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Chapter 3: Chapter 3

"To talk"

'To think'

(A:Author's note)


"Oji-Chan! I feel incredible!" Naruto rushed into the house with excitement. It was a beautiful day when the sun shone brightly. The only difference was Naruto with nine tails and two fox ears.

This was because Kurama's soul was digged into Naruto's spirit. Not only that, Yhwach dug a piece of his soul into Naruto. That made Naruto's potential even better than ever.

"Oji-Chan, Why are these tails hitting me!? " Naruto shouted angrily, looking at the tail that hit his head. For Naruto, who was still unable to get used to his new body, the tails were annoying.

"Get used to your new appendages, Naruto. It will help you in battle," Listening to Yhwach, Naruto nodded reluctantly. The tails were constantly wagging and hitting Naruto's head.

'Anyway, if Oji-Chan says so, I'll try to get used to it now!' Naruto looked at his new tails with renewed determination.

Yhwach watched for a while as Naruto fought with his tails, accidentally damaging the house every time.

This made Yhwach realize something. If Naruto didn't realize it but his physical strength had increased exponentially. Every time Naruto tried to hold his tail, winds would form and cause damage as he swung his hand.

'I understand, Naruto, a 4-year-old boy with weak physical characteristics, became strong enough to defeat an ordinary adult man.' This result did not surprise Yhwach. He actually expected more, but He didn't forget that Naruto was only 4 years old. Naruto was a skinny 4-year-old boy. Getting this much stronger in one night was already extraordinary.

'It seems that Kurama's spirit has caused great effects on Naruto.' Even though Naruto didn't notice it, some of his blue eyes were changed with red. Yhwach thought that Naruto could even transform into his fox form after a certain age. 'It looks like the future has changed again.'

Yes, Yhwach looked into the future a little when he was alone. In that future, Naruto had transfotmed into a big, powerful 10-tailed fox, fighting everyone for peace in the whole world.

This was just one things to future. There were things like this have worse, better or crazier. Specifically, there was even a future where Yhwach stole Naruto's powers.

Do not think that Yhwach has nothing planned for this world. There was a reason why this world was dangerous for Yhwach. These were, Illusions and time-based powers.

Powerful eyes like the Mangekyou sharingan, Rinnegan, were one of Yhwach's weaknesses. Yhwach was caught in the illusion of Aizen, who didn't even have a Zanpaktou, so he couldn't kill Ichigo. That's why Yhwach was so wary of Sharingan-like eyes.

Yhwach was already stronger than the Original Yhwach since he was reincarnated. He had inherited all of Yhwach's power, experience, and some of his memories. Although new abilities compensated for Yhwach's greatest weaknesses, some weaknesses remained.

Time was a power that Yhwach desired. People who could control time to a certain degree, like Dio, could escape Yhwach. This was also something Yhwach hated. Having mercy on the enemy was a weakness.

If you have the chance, cut off the snake's head, otherwise the snake will bite you a second time without hesitation.

Yhwach planned to devour all the Uchiha who died during the Uchiha massacre. Yhwach plans to become immune to Illusions after absorbing the Sharingans.

Yhwach wanted to take this opportunity to give Obito a piece of his soul to gain time-based abilities. When he eventually swallowed Obito, Yhwach would gain time-related powers.

But there was still time to do these things.


"Danzo, as I said, Minato and Kushina's entire legacy already belongs to Naruto," Hiruzen calmly said to Danzo, the founder of the Root, one of the Konoha council elders.

"Hiruzen, you understand the importance Naruto as much as I do," Danzo's eyes narrowed. He looked at the other elders in the support vehicle." Moreover Naruto is a child. He is too clueless and small to manage this estate."

"Hiruzen, Danzo is right. Naruto is young. I'm afraid he's too young to manage this legacy," Homura said in a calm voice.

Hiruzen's eyes closed for a moment. Then he looked at the other elders with sharp eyes. "I contacted a relative of Naruto." Danzo and the other elders' eyes widened slightly.

Danzo's eyes narrowed. 'Minato has no family or relatives. Possibly a relative of Uzumaki Kushina.'

"Hiruzen, is this Naruto's relative from Kushina's family?" Koharu stated calmly. Although the Uzumaki Clan was destroyed, it was a known fact that some of its members had escaped and gone into hiding.

