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3.03% I Became The Richest Man In The World / Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - I Became The Richest Man In The World - Chapter 1 by Goyo full book limited free

I Became The Richest Man In The World original

I Became The Richest Man In The World

Author: Goyo

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Jiangzhou hotel.

There are plenty of luxury cars parked outside, red carpet paved at the door, and luxurious decoration in the hotel. The soothing music is melodious and graceful.

Today is Xu Shaochen's wedding day.

"Laugh happily, and your expression is like crying. I don't know if you think that your family is dead. I'll tell you that if you drop the chain today, our Jiang family won't give you any money. Let your mother lie in the hospital waiting for death."

Jiang Siyu dismissively glanced at Xu Shaochen, and said with a little disdain and high Qi in her eyes.

Hearing Jiang Siyu cursing his mother, Xu Shaochen was very angry, and wished to kill the bitch.

But thinking of his mother's illness waiting to be cured, he could only bear it, and tried to squeeze a smile on his face.

Xu Shaochen is from the countryside. His grandfather is missing. His father died early. His mother pulled him up by herself. This year, his mother found out that she was seriously ill. The operation cost alone would be more than 500000 yuan.

Where can he find the money for a poor kid who just went to sophomore year?

Three days ago, he just came out of the hospital and saw Jiang Siyu at the door of the hospital arguing with his parents about something. Because Jiang Siyu looks beautiful, he inevitably look at her.

As a result, Jiang Siyu's father, seeing Xu Shaochen, seemed to think of something, and suddenly ran to make a deal with Xu Shaochen.

Let Xu Shaochen and Jiang Siyu get married first. If Xu Shaochen agrees, Jiang family will give him a million yuan.

As for the reason why the Jiang family did this, they didn't tell Xu Shaochen.

Although it's strange, Xu Shaochen has no choice but to treat his mother. According to his mind, the big deal is to be a door-to-door son-in-law who looks up.

But these days when he was preparing for the wedding, he was fully humiliated by Jiang Siyu. In order to get money for his mother's treatment smoothly, he could only endure it again.

"Hum! Don't think it's really husband and wife. The toad wants to eat swan meat. You don't know the height of the earth. I'm not something you can touch as a poor boy. If it wasn't for my father's idea, you would never be qualified to enter such a hotel in your whole life. " Seeing that Xu Shaochen didn't speak, Jiang Siyu was even more forward-looking. She continued to sneer at him and felt full of superiority between her words.

Xu Shaochen is still gnashing his teeth and enduring the humiliation of Jiang Siyu. He can't help it. His mother's money for treatment depends on the one million yuan agreed by Jiang's family.

"I don't know what shit luck that poor boy has taken, but he has been favored by Jiang Siyu."

"Ha ha, poor boy? Poor boy is turning over now. It's envious to step on the horse! "

The guests at the scene did not know the inside story, nor did they know the humiliation Xu Shaochen had suffered. Their eyes were full of envy and jealousy.

"All the guests at the scene, let's applaud and invite the bride and bridegroom to come to the stage --"

the wedding host held the microphone and lengthened the ending, shouting that the music in the hotel also changed at the same time.

"Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa..."

Then in the applause and beautiful music, Xu Shaochen led Jiang Siyu to the stage.

Although Jiang's parents, Jiangcheng and Guo Xue, are applauding, their eyes have been looking around and they are worried.

Xu Shaochen and Jiang Siyu stood in the middle of the stage, and the applause in the hotel also fell silent.

"Today is the auspicious day for Mr. Xu Shaochen and Ms. Jiang Siyu to get married. Here-"

"I don't agree with this marriage!"

At this time, an angry drink sounded.

At the same time, they looked in the direction of the hotel door.

They saw a young man dressed in a black suit, with a handsome face and a slender figure walking to the stage step by step.

"Li Yang!"

On the stage, Jiang Siyu broke away from Xu Shaochen's hand and rushed excitedly into Li Yang's arms.

"I'm sorry I'm late." Li Yang holds Jiang Siyu and looks around for a week: "I don't agree with this marriage. Jiang Siyu is my woman."


Seeing this scene, everyone was in a uproar, and the eyes of Xu Shaochen on the stage were full of sympathy and ponder.

Xu Shaochen's face was blue and white, his fists were clenched and his sinews were sharp. In order to get the one million yuan for his mother's treatment, he has been fed up with humiliation and trampling at Jiang's house these days.

