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25% I Can't Explain This. My Novel On Relics Became Reality / Chapter 10: Joining The Archaeological Team!

Joining The Archaeological Team! - I Can't Explain This. My Novel On Relics Became Reality - Chapter 10 by Langya Pistachio full book limited free

Chapter 10: Joining The Archaeological Team!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Obviously, these experts felt that since they couldn't find Ian's uncle and records, Ian joining them would also be extremely meaningful.

"That's good."

The experts' suggestions were exactly what Ian wanted.

The system had given him the mission to sign in at the underground palace of the pyramid.

He had just been worried about how to get there.

He couldn't have asked for the suggestions to come at a better timing.

Thus, he naturally agreed.

Ian smiled and said, "I will give you some suggestions based on my memory and the information I have. As for whether or not to accept it, it's not my problem."

"Good! That's great!"

Schubert and the other experts naturally didn't have any opinions. They even impatiently asked him some questions.

"Ian, do you know where the pyramid's entrance is located?"

"How big is the pyramid? Do you know the situation inside?"

Ian only smiled upon hearing those questions.


In a Special Intelligence Department office, the middle-aged police officer presented the transcripts he received to his boss.

"After our investigation and studying the transcripts, we can basically eliminate the possibility of Ian committing a crime.

"His social life is very simple.

"His activities are also limited to a certain area.

"The source of his property has been cross-checked with the publishing house. He did not evade a single tax—every part of his income.

"I have never seen such a simple and pure person."

After listening to the report of the middle-aged police officer, the boss revealed an expression of surprise.

"In that case, there is no evidence to prove that Ian has stolen cultural relics or entered ancient civilization ruins, right?"

"Yes." The middle-aged police officer nodded solemnly.

Although he had been very tough with Ian, it was part of the interrogation process. He had never allowed a criminal escape, nor had he ever falsely accused a good person.

"His novel has even shocked international experts. What is going on?"

The police captain was very curious.

The middle-aged police officer replied, "According to the recorded statement, everything Ian knows is because of his uncle. We may need to investigate his deceased uncle to figure it out."

The police captain nodded. "You'll be in charge of this. See if you can get anything out of the investigation."


The middle-aged police officer put away the report and started to act. It seemed that their Special Intelligence Department had not ended their investigation on Ian.


Just as Schubert and the others were discussing excitedly with Ian, the middle-aged police officer walked in.

He was currently smiling, and his expression was not as cold as before. He walked in front of Ian and said to him with a smile, "Mr. Ian, your second-tier and first-tier charges have been dropped. You can leave at any time now."

The middle-aged police officer added in a slightly apologetic tone as he undid Ian's handcuffs, "Please try to understand our previous actions."

They now had some understanding of Ian's identity. He was the youngest best-selling author in the world.

Now that he was cleared of suspicion, he naturally needed to be treated politely.


Ian nodded and did not say anything. Now was not the time to cause trouble.

The middle-aged police officer asked Ian with a smile, "Mr. Ian, do you need us to send you back later?"

"No need." Ian shook his head. He was really not in the mood to deal with them now.

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"We will send Mr. Ian back later. No need to trouble you guys." Schubert said with a slightly fawning tone, "We still need to have a good exchange and discuss the matter of joining the team."

Ian glanced at Schubert from the corner of his eyes and did not object.

After leaving the police station, Ian slowly heaved a sigh of relief. He had never thought that he would be invited to the police station one day because his writing was too realistic.

Ian wanted to part ways here.

At the entrance of the police station, Schubert invited Ian with a smile on his face. "Mr. Ian, let's go have a meal first. I'll get Aika to send you back later. There are some details we need to discuss. How about we talk about it while we eat?"

"No need... I'm a little tired now."

Ian waved his hand.

His apartment was probably in a mess, and he really wasn't in the mood for a meal.

He casually flagged down a taxi by the roadside, opened the car door, greeted Schubert and the others, and left.

After telling the driver the destination, Ian sat in the car with his eyes closed and rested for a while.

He opened his phone a little tiredly and found that his messages were already filled to the brim.

Some editors congratulated him for breaking the sales record of his last book on the day of the sale.

Some friends sent him congratulatory messages.

Some were sales calls.

One of the most attractive messages was from Schubert.

"The higher-ups have approved your application. The higher-ups have allowed you to join the pyramid's archaeological project. They will send you a document later. There are some things you need to pay attention to. Remember to check it."

Ian immediately read Schubert's email solemnly.

The document stated that Ian was a specially invited technical staff, and his purpose was to participate in the archaeological project.

Moreover, the archaeological ruins would be broadcasted live to the entire world.

This made Ian a little puzzled.

"Live broadcast of the archaeological work?"

It was not that he had any objections to the live broadcast. After all, the ancient civilization ruins were being watched all over the world. A live broadcast could better spread and refute rumors.

Now, many people had doubts about the existence of the pyramid.

Ian did not care about these things.

As long as he could participate in the archaeological project—even if he had to sneak into the underground palace of the pyramid to sign in alone—it would be fine.

He just didn't know what good things he would be able to sign in.

Ian's eyes flashed. His heart was filled with curiosity and anticipation.


When he returned to his apartment and took a look at the messy traces on the floor, Ian had a headache.

"What exactly were they looking for? I really don't have anything here."

He called the cleaning crew and told them to clean up the place.

He took a cold beer out of the fridge, lay down on the sofa, and changed into a comfortable position.

He took a deep breath.

He had experienced a lot today.

He had confronted a special department and met many international professors, and now his house was in a mess. He might even have been bugged.

The most important thing was that he had awakened his special ability.

This ability was even a little heaven-defying.

How could you not know how to play the game if you were given a hand-to-hand guide?

"Hahahahaha. To life, to uncle!"

Ian raised the bottle and laughed as he gulped down a mouthful of beer.

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