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I've Turned Into A Fox Girl? I've Turned Into A Fox Girl? original

I've Turned Into A Fox Girl?

Author: Shoomoon

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Chapter 1: What! Where am I? [Edited]

Currently sitting at her desk, a woman stared blankly at her monitor, contemplating what to do.

"Video games or sleep or maybe even read?"

"Uhhh, I probably won't get any sleep if I play any more games or stick my head in a book, plus I have tests throughout the week, better not dig myself a hole."

"Ahh screw It, It's my birthday tomorrow. It would be wiser to sleep now."

"As much as I hate having assignments and tests during my magnificent 18th birthday I still have to slave away to the books and not screw up my future."

"Oh well better resign myself to my fate and hope I wake up in another world or something so I don't have to deal with this week's problems."

The woman got up from her chair and flopped onto her bed. She then gets herself comfortable and quickly falls asleep.


12:00 AM

[System initiated]

[Beginning transportation]

[Adjusting Appearance, allocating stats...]

[Adjusting language and comprehension]

[Injecting memories]

[Process complete]


In the darkness of the room, the woman opened her Sky blue eyes.

'Oh shit I forgot I still had some homework I had to do, why do I keep leaving it last minute every time just to forget. Hope I don't get yelled at by my teachers the next day.'

'The sun still hasn't risen up yet so it must be still late, I guess I'll just go back to sleep full of regret.' The woman neglected her responsibilities but was yet to realise that she was no longer in her room.

'Ugh, why is it so uncomfortable to lay on my back, feels like something is on my butt.' Unable to sleep due to the odd feeling on her lower back she decided to go raid the kitchen.

'Hehe, time to stealthy eat unhealthy in the middle of the night'

Jumping off the bed the woman found herself tumbling forward to the ground.


'How the hell did that happen, usually my feet touch the ground by just sitting on the side of it, why does it feel like I have shrunk.' The woman was unable to see much around her due to the room being pitch black.

'Hang on a second why was it so high, I'm Shaman the beautiful 6'7 woman, how did my bed end up so high and why is the floor wood, it should be carpet.' Shaman tried to analyze her surroundings in a pitch-black room.

Getting up from the floor Shaman tried to make it to the door of her room but instead walked into a wall.

"OW!~" whilst holding her head from the impact she felt something soft and fluffy on her head.

'Huh, what is that, it's really soft like animal fur.' After investigating what was on her head, Shaman realised that she had somehow grown animal ears. She also noticed her hair had turned into a snow white, but her attention was focused on the added features.


After patting her ears and calming down a little she came back to the reality of the situation.

'Ok, so I am clearly not in my room and I been bestowed upon what seems like to be fox or cat ears. Wait, if I have ears does that mean I have a tail.' Reaching behind herself she was once again greeted with the feeling of soft fur.


'I can get addicted to this feeling, it is so satisfying to touch.' Shaman could not help but bring her white tail in front of her and slowly pat it.

Stopping for a moment Shaman slapped her cheeks to snap out of it and try to figure out what happened to her.

'It is 100% confirmed I am a fox girl or a she-wolf, hard to tell, but I need some damn lights so I can see where the hell I am.' Slowly traversing the wall in hopes of a door or a light, but touches upon a crystal in the concrete wall. The stone started to glow and suddenly the light turned on causing Shaman to cover her eyes from the light.

'Jeez, so bright.' Her eyes adjusted to the light and was welcomed to an unfamiliar room. Shaman also noticed she was shorter as it everything looked higher than what she is used to.

'Oh no, please don't tell me my off comment on wanting to go to a different world was heard and now I have to go on a journey to save the world from impending doom and I don't even know what is going to happen. I swear if I have to struggle and fight off filthy nobles whilst getting chased by the entire world I may as well end it now.' Shaman's thoughts spiralled into the stereotypical fantasy novel scenario and she had managed to be the chosen one.

'Before we get ahead of ourselves I need to address my height.' So many thoughts were rushing through her head, but the one thing she took pride in had seemingly been taken away from her.

"WHERE THE HELL DO MY GLORIOUS 6'7" HEIGHT GO, NOW I'M LIKE A 5'4!! Don't tell me some god is punishing me for calling anyone 1mm shorter than me midgets. I did not realize that was such an issue and thought it was harmless fun." Shaman fell to her knees upon the realization that now the height she was so proud of was now gone.

