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92.3% I'm The Vampire Lord / Chapter 12: The Meeting Of A Supreme Sword And A Vampire

The Meeting Of A Supreme Sword And A Vampire - I'm The Vampire Lord - Chapter 12 by Lord_Lou full book limited free

Chapter 12: The Meeting Of A Supreme Sword And A Vampire

[My lord, It seems that after you awaken from your slumber you forgot a lot of stuff. I shall share with you the few things that my old self remember.]

"Huh? What are you talking about sword?"

I started to lose my consciousness as the sword light started to blinds my sight.


A long long long time ago, I was born. One of the only few Supreme Grade swords and was crafted by an ancient vampire dragon. I am Aria.


I was crafted as a present from the vampire dragon to the vampire prince as his coming-of-age gift. Unfortunately, the vampire prince at that time was a total weakling.

The moment he tried to form a contract with me his blood almost got sucked out and almost resulting in his death.

The vampire prince branded me as a cursed item and locked me in the deepest part of the castle since.


A few thousand years have passed and a fat pig have come sneakily. It was the current prince of this era and have come to claim me as his he said.

Even if I'm branded as cursed I'm still a supreme grade so it's natural that greedy people for power like him would like to have me by his side.


Unable to do anything, I just let the pig try and unfortunately that pig died immediately after he give his blood for me to drink. It was a nasty blood but food is food so I eat it anyway.


After a few months, the people who were searching for the fat pig finally came and saw that the pig is no more and now he is as thin as a carpet. I'm sure the pig is grateful to me in hell.


I then was sealed somewhere in the mountain because I killed off the only heir of the empire it seems. Hmm, I don't remember doing such a thing but whatever I guess.

Life was good being sealed I can see the same walls for thousands of years.


During my hibernation time, I woke up again because it seems I got robbed. What did they rob me of? it's myself of course.

To my surprise, some humans dare to enter an extremely restricted area of the vampire empire. Not gonna lie though their thieving skills are as slippery and nasty as an eel.


After they brought me out. I finally saw the outside world yet again it was full of green and it's sucks. I want to return and look at the walls again.


I tried to communicate with them but those monkey brains can't seem to understand me. When I start to shine and talk. one of them thought that he was some chosen one or something as he look at me with those I'm the chosen one looks that always end up as they not the chosen one after all.


The monkey seems to know what's he doing. he drips some of his blood into me thinking that something will happen. Of course, nothing happens and I just suck his blood up and he turns into a rag. well, I guess good for the pig cause he now got a friend to keep him company in hell.


His companion runs away after seeing me draining their fellow primitive friend's blood.


Great! Now I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere


I think it's around a hundred thousand years now since I have been stuck in the jungle. Or it might just have been a few days. I'm not sure cause I don't really know how to count.


Vines and grass start to grow around me and now I'm basically hidden in a field of grass. How fantastic.


I have been sleeping for a while now and I sense a familiar aura. It seems that a vampire is nearby. Well, it's none of my business.


Eh, the vampire is closing in! how did he know I'm here?


Oh, the vampire found me!


Hmm, He's hot! Especially with those white hair and red eyes of his


Eh? Why is he smirking at me?


"Huh, you want to form a contract? I'm warning you that even if u r my type you still will die if you are weak."


The vampire just continues smiling while looking at me. it seems that he's quite confident that he could get me.


No matter how I look at him his face basically screams cunning right now. A cunning vampire huh?


Oh wow, his blood is gold in color is he a high class one?


I thought it will be just like any other people that tried to make a contract with me but this guy surprised me.


Hmm, if I have a face I will probably look really dumb now because someone actually manages to form that contract with me.


Oh well whatever, it's better than being stuck and having grass growing into you I guess.


A few years have passed and wow this guy is good and powerful. He only uses me when he fights those humans Twelve Cardinal thing.


Ten years have passed and he manages to conquer half of the continent. Even if he manages to become the strongest ruler.


He always have an expression of sadness whenever he looks at the moon I wonder why? Is being a supreme ruler not enough for him?


It's been almost twenty years since I know him but this is the first time I see him hibernating.


The guy lost the will for conquest for some reason and just decided to disappear and now after creating a place for him to rest he has been sleeping ever since. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-the-vampire-lord_20528264505154505/the-meeting-of-a-supreme-sword-and-a-vampire_55530790569694827">;m-the-vampire-lord_20528264505154505/the-meeting-of-a-supreme-sword-and-a-vampire_55530790569694827</a> for visiting.


It's been a long time now and I saw the world changing while he still looks the same no matter what. The same goes for me of course still beautiful as always.


I will also hibernate...


<Wen jun pov>

"What is all of this memory? Is this the memory of the sword? why is my body exist thousand of years ago?

Argh, I don't understand!"


The sword returns back into its handle form like nothing ever happen while leaving me to question about the thing I saw in the sword memory.


I feel like I just spent years of my life or could even be thousands of years of my life living as that sword.


I come out of the cave and it seems that nothing has changed. It's like nothing ever happen.


Feeling tired and overwhelmed I decided to hit the rack and decided pass on the work on what to do about all of the sudden info I gain today to the tomorrow me


Author corner:

A bit of an explanation about the weapons of this world.

Weapon Grade of this world:

There are 5 grades of weapons for this world. -The first is the common grade. Basically, just a normal weapon that the mass of this world could get easily.


- The second is the low-tier grade weapon. Capable of having some mana to enchant each attack adding to the force of each strike, etc


- The third is a mid-tier grade weapon. Capable of doing more than just enchantment magic. Like doing fireball, shield, etc. will explain more in the future :)


- The fourth is High-Tier grade. have a little ego, etc. will explain in the future won't spoil now


- The fifth is a supreme-grade weapon. Have a full-fledge ego that can think and make a decision by itself, etc.

I don't want to spoil more :)

Hope you guys like the concept of weapon in this world and oh I haven't even started to talk about unique weapons of the different races and different capabilities etc, ;)

Lord_Lou Lord_Lou

Tell me if there are grammar mistakes and such

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