, the man opened his mouth again.

" I-I don't have anything special in me b-but. . . I have candies in both of my pockets, I'll give them all to you, so please. . . help me" The man begged again.

" Fine, I'll do it. Wait for me here, I'm in a hurry so... I would appreciate it if you could wait for a while, that is, if it's okay" said Ethan.

The man who seemed to calm down gave him a nod as an agreement.

Ethan continued.The man waited.

. . .

Thick glass with eight holes that separate the one in prison and the one who visits the one in prison, and telephone to communicate with one another, in the one end of the line is his Father Harold Hendrix while Ethan on the other end. He told his father everything about his first love that had ended ages ago about her suffering.

" I see, My beloved son, you want me to give you an advice for your avengement?" Harold asked to affirm. Ethan nodded.

" Isn't our son the best?" Said Harold loudly as he shrug with both hands in the same level as his shoulder. Startling both the jailed and jail visitors near them.

' Our son?' Everyone who heard whispered and murmured. Asking what do Harold mean by his words because it's as if he just said that his son and him have a child.

" Agreed" Said Ethan and stood up to leave.

" Where are you going?" Asked Harold.

" Someone is waiting for me to kill him so I'm going back now, anyhow, please don't be too harsh on your prison-mate" Ethan chuckled after glancing at the other prisoners.

" WHAT?!" The police, jailed criminals, and even the other jail visitors said surprisedly.

(The next day)

[ A corpse of a forty-five years old office worker who's been identified as .... .... is seen lifelessly hanging in front of the XX building. It appears that he was forced to overwork that stressed him to the point of commiting suicidle.]

The TV in the living room was in full volume that even Clara who's in the bathroom heard it. It was Ethan who's watching it while chewing on a candy.

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