Under the questioning gaze of the other elders, Hiruzen stroked his beard. "No, it's not. The person who came is Naruto's uncle and also Minato's older brother."

"This is impossible!"

"Hiruzen, how can this be! Minato lived his whole life in an orphanage!" Danzo said angrily. Frankly, he didn't believe it. In the root, all the information of all the elite groups living in the village was recorded in detail. This included Minato.

"Really Hiruzen, this is impossible. Minato never mentioned having a family member," Hamura said. Hearing Hamura, Danzo and Koharu agreed.

"Well, Hiruzen. How can you be so sure about this? It could be a spy coming from other villages to infiltrate the village," Hamura stated calmly. If he had been a relative of a simpler person, they wouldn't have questioned Hiruzen, the Hokage.

But he was Minato who became the 4th Hokage and hero of Konoha. Even though Minato died 4 years ago, his legends, his deeds, and his heroism were still told to children.

This was the biggest reason why the people of Konoha hated Naruto. Naruto was hated by the village for causing the death of Minato, whose prestige surpassed even Hiruzen's.

Despite Hiruzen's words, Naruto's uncle who suddenly appeared was not trustworthy at all. Council wouldn't believe it without proof or anything.

"Jiraya sent me the information he received from his spies. It looked like Namikaze was the last one left," Hiruzen said.

"How could this be!?" Danzo said angrily. Danzo had never heard of a clan called Namikaze. Whether it's in the Konoha archives or the information the Root has. There was no clan or family named Namikaze.

"Danzo, even if you don't trust me, trust Jiraya," Hiruzen sighed. "We all know that Jiraya's spy network is spread across all nations."

Looking at Hiruzen's unyielding attitude, Koharu and Hamura reluctantly agreed. Jiraya's spy network was even better than Root's spy network.

"Jiraya told me that the Namikaze Clan was a small clan, extinct sometime before the founding of Konoha," Hiruzen mentally apologized for involving his student in his lie. "After the Namikaze clan collapsed, Minato's grandfather was one of the civilians who joined Konoha after financial difficulties."

In front of Danzo and the other council members, Hiruzen shamelessly continued his lie. "Minato's grandfather died soon after, leaving behind 19-year-old Minato's father."

Hiruzen coughed. Then he continued his lie. "Minato's father was a small merchant in Konoha. He lived peacefully in Konoha. At the border of the Fire country, he encountered some Stone country ninjas."

Danzo gritted his teeth as he looked at Hiruzen, who continued to lie shamelessly. Frankly, he did not believe this absurd story. 'Fool the children with this story of yours, Hiruzen!'

"Minato's father, who was running away from the ninjas, met Minato's mother there. After healing Minato's father's wounds, they fell in love with each other and got married." Koharu wiped her tears with the napkin in her hand. Frankly, Hiruzen's story touched her heart.

Hiruzen continued. "Recently, Minato's mother became pregnant with her first child," Hiruzen bowed his head to further dramatize the story, looking at the ground emotionally.

"They lived happily for 2 years. But unfortunately, fate is very cruel. Minato's mother fell ill after giving birth to Minato," Hiruzen stroked his beard. Hamura opened up to Minato. 'Minato, I didn't know you had such a difficult life...'

Hiruzen continued. "Minato's father was worried about his wife and went to Konoha with baby Minato to seek treatment. "He did not bring his firstborn son with him because there were dangers along the way."

"When Minato's father was about to arrive in Konoha, bandits attacked him. Unfortunately, Minato's father died. Minato survived because the Konoha Ninjas saved him." Danzo looked at the other two elders. He cursed them all in his mind. 'Idiots! Do you really believe this!?'

"So the two brothers were separated. They grew up without knowing each other. "Until Jiraya found Minato's older brother," Hiruzen smiled slightly. Then he continued his story. "Unfortunately, it was too late. Minato was already dead. Minato's brother felt that life was meaningless. So he wanted to commit suicide."

"But Jiraya talked about Naruto, Minato's son. Hearing this, his older brother came to Konoha just yesterday to protect and help Naruto," Hiruzen finished his story and smoked from his pipe.

