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10% I Can't Explain This. My Novel On Relics Became Reality / Chapter 4: The Exploration Team’s Personal Visit!

The Exploration Team’s Personal Visit! - I Can't Explain This. My Novel On Relics Became Reality - Chapter 4 by Langya Pistachio full book limited free

Chapter 4: The Exploration Team’s Personal Visit!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Schubert saw the data, he was shocked.

"What's wrong? What happened?"

"What data?"

"What did you see that shocked you so much?"

Many experts were about to enter Schubert's tent for a meeting.

However, when they saw his current state, they all felt that something was wrong.

"Take a look for yourself."

Schubert had just recovered from his shock and handed over the tablet in his hand.

The other experts immediately took it.

A moment later, waves of exclamations came from outside the tent.

"How could this author know this!? What does he do!?"

"I'm afraid only a tomb raider would know this! I want to apply to the government to arrest this person immediately!"

"F*ck! This fellow even dares to steal the ancient civilization ruins' cultural relics! I can't wait to tear him a new one!"

After the experts read the content, they all let out the same exclamations as Schubert.

They also thought that the author of this book must be a tomb raider, and it must be a very senior one.

Even they had only just discovered these things.

For how long had they been stealing the ancient civilization's cultural relics?

It was simply hateful.

What was even more hateful was that they had actually written these things!

Arrogant! Too arrogant!

Aika hurriedly explained upon seeing the experts' reactions, "Excavation work has just been carried out in Egypt. When I was exploring the terrain around, I found that the terrain data here was very consistent with the description in this novel. I immediately skimmed through this novel's chapters and found that the thing we are digging out now is called a pyramid, basically a tomb. The owner of this pyramid is ancient Egypt's most mysterious pharaoh, Tutankhamun..."

"Pyramid? Tomb? The most mysterious pharaoh in ancient Egypt?"

Schubert's mind jolted when he heard that. He felt that these things were very important.

"Tell us in detail what you know!"

Aika quickly recounted to the experts and professors the contents of "Egyptian Chronicles".

Schubert and the other experts were stunned because the book's details were exactly the same as what they had found.

Truth be told, the book's data on each cultural relic was even more detailed.

Aika added fuel to the fire upon seeing the experts' expressions, "I didn't believe it at first either. It's just a novel. Even if it's a coincidence, this kind of data must be fabricated. In the spirit of science, I used carbon-14 to measure the cultural relics mentioned in the novel. They basically match..."

The experts fell silent. The facts were like iron evidence in front of their eyes.

Schubert also came back to his senses at this time and immediately said to the experts, "If the book's content is accurate, this so-called pyramid is the tomb of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, King Tutankhamun. We must inform the government to apprehend the author first. After all, he is a tomb raider who knows the pyramid's secret!

"Before that, however, we need to confirm whether the author really knows the pyramid's secret!"


The team of archaeologists was working non-stop, following the coordinates Aika had provided.

Many of the team members questioned where Aika's coordinates came from.

Schubert waved his hand, indicating it was all on him.

Aika naturally knew that her professor was supporting her.

Soon, the entire team of archaeologists had a new development.

"A huge rock has been excavated at Location #1."

"Many huge rocks have been discovered at Location #2."

"Location #3..."


On the surface, four ruins had been excavated.

However, in reality, they were located at four corners in the north, south, east, and west.

What they found was actually a complete pyramid.

"Continue digging! Clear the excess sand!"

Schubert was indeed a battlefield veteran. At that moment, he was still able to remain calm.

Aika was already so shocked by this outcome that she couldn't think

As the digging continued, a huge tower-shaped building appeared in front of everyone.

"Oh my God!"

Schubert and the other experts were dumbfounded when they saw this huge tower-shaped building that was similar to the one described in the novel.

Aika felt that her worldview was about to be thrown into chaos.

"Is the novelist some kind of God? Why does this fellow know so much about the ancient civilization ruins?"

At present, as long as it was something that was mentioned in the "Egyptian Chronicles", it would appear during the excavation process.

There were even numerous cultural relics that Schubert had never heard of before, yet they found them thanks to the novel one by one.

"Who is the author of the 'Egyptian Chronicles'?"

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Schubert's heart was in turmoil. He only felt that Ian had a better understanding of the ancient civilization ruins than them.

"Professor, we must quickly inform the international government about this matter. There is definitely a big problem with this author! We must apprehend him before he realizes it!"

"That's right. Even if he's not a tomb raider, just his understanding of the ancient civilization ruins is enough for him to become an expert in this area!"

"There's a high possibility that he has a treasure related to the ancient civilization ruins in his hands! We have to get it back!"

The scientific research experts present exchanged words. They were urging the international government to contact them while trying to find a way to control the other party.

Schubert listened to their discussion and frowned.

"We should personally pay a visit and meet this author."

Schubert and the experts first reached an agreement on this point.

Many experts also nodded.

From the scientific research perspective of this book, Ian could be considered a character at the level of an expert.

It wasn't just the data of the cultural relics that came easily. There were also many interesting perspectives on the subject of ancient Egypt. This kind of knowledge alone was enough for them to treat this author equally.

"Professor! I want to go too!"

When Aika heard that the experts and professors were going to organize a group visit to the author of the "Egyptian Chronicles", her eyes instantly lit up.

She said somewhat excitedly, "I'm a senior fan of the 'Egyptian Chronicles'. Otherwise, I wouldn't have discovered this matter from the beginning. I've always wanted to meet this author. He must be a very interesting adventurer to be able to write such an in-depth relic novel!"

Schubert looked at Aika with a strange look.

"How do you know that he's not a tomb raider?"

Aika also looked at him very naturally.

Schubert was very familiar with the glint in Aika's eyes. This was the look that Aika had given him after choosing her major.

She had already become like those fanatical fans that were about to meet their idol—no one could persuade her.

Naturally, Schubert also knew that he wouldn't say no to Aika's request.

Soon, the number of people in the team was fixed...

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