*Sobs* 'Why does the world have to be so cruel to me.' Shaman got up from the floor trying not to think about her current unfortunate circumstances.

'What can I do, I just have to accept it for how it is. As much as I don't want it to be true I have to suffer. No pain no gain they say, at least now I can live out my small fantasies of what it is like being short, but it's going to be hard to get used to.' Shaman stretched herself out getting a feel for her new body.

'I'm being way too optimistic about this, I need to get serious as I have no idea what's outside this room and for all I know I'm going to get abducted.'

'There is no mirror so I can't see how I look, but I do wonder why I was sent here for. What if it is going to be like an RPG with adventurers, elves or even red lizards with wings.' Shaman's imagination started to go wild as she was already a half-animal meaning there was a great chance for other races.

'There is no way, but I guess having animal body parts that feel natural to control supports the fact that there will be other races.'

"Pfft~" 'No way, I have been reading too many novels with that kind of stuff, this is just a really vivid lucid dream, but I guess the next thing that would make me believe my situation would be a system appearing in front of me.' As the words 'system' was said in her head, a black screen with red text and outlines appeared in front of her.



'I guess I am really in a dream.'

[No, this is indeed reality and you are not dreaming]

Shaman took a step back to process what she just saw.

"WHAT! no fucking way, I actually got a system as well as some beautiful fur." Shaman tries to put her thoughts together and quickly decides to try to get information on what's going on.

"Okay, so system, can you tell me what is going on."


"What, why?"

[That is for you to find out, I can't give you all the answers, but I will say this, you are no longer on Earth]

'Wait that means I am no longer home, what am I supposed to do now.' Shaman started to panic a little as she was all alone.

Without realizing it tears started to fall as the reality of the situation sunk in and from what the system said, she is no longer home and somewhere far away. Her hopes for it being a dream were being crushed and now has to live in an unknown world. For what she took lightly and as a joke or a dream has now become something greater and she wished that it wasn't the case.

'Now I'm crying, did not think my birthday gift would be so life-changing, I guess there is no going back now. Without the resolve of pushing forward all I can do is be like the people in novels and accept it.'

[There is a way]

"What, you can't pull this on me and make a breakdown in tears." Shaman's sadness turned into anger and did not appreciate the emotional turmoil.

[However, the way to return is something I cannot tell you as I am not authorized to say, but there is a way to return to earth and you have to find it if you wish to go back]

"At least there is some hope but by the time I find it my little sister will probably die of old age." Shaman wiped away the tears and broke into a weak laugh at her own jokes.

"Heh." 'There isn't much I can do, but I guess I'll just wait till morning to check out where I am. Now let's see what the system can do to keep my mind occupied.'

"System show my status please." Shaman figured that if it was a system it would be like other ones she has read about.

[Shaman Shiroi]

[Age: 18]

[Gender: female]

[Race: Fox Girl]

[Level: 1]

[HP: 100/100]

[MP: 150/150]

[Skills: none]


Vitality: 10

Agility: 10

Intelligence: 15

Strength: 8

Dexterity: 7

Defense: 5

'I have no idea if this is good for a level 1 or not, but it will do and it looks like my study has paid off and I get more INT points.' She nods to herself in appreciation.

'That's cool if I think about closing, it closes it. Pretty handy to have it know what you think but also can't help but feel like my privacy is being invaded.' Shaman was concerned about how much the system knew about her.

[Rest assured all user's thoughts are not recorded or shown to anyone and are only analyzed for questions for the system or to perform an action that the user desires otherwise the information is disregarded]

'That just makes me feel even more suspicious, but oh well I guess it's okay if the system said it is but what else am I going to do, beat it up? hell no!'

Shaman sat around thinking about what to do next, but unable to come up with anything she noticed that the sun started to rise.

"Oh finally I can start to see outside in this pitch-black city, like out of all the days I get transported to a new world it's the day with no moon outside."

The sunlight slowly creeps up under the curtains and Shaman walked up to them and pushes them open to reveal a city. The city itself had the appearance of the 1700 hundreds but with modern technology.

"What is this place and where the hell am I?"

Shoomoon Shoomoon

Currently editing the chapters ahead, they may not be perfect but hopefully, they are a lot better.

Also join the discord for extra content about the world

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