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I am a visitor, but you call me a courtier I am a visitor, but you call me a courtier original

I am a visitor, but you call me a courtier

Author: TheDreamerWorker

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Chapter 1: High school officials, tightly bind the inspection system!

I have observed that Lion possesses excellent knowledge and many talents, with a well-rounded character. He has taken the top position in the royal examinations and is a rare talent in the court! Therefore, I confer upon Lion the title of The First One for this year!"

A solemn voice of a woman echoed throughout the Palace.

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" Lion spoke with a high-pitched voice.

He was filled with immense joy inside!

After three years of effort, he had finally achieved his goal!

In reality, he was a person who had travelled through time and space and arrived in a dangerous and chaotic martial arts world. He was bound by a support system

The system informs him that only officials can access the system's functions.

Once the system is activated, it can quickly assist him in becoming stronger.

Then, because there is a place to stand in this dangerous world and also because of the system's opening, Lion eagerly reads books.

In just three years, he becomes a new Transcendent with ease, which also means he can become an official!

Therefore, he is extremely excited and impatiently asks, "System, is it starting up now?"

"Ding! The host has met the conditions for starting up the system, and the system is officially starting up!"

"Ding! Host, you're great, the Super Tour Guide System is here to serve you!"

"The Super Tour Guide System?" Lion has a bad feeling about this: "System, you won't make me an explorer, will you?"

"Ding! The host's explanation is spot on. The system is also a tool to help the host become a super powerful expert!"

"As long as the host is in the middle of the term, the more tours you take, the richer the system's rewards! There is no limit to the strength and techniques, and becoming a Divine Being of the continent, or even a super Divine Being is not just a dream!"

Lion grinds his teeth: "Damn system, are you trying to kill me?"

Honestly, becoming an official in this world is an extremely dangerous matter, especially being an explorer!

Because this is a world of high martial arts, there are many powerful martial artists!

Using prohibited martial arts is punishable, and those with only a little martial arts strength cannot become officials!

Especially as an explorer, he can't wait to kill someone!

Whoever looks at him unpleasantly, whoever makes him feel wronged, robs the rich to feed the poor, and who can explain the reason clearly?

And now, this world is about to become chaotic.

Lion is in a place called the Great Martial Dynasty in this world, which has lasted for 300 years since it established its capital in the central mainland until now. As learned through history, very few dynasties could last for 300 years.

At present, the dynasty has entered a period of decline, with various problems emerging!

In the imperial court, corrupt officials abuse their power, and factions fight and compete for power and gain, causing chaos in the dynasty!

Among the common people, the great clans, and the martial arts sects, experts levy heavy taxes and plunder the sweat and tears of the people, causing resentment among the people and the gods!

There are also neighbouring kingdoms and dynasties probing around!

Especially with a young and incompetent Empress who ascended to the throne later, the situation has become even more turbulent and danger is looming from all sides!

At this moment, holding a position as an official is an extremely dangerous matter!

Still, he wants to be an official. . .

Is he not hurrying to his death?

At this moment, Lion wants to avoid responsibility and find a place where no one will find him!

The world is vast, and the greatest concern is one's life!

"Lion, I have a mission for you now!"

At the moment of his panic, a voice rang in his ear.

Lion looked up, and the voice came from Juliet, who sat high on the dragon seat- the Empress.

She had a beautiful and delicate face, with fair and smooth skin and high black hair that was tied up. However, despite wearing a relatively wide royal robe, she still could not hide her graceful and charming figure.

She sat high on the dragon seat, looking down on the four directions, and her entire person appeared dignified and awe-inspiring, impregnable!

Lion dared not look more and just lowered his head.

Because he had heard that this Empress was capricious and loved killing people.

If he accidentally angered her, he would lose his head.

"The Emperor requests that I shed blood and sacrifice my head to repay the Emperor's grace!"

Lion folded his hands and spoke his greeting.

Long live the Emperor!

Without the strength to resist imperial power before, still a tail-tucked human!

"Good!" The Empress clapped her hands and laughed loudly: "This is the great talent of our Great Martial Dynasty! This matter is extremely simple. Before this, Minister Ta took bribes in violation of the law and was unable to forgive his crime, and was forced into exile! Therefore, I order you to confiscate his property, seize all of the stolen goods he obtained, and take them to the national treasury without error!"

Lion listened, his eyes darkened!

At this point, it's really the end of the line!

Don't look at this task as simple, it involves the emperor and another faction in the struggle for power!

If he really investigates the other party's home, he will certainly offend another faction!

The road ahead in the officialdom will be difficult!

If he opens up a path, not committing any crimes, it is natural that he will offend the Empress!

The officialdom is not an easy path to walk, and one may even lose their head!

Empress, this is where she is pressuring him!

What can he do?

He is extremely desperate!

This is to kill his momentum!

"Thank you, your majesty!" Lion said loudly.

Looking up, he found that several officials were looking at him with a strange expression.

Laughing bitterly in his heart, it's really almost over!

The system is forcing him!

The Empress is forcing him!

All officials are forcing him!

Everything is binding him!

Poor baby!

Taking over, Lion receives a decree and encircles the house.

Examining the house, is simple, leading a troop to take all valuable possessions out of the house, then crossing the border.

In less than a day, the operation ends.

A minor official presents a ledger to Lion, saying respectfully, 'Master Lion, all the treasures have been accounted for and are now here. The total value is approximately 2.2 million taels. Please inspect it.'

Lion casually flips through the ledger, then glances around at the sparkling array of wealth being carried out of the property, shaking his head in amazement. 'Master Ta really knows how to indulge in greed!'

It must be noted that the Great Martial Dynasty's annual revenue is only around a hundred million taels.

The enemy is just a rank-and-file officer with an annual salary of 6,000 taels.

In less than 30 years of service, their wealth does not exceed 180,000 taels.

However, the fact that they managed to collect 2.2 million taels worth of treasures from inside the house is a clear indication of their greed.

Looking around at the glittering treasures, Lion thinks of his system, and his eyes light up.

Can I or can't I...

At that moment, the official with the ledger takes Lion to a dark corner with no one around and chuckles softly, "Master Lion, are you moved? Don't lie to me, even the old miser supervising the inventory couldn't help but be moved! In fact, if you think about it, this is just a common human trait!"

Mr Lion was so angry that his whole body trembled, and he shouted loudly, 'I didn't expect you to be such a person! Because of the king's lucky draw, the common people suffer! You are in charge of the court, enjoying the emperor's favour, but you don't know how to be content and want to embezzle the country's money! Do you deserve to be a monarch? Do you deserve to be a person of integrity? Do you deserve the testimony of heaven and earth?'

The three consecutive questions seemed like a thundering condemnation, making everyone's ears ache.

The little official felt ashamed and said, 'Yes, yes, yes, the grand master's teachings are correct, and this humble official dare not do it again!'

Lion waved his sleeve in great displeasure and said, 'But it's hard to achieve great things if we're only interested in small gains! So if we want to take advantage, we should take big gains! We'll give the odd numbers to the emperor, and we'll divide up the rest!'

The little official said, 'This is outrageous!'

TheDreamerWorker TheDreamerWorker

You are going to die, Lion!

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