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1: You are the perfect specimen [pt1]

It was a shitty night.

It was decent if you consider that, for the first time this month, Keith got home on time from his hectic job which was supposed to end two hours ago.

But of course, something had to show up at the last second at his work firm and Keith had been asked to stay back and deal with a rather tricky client by his boss. The back and forth had caused him entirely some daylight in the process.

But finally, he was free to go home. Keith could not wait to go home and roll in his sheets. That was the immense happiness in the world.

His shoulder bumped into a lady who crossed him and Keith felt his body jerk due to the sudden force.

'Ouch, this hurts. I should start hitting the gym.'

Keith rubbed his aching shoulder as he looked at the girl he had knocked over….

He should have likely knocked over. But the girl who looked back at him did not even flinch.

Now that he looked at her again, the girl looked a little weird and her eyes had no pupils. Keith felt as if he could not meet her eyes.

"Sorry for bumping into you. I will make sure to take care next time."

Keith apologized and turned around. That should have been the end, but then his wrist was grabbed by a pair of soft hands and his arm was pulled into a pair of heavy breasts.

Keith had a feeling that he should not turn back to look or he would be in big trouble. The two police officers who patrolled this area were starting to head toward him already.

"Excuse me, but can you let me go? I am not comfortable with you holding on to me like this."

Keith tried to get himself free once again, but the girl held on to his arm even tighter. Her smile grew bigger as her pupilless eyes met Keith's and he tried to yank his hand out.

'Bad move. I can feel all the softness of young breasts against my arm. Shit, the police are heading toward us as well.'

Keith was sure he would not have been half as freaked out as he was if the girl holding on to him did not look underaged. Her blue hair and silver eyes painted a picture of innocence with her youthful looks.

And her refusal to say anything back to Keith was making his situation even worse. It was so bad that Keith was considering running away, the safety of this girl be damned.

"Hey, I asked you to let go."

Keith tried one last time to be angry and push the girl away. But he was considerably weaker than he expected himself to be, or the girl was built like a truck because she did not even budge a single inch.

Instead, the more force Keith exerted, the more he was pulled back toward the girl. And his struggles finally ended once the police reached them.

"Hey, what is going on here? Miss, are you in trouble? Can we help you out?"

The police officers completely ignored Keith's struggles and instantly turned their attention to the young girl in front of them.

Not that it mattered because the girl did not even look up at them. She kept on staring at Keith with a thinking expression. And apparently, it did not sit well with the officer.

"Looking at this situation, I am afraid that you will have to come with us, Mister. And don't try anything funny because we will know it."

This was the worst-case scenario for Keith. He could read the police officer's faces and they were both convinced that he was at fault. Even the people around were beginning to give him 'the look.'

Keith had two options now - to insist that he was innocent and make himself look even worse as a result. Or, to quietly extract himself from the situation and pretend like he did not know anything.

"Will you listen to me if I said in my defense?"

"Yeah sure. But only once you are behind the safety of our bars. We need to maintain the safety of our roads after all."

Well, it had been worth a try. But things happened just as Keith had expected them to. In the end, he was not heard out by the police officers.

"Head in now."

Keith sighed as he tried to get into the car, only to be pulled back by the tight grip on his arm. The girl who was hanging on to him did not seem to like the idea of being in a car much.

But this delay seemed to be annoying the officers in front of him. The driver even honked his car as a result of this delay.

"You know, I am trying to enter but someone here is not making it any easier for me to do so."

Keith pointed toward the kid who was hanging off his arm when he pulled it up. It felt like he was picking up dead weight and the ache in his shoulder got worse. He was sure that he heard the girl say 'he's perfect for the job' when he finally set her down.

He was much more focused on the doubt that crossed the police officer's faces. He could tell that they were finally beginning to realize the situation.


"I am so sorry for forcefully detaining you when you were not at fault. Once again, it is all because we did not know the situation beforehand."

The police officer bowed in front of Keith. Finally, the situation had been resolved and he was free to go home. He even eyes the small bite mark on his arm that the kid had given him.

She had bit Keith as soon as the police officers had tried to separate her from Keith. It had been a real struggle for all involved parties.

And it was also the final nail in the coffin that made the police officers understand that 'Keith' was the 'Victim' and not the other way around.

Now the only thing separating Keith and his bed was a long ride home. Keith felt his eyes close as the bus vibrated under his body. It was going to be a long and tiring ride, but one Keith was used to.

His life had been in a constant state of up and down which made Keith prepared for anything life can throw at him. That was the only reason he was able to survive so many years of working in a public office.

"Excuse me, s this seat taken?"

Keith's eyes were already dropping due to the fatigue of a hectic day. He was only able to nod in response as the girl at his side sat down.

'Wow, another blue-haired person. It must be the recent trend or something to have blue hair. Maybe I should get my hair dyed as well.'

Those were Keith's last thoughts as he finally succumbed to the tiredness he had been feeling ever since the day started.

He did not get to see curious silver eyes watch him with a mischievous look, nor did he notice the brief glow on his arm. The bite mark on Keith's arm was glowing quite aggressively.

Keith was busy having a nice and relaxing sleep. He could feel something warm and soft under his head and arm. He was sure that his pillow was not this soft and neither was the car seat.

That only left one option for him - he was currently dreaming about being warm and comfortable.

He was also likely dreaming about the soft and brief touch that was traveling all over his chest. It left a tingling feeling all over Keith's chest and he tried to push himself back.

That touch became bolder, actually leaving Keith's chest and traveling down the expanse of his things. Now it was getting a little too much for Keith since he did not remember bringing a female home.

He tried to swat away that private touch, but it became a little bolder as he did so. Keith was now getting annoyed and his eyes flashed open when the touch reached his private parts.

"What do you think you are doing?"

Keith caught the hand traveling all over his body and the giggle that he had been hearing instantly went quiet.

His eyes met a familiar silver and Keith tried pushing himself away from the young girl in front of him. And the key word here was 'tried'.

"W-What are you doing in my bed? Did you follow me home? I thought I lost you for good."

Keith realized with a jolt that he was completely naked beneath the sheets and it seemed like the young girl in front of him was naked as well.

For a second, he thought that the worst happened and he had been assaulted. But the more he tried to make sense of the situation, the more he realized that it was not the case.

'This is a dream. All a bad dream I will wake up from any second now.'

daygon_yuuki daygon_yuuki

First 30-33 chapters are the MC getting used to this world so they were whatever. The real story starts at Ch 33+ when he understands what is going on and starts going after things he would need so please keep reading until then.

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