"Indeed, Hiruzen," Hamura looked down with emotion. "I didn't know Minato had such a life. Just when the two brothers were about to reunite, fate was cruel again."

Koharu nodded. He wiped his eyes again with the napkin.

"Hiruzen, deceive the children with these lies," Hiruzen's face darkened upon hearing Danzo. Likewise, Hamura and Koharu looked at Danzo like he was trash.

'These idiots!' Danzo felt like he was going to explode with anger. As an expert in lies, he could easily tell that Hiruzen was lying. Seeing Hamura and Koharu believing the story, Danzo became even more angry.

"That's enough, Danzo. I'm the Hokage. Don't insult Minato's honor just to prove you're right!" Seeing that he believed Hamura and Koharu's story, Hiruzen used this opportunity to attack Danzo.

Hiruzen picked up a parchment and threw it in front of Danzo. "Danzo, here. The evidence you wanted."

Danzo immediately took the Scroll and began to read. Indeed, the evidence on the scroll was consistent with Hiruzen's story.

Yes, Hiruzen had already prepared the evidence from yesterday. Now all he would need was for Jiraya to come and confirm that Yhwach was indeed Naruto's uncle.

Danzo reluctantly stepped back. Now was not the time. He shouldn't have broken things off with Hurizen while the Uchihas were still alive. "I understand. I have no objection to this situation."

Hiruzen smiled. "Good."

"Now, if there is nothing else, let's move on to other matters."

Hamura and Kaharu nodded. They discussed many topics under Danzo's vengeful eyes.


In Naruto's mind, on one side was Naruto in his pajamas, on the other side was Yhwach sitting on the throne, and on the other side was the man with light brown hair wearing a white robe.

This Brown haired man's identity was Aizen from Bleach verse. A fake Aizen was created by Yhwach who lived in Naruto's mind with all the knowledge he possessed.

Naruto looked at Aizen, who looked at him with appraising eyes. He didn't know why, but he didn't like this man.

"Naruto, this man is Aizen. He is a very clever man who even fooled me. He will teach you everything you need to know," Yhwach stated calmly.

"Looks like there's no need to introduce myself. Still, it's nice to meet you," Aizen said politely. Being a false Aizen, he had undying loyalty to Yhwach and Naruto.

As a precaution, Yhwach placed a powerful blast inside Naruto to kill Aizen in case he controlled him. While this explosive would destroy Aizen, Naruto's entire body would be disintegrated.

But this was a last resort. This would only take action if Aizen captured Naruto's will.

"But Oji-Chan! I don't want to study! "I just want to sleep and play," Naruto rolled on the ground and shouted. He felt like studying would be too boring. 'Why should I spend my time studying when I can play games!'

"Naruto, don't always rely on me. One day you will have to protect yourself. If you don't have the strength, you will die and suffer like an insect," Yhwach said in a stern voice. His calm voice echoed through his mind space.

Naruto Stopped rolling on the ground. Yhwach looked on. Yhwach paused for a moment and continued. "Naruto, you must become stronger to protect your loved ones, to protect yourself, and finally to destroy your destiny and write your own destiny..."

"Very well said, Your Majesty," Aizen smiled slightly.

"Naruto, you are a lucky boy. You have the potential and ability to write your own destiny," Yhwach said. "You are a unique child. I'm sure one day you will write your own destiny."

"Oji-Chan, am I really a unique child?" Naruto's eyes watered. But he quickly wiped his eyes so as not to show weakness to his uncle.

"Like I said. You are a unique boy, Naruto." Hearing the answer, Naruto beamed with happiness. Then he looked at Aizen. "Train me, Dattebayo!"

Aizen chuckled. Then he went to Naruto. "Okay, let's go."

Naruto nodded. But before he left, he turned around and looked at Yhwach. "I am Uzumaki Naruto, I will become the strongest and rewrite my own destiny, Dattebayo! I promise, Oji-Chan!"

Hearing what Naruto said, Yhwach nodded in appreciation. 'Get stronger, Naruto. Be strong so that you don't collapse when the time comes..."


(A: I'm sorry. Sometimes I lack motivation and sometimes I lack ideas. If you have a good idea, please let me know. Also, do you think I should kill Obito?]

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