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55% I Am Really Not The Son of Providence / Chapter 33: Strong Opponent From Evil Spirit

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Chapter 33: Strong Opponent From Evil Spirit

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The black-clothed man was not bothered that they had found him.

Shen Tian felt that he was the actual target in the first place.

Eunuch Gui scoffed and said, "How dare you try to harm the prince!"

Then, he pounced at the opponent in the blink of an eye!

"Go and die!"

Cling, cling, cling!

The Purple Feather Soft Sword was moving quickly, and only the reflection of purple light was visible due to the fast speed.

Soon, the man was surrounded by blade auras, sealing all escape routes.

Unexpectedly, even though Eunuch Gui had incredible attacking speed, he was unable to hurt the black-clothed man.

An invisible force field seemed to push the blade away, allowing the black-clothed man to stand still, unharmed. None of the attacks landed on him.

"Not bad for a 7th Firmament Qi Refinement cultivator!" The man smiled at Eunuch Gui. "Your cultivation technique must be very special. Hand it over, and I'll give you a quick death!"

As he finished his sentence, his dantian exuded a gold ray of light, and a golden core appeared!

It was so powerful that it pushed everything around it away like a tsunami. The shockwave struck Eunuch Gui and sent him flying.

He coughed out blood with a pale face due to his grievous wounds.

"Golden Core realm! You are at the Golden Core!"

Eunuch Gui was in despair. He struggled to stand up. "Your Highness, please run! I will stop him!"

Shen Tian shook his head.

A Golden Core cultivator could use their power to create a nomological realm, so running away would be impossible now.

This man had hidden his real power, having planned everything.

The black-clothed man said, "Stop struggling. The moment you left the Myriad Spirit Garden, your fate was sealed! I have already set a Deceptive Region here. No one will ever find out your whereabouts!"

The man took out a jade box and removed a pill from it. He laughed.

"Hehe, Shen Aotian? You are good at assessing ores, but you are too weak!

"At first, I thought you were just hiding your real strength.

"Who would know that you were so weak!?

"Since you said that we're not fated, I'll just have to use force!

"When you eat this Mesmerizing Pill, you will be loyal to the Saints and help me unconditionally!

"Then, my power will grow in the Country of Fire! Hahaha!"

Shen Tian fell deep in thought.

He recalled that a Perfected Golden Core, named Black Blood, had begged him the previous day to find a good ore for him. Unfortunately, his halo had not revealed any fortuitous opportunity image, so Shen Tian had turned him down.

Now, he was risking everything and trying to make Shen Tian into his puppet!

"Saints?" asked Shen Tian, clearly interested. "All the lands in our Country of Fire are controlled by the Grand White Grotto-Heaven, which is governed by the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground… There are no Saints around here!"

Black Blood was unhappy that Shen Tian was questioning the Saints' existence. He scoffed. "Grand White Grotto-Heaven is nothing compared to the Saints!

"The Divine Firmament Sacred Ground is not even a speck of dust before the Saints' founder!"

The black-clothed man's revelation shocked Eunuch Gui.

"Saints? You are from Evil Spirit! I see! You are a Believer from Evil Spirit!"

There were countless branches in the cultivation world. The Eastern Wilderness had 12 Sacred Grounds, 36 Grotto-Heavens, and 72 Blessed-Lands.

By right, they were all helping one another, and their relationship was very complex.

The Elder of a Sacred Ground could be the cultivation partner of another Elder in the Grotto-Heaven.

Although the situation looked peaceful on the surface, evil forces were lurking in the dark. Evil Spirit was the most unbridled dark force that had once gone against a Sacred Ground openly.

Evil Spirit's Believers rarely used Spirit Stones to cultivate. They would use Blood Sacrifice most of the time.

They would consume the blood and spirit of people to make themselves stronger. The downside of it was that their foundations were unstable.

Nevertheless, their initial cultivation speed was very fast, and they did not need many Spirit Stones. If they crafted some hideous weapon, such as the "Heretic Umbrella", they could beat cultivators of the same tier easily.

As one would expect, the cultivation world did not accept Evil Spirit's cultivation method, so everyone hated them with a passion. As long as they appeared, everyone would hunt them down!

Even so, many people wished to join Evil Spirit, especially gullible, hot-headed fellows. Thus, they had been a huge problem for many years.

"So, you are from Evil Spirit." Shen Tian frowned and said, "Your target is me. You can let Uncle Gui and Little Spirit Fairy go."

Perfected Black Blood laughed. "No way! They already saw my face.

"There is only one Mesmerizing Pill here. Other than you, everyone will die here!"

He looked at Little Spirit Fairy and said, "She is really beautiful. What a pity.

"I should do something with her before I kill her. What do you think?

"Are you okay with it?"

Perfected Black Blood stared at Shen Tian in the hope of seeing his angry face.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed.

"Are you sure you don't want to hear my proposal?" asked Shen Tian.

"On what grounds do you believe you can negotiate with me? They are all dead!"

Shen Tian sighed. "Well, that's more like it. This is the cultivation world's true face! Blacky, you've made me proud!"

Black Blood was confused and felt something was not right.

"Stop bluffing! You think you can still beat me now?"

Shen Tian walked up to Eunuch Gui and helped him get up. He smiled and said, "Are you not curious about where my other friend is?"

Black Blood was stunned as realization dawned upon him—he had two followers!

If one of them is here, where is the other one!?

Just as he thought about it, a deafening sound came from the sky!


Swoosh! Swoosh!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Soon, they saw white-robed Enforcers riding on their flying swords, closing in fast to their location!

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