However, he never thought that the biggest humiliation to him was to appear today. These days, the pent up anger all came to him in a flash.

No matter whether it's a deal or not, on the day of the new marriage, his wife pours into the arms of others, and Xu Shaochen will completely turn into a big joke. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jiangcheng and Guoxue look at each other. Their eyes brighten in an instant. Li Yang is here. The play is a success.

In fact, Jiang Siyu has been pregnant for two months, but the Li family does not agree with Li Yang's marriage to Jiang Siyu. Finally, Jiangcheng specially arranged such a play for Li Yang's impulsive character.

They held the wedding to stimulate Li Yang. As long as Li Yang married Jiang Siyu, the Li family could only accept the things that had already been done, which solved the marriage of Jiang Siyu and made it to the Li family.

If Li Yang didn't come today, it would just let Xu Shaochen pick up the offer, cover up the scandal of Jiang Siyu's unmarried pregnancy, and protect their Jiang family's face.

This plan can be called advance attack, retreat defend, perfect.

"Siyu, come with me. I'll have another wedding for you tomorrow." Li Yang looked at the river in his arms and said firmly.

"Why bother? It's just a change of bridegroom. Anyway, everything is arranged. It's better to finish the marriage today."

Hearing this, Jiangcheng hurriedly came out. In order to prevent sleepiness, we must cut off the confusion according to the original plan and let Liyang and his daughter get married.

As for Xu Shaochen?

It's just a poor boy who uses it. Now that he can't use it, it's up to him to do so many things, where to stay cool and where to go. As for whether his mother died or not, it's their Jiang family's business.


When people heard this, they were in a uproar again. They felt that today's melon is too exciting. It's almost like playing a TV play.

Xu Shaochen's flaws on the stage are about to crack. Just change the bridegroom? It's like trampling on his face and dignity.

Up to now, he doesn't know where he's been tricked. His son-in-law is fake. The Jiang family may be trying to make this happen.

"Are you a little too much of a liar?"

Xu Shaochen's eyes were red and he gnashed his teeth and said that he could not bear it for such a long time.

"Too much to deceive? You really think that toads can't eat swan meat. They are just a handful. Now that the Lord is here, you can roll away. Remember to leave your clothes. They were bought by my Jiang family's money. " Jiang Siyu sniffs and sneers at Xu Shaochen.

Li Yang also showed a sneer and said with high toes: "boy, do you hear me? If you don't get out of here and pee in the mirror, do you dare to think of my woman? "

Xu Shaochen ignored him, but looked to Jiangcheng and Guo Xue. He didn't care who Jiang Siyu married, or even can endure today's humiliation. He only wanted the one million yuan that the Jiang family promised.

"What are you looking at? Don't go away quickly. Don't be disgraceful here." Guo Xue shouted rudely that if it had not been forced by the situation, how could she have said more to this poor boy.

Xu Shaochen was furious and said, "what about my money?"

"What money do you want? I don't need you now. I won't give you a cent. Security guard, get him out of here! "

Jiangcheng's face became very ugly, and the disgust in his eyes was undisguised. He directly let the security guard in to rush people.

"Pooh -"

Xu Shaochen was so angry that he burst out of his throat with a sweet mouthful of blood, and laughed angrily: "well, a good Jiang family, a good Jiang family, I will never forget today's shame. You'd better pray that Xu Shaochen won't have a day of turning over."

Voice fell, Xu Shaochen took off his coat and threw it on the ground. He went out of the hotel pale. He suffered so much humiliation just to get the money for his mother's treatment.

In the end, it's OK for Jiang family to humiliate him, or to become a laughingstock. However, Jiang family promised not to give his mother any money to cure her disease. This revenge will not last forever!

"Hum! Turn over? You won't have the day to turn over. A poor boy doesn't know the height of the world. Today is my daughter's happy day. I don't care about you. Otherwise, I'll break your dog leg. "

Jiangcheng looks at Xu Shaochen's back and says with a sneer.

Jiang Siyu's eyes also flashed a hint of ridicule, holding Li Yang's arm and saying: "Dad, there's no need to worry about a poor boy. Hurry up the wedding."

"Right, right, that's the big deal. It's the waste that's holding us up so much time. It's time to die. Dad is going to die again."

Listening to the voice from behind and feeling the eyes of the people around, Xu Shaochen has never been so angry in the past 20 years.

How can he be a man without revenge?

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