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25% I am Picking Up Shards of All Attributes in Apocalypse / Chapter 10: Dropping Attribute Points!

Dropping Attribute Points! - I am Picking Up Shards of All Attributes in Apocalypse - Chapter 10 by Supernatural Power full book limited free

Chapter 10: Dropping Attribute Points!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The PE teacher fell onto the table and cried out in pain. He felt that his bones had fallen apart. There must be a fracture somewhere.

The principal and the other teachers were all very shocked. They had not expected that this student who did not look strong would actually kick the PE teacher down. 

The principal and the other teachers felt a little afraid. Even if it was someone from the army, they might not have such strength.

Who was this student?

Hailais saw hope again and shouted, "Save me! Save me!"

"Do any of you still want to come up and try?" Hades stood there, holding a Saber Tooth Blade in his hand to intimidate the others.

When the others saw the PE teacher's appearance, they did not dare to come up and provoke Hades.

They did not want to become like the PE teacher. He had already spat out blood and fell on the table. The surface of the table was cracked and was about to shatter.

He was also hugging his wound and screaming in pain.

Hades did not use his full strength. Otherwise, the teacher would have been dead by now.

He still did not want to kill anyone. He had shown mercy.

As the principal, he had clearly judged the current situation.

Hades was able to defeat the PE teacher in an instant, and no one else here was a match for the PE teacher.

This meant that Hades's strength far surpassed that of the PE teacher, and they were even less of a match for Hades.

Therefore, the principal had to rope Hades in to become one of them. This would be a great help in surviving the apocalypse.

After understanding this, the principal's fierce face changed again. He became closer and his voice became softer. He said in a tone that was trying to please Hades,

"Young people, don't fight and kill. Everything can be discussed."

"What can be discussed? I demand that you all get out and don't come back!" Hades only had one condition.

He didn't want to see these hypocritical teachers anymore. The humanity exposed after the apocalypse was too terrifying. He couldn't trust anyone now.

"There are zombies outside. If we go out, we'll definitely die," the principal said. He looked like he was begging.

The others also echoed from behind:

"Yeah, yeah. If we go out, we'll die."

"Let us stay here. We promise that we won't do anything!"

"Letting us leave at this time is no different from killing us."

But Hades knew that these words were all fake. He didn't know what kind of evil thoughts they were harboring.

Hades didn't trust them either.

"This matter is not negotiable. Since you've done such a thing, I can only ask you to leave. Otherwise, I'll use my knife to let you leave!"

Seeing that begging for mercy was useless, the principal changed his tone and said in a tough tone:

"You have to know that the current virus crisis is only temporary. After the virus is cleaned up by the country, everything will return to normal. No matter how powerful you are, you can not beat the police! Why don't you cooperate with us? After the army clears the zombies, I guarantee that you will be rewarded."

When the principal said these words, many teachers agreed with him. Most of them had been convinced.

So, these people gathered together.

But in fact, the zombies hadn't been cleared after a few days. In fact, some people had given up their fantasies about the government.

That was why they were trying to assault Hayley.

When they were outside the door, they heard someone say that they didn't believe in the government anymore. Now, they said that they had to believe what the government says.

This was ridiculous.

Hades would never believe them.

He didn't say anything else and kicked the principal in the stomach.

The principal was already an old man, so Hades's kick was very light.

However, no matter how little strength Hades used, it was still difficult for the principle to withstand the force of the kick.

He was also sent flying, but he only rolled a few times on the ground and crashed into a chair. His injuries were not that serious.

This time, he completely lost his dignity and confidence. He could only kneel and beg for mercy.

"Okay, let's go! We'll leave immediately!"

"Stop talking nonsense. I don't want to see you guys again! Get lost!"Hades roared at these scumbags.

When those people saw the principal in this state, they didn't dare to stay any longer. They rolled and crawled away. The principal was even more miserable. He was beaten to the ground, but the others didn't care about him. They even stepped on him and escaped.

"Step out!" Hades shouted.

When those people heard Hades's voice, they stopped and came back obediently. "Do you have any other orders?"

They were afraid that once Hades got angry, he would kill everyone here.

Therefore, when they heard Hades's words, they did not dare to leave.

"Take these two people out!" Hades pointed at the principal and the PE teacher.

Because they had been kicked by Hades, they collapsed on the ground and were unable to move.

Hades didn't want them to stay here, and he was too lazy to move them.

"Yes, yes." Seeing that Hades didn't make things difficult for them, the other teachers also heaved a sigh of relief.

A few of them helped the principal and the PE teacher up, carried them, and left.

"Eh?" Hades was pleasantly surprised to find that after he had defeated the principal and the PE teacher, they had also dropped attribute balls.

Hades walked over and picked up the attribute ball.

"Strength + 5."

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"Agility + 1."

These attribute points were not much for Hades now, but they were more than what the zombies outside had dropped.

Could it be that even hitting people would drop attribute points.

The system was really powerful.

Hades was very satisfied with the system. It seemed that even if there were no zombies in the future, he could still increase his attribute points.

Then his potential would be limitless.

The others couldn't see Hades pick up the attribute ball. They only saw Hades walk to the spot where the PE teacher had fallen. He stood there for a while and then began to laugh.

When the others heard the laughter, they were a little nervous. They didn't dare to stay any longer and hurriedly ran out with the principal on their backs.

The principal, who was lifted by the others, suddenly turned around. His eyes became extremely malicious.

But Hades, who was picking up the attribute ball, did not notice.

He did not know what the principal was thinking.

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