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Chapter 7: Young Beauty

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"Hehe! A bunch of country bumpkins!"

"Country bumpkins are really inexperienced!"

"This young man is wearing pretty clothes. Why is this child dressed so poorly?"

"Is this kid a human trafficker? Should I report him?"

"Don't create trouble for yourself. It's better to avoid trouble. Let's go, let's go."

Looking at Harlen and Mary's behavior, there were some rumors among the pedestrians.

But Harlen didn't care because he wasn't the human trafficker they were talking about.

So long as he had a clear conscience, everything was fine.

"Mary, we're already in Saint Calloran City."

Harlen carried Mary around.

They only stopped when they passed by a hotel.

Harlen turned back to Mary.

"What is it, Brother Harlen?"

"Mary, why not, you get a shower first. Look at you, you're beginning to stink."

"And your saliva is all over my back as well, I need to change my clothes."

At Harlen's words, Mary smelled herself.

There was indeed a stench.

Although it wasn't particularly smelly, she was still a girl.

She still had to take note of her image.

Mary blushed and lowered her head.

But when Mary looked down, she saw a large wet spot on the back of Harlen's shirt.

It was even a little sticky.

Thinking back to what Brother Harlen had said, wasn't that her own saliva?

Mary's blush deepened.

At this moment, Mary only wanted to find a hole to hide in.

But reality was cruel. There was no hole in the ground.

Mary had to bury her head in Harlen's back and cover herself with the fur.

Typical ostrich mentality of separating oneself from the world.

Harlen chuckled at the sight.

Coincidentally, Mary, who was covered in a blanket, heard the chuckle.

Mary was on Harlen's back, using her tiny hands under the blanket to mercilessly pound Harlen's back.

"Cough, cough, cough!!"

"Stop hitting. Stop hitting. I don't… 'Pfft'… I won't laugh anymore."

That was a good move. Mary hit even harder.

Harlen walked into the motel with Mary on his back. He came to the desk and said to the receptionist:

"Open a two-bedroom suite."

The receptionist looked at Harlen's handsome face and said teasingly:

"Little brother, there are no more rooms. Do you want to stay with this sister instead?"


"Two rooms, suite."

Harlen's heart did not waver in the face of the receptionist's teasing.

He didn't even look at her.

When the receptionist saw this, she said disinterestedly,

"The two bedroom suite cost 20 silver coins per night. Room 303 on the third floor."

As she spoke, she took out a key from the drawer and casually threw it on the table.

Harlen reached into the blanket and cast a space storage spell. He took out 20 silver coins and handed them to the receptionist.

Then, he went upstairs to his room.


The receptionist suddenly shouted.

"What is it?"

Harlen stopped in the middle of the stairs and asked the receptionist doubtfully.

"Where's the other person?"

Harun picked up the blanket to reveal Mary, who had her head tilted to the side.

"She's asleep. Don't yell."

Then, he covered her again with the blanket and continued upstairs.

After Harlen went up to the third floor, the receptionist sat back on her stool and whispered, "So dirty, country bumpkin."

When they entered the room, Harlen placed Mary on the bed, before taking a brief look at the structure of the room.

There was a 4-square-meter balcony that faced the street.

In the middle of the room was the shared area.

There was a television in the shared area, a large sofa, a dining table, and a refrigerator. There was nothing else.

There were two rooms on the south side of the living room. Both rooms only had a bed, a cabinet, and a table.

Outside the window of the rooms was a huge man-made lake.

Guests who lived in houses could come to the lake to row boats, feed the fish, feed the birds, take a walk, etc.

The bathroom and kitchen were on the opposite side of the TV in the living room.

After going through the whole area, Harlen returned to Mary's room.

"Mary, go take a shower. I'll take you out on the street later to get some nice food and nice clothes."


Mary obediently went to the bathroom to prepare a bath.

Suddenly, there was a loud scream.

"What's wrong?!"

Harlen hurried to the bathroom to check on the situation.

He saw Mary sitting in the corner with her left arm in her right hand.

She continuously blew at her left arm.

On the other wall, there was a showerhead.

The water spewed out from the showerhead was still steaming.

Harlen hurried over to turn off the shower, then came to Mary, picked her up, and walked out of the bathroom.

He placed Mary gently on the sofa and examined her arm.

"Did you get scalded?"

"Why were you so careless!"

While Harlen berated Mary, he cast blood magic to heal the scalded, bubbling arm.

As the blood magic was completed, the blister on Mary's scalded left arm receded.

The scalded red area on the surface gradually dissipated.

Blood magic controlled blood and active skin, achieving automatic healing.

A moment later, Mary's arm was healed.

Not a scratch was left.

"Wow ~"

"Brother Harlen… your blood magic is amazing."

"Can I be cured no matter how serious my injuries are in the future?"

When Harlen heard that, he flicked Mary's head.

"Silly girl, what are you saying?"

"Isn't it good to be alive?"

"Why should you be injured?"

Harlen then led Mary to the bathroom to instruct her on how to operate the shower.

After giving instructions, Harlen walked out of the bathroom and closed the bathroom door.

"Hurry and wash up. I'll wait for you outside."

"We'll go shopping once you're done."

Harlen sat on the couch, sipping his instant black tea, and turned on the television to see what interesting things had happened in the human world recently.

"Brother Harlen, aren't you coming in to shower together?"

Mary opened the bathroom door, wrapped a towel around herself, and stuck her head out. She looked shyly at Harlen, who was sitting on the sofa, and said in a teasing, embarrassed tone.

Hearing this, Harlen almost choked on his half-drunk black tea.

"Cough, cough, cough!!"

"You child… what are you talking about… don't joke like that to adults."

"You're a girl, what are you saying?"

"Hurry and close the door."

"Go take your shower."

Harlen turned around and looked at the blue sky outside the balcony. He patted his chest to stop his coughing as he spoke.


Mary smiled wickedly at Harlen as if her scheme had worked.

Then, she slowly closed the bathroom door. As she closed it, she continued to look at Harlen.

About 20 minutes later.

Mary finally came out of the bathroom with a towel around her.

20 minutes was a little long, but for the sake of Mary's first hot shower after four years, Harlen said nothing.

As the bathroom door opened, a wave of fog rolled out and dissipated.

Mary stood in the mist like a fairy appearing from the immortal air.

As she walked out, Mary was busy drying her hair with a towel.

Then, she walked to the sofa and sat beside Harlen.

The moment she sat down, a fragrant smell spread out.

Harlen looked briefly at Mary and said casually, "Well, you're much cleaner now."

Then, he tore open the simple black tea bag that he had prepared beforehand.

He poured it into the cup and began to steep it with hot water.

Soon, the black tea was ready.

"It's worlds apart compared to Queen Bella's black tea."

Harlen murmured to himself.

Harlen moved the brewed black tea to the coffee table in front of Mary and said,

"Have some tea to soothe your throat."

"There are no other drinks in this room."

"Just drink this first."

With that, Harlen got up and headed for the balcony, ready for some fresh air and a breeze.

"Do you have anything to pack?"

"Hurry up if you have it."

"After we're done packing, we'll go out to the streets to buy something."

Harlen's hands gripped the railing on the balcony.

Looking at the pedestrians passing by on the street, he swallowed his saliva from time to time.

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