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Chapter 1: The Transmigration

In a dilapidated corner of one of the Red Family's many servant quarters, a young man snapped open his eyes and abruptly sat up from his bed.

His hazy eyes transformed into ones of clarity as bits and pieces of unfamiliar information rushed through his brain in a rapid manner.

A minute passed in the blink of an eye, and the eyes turned clear as hints of understanding and acceptance flashed through them.

A grin appeared on his face as he muttered, 'You wouldn't expect this, would you, my dear disciple? "

"Reincarnation and transmigration have always been one of the many mysterious phenomena across the universe. Haha, I did not expect that I would experience this universal wonder myself." A boisterous laugh soon resounded in every corner of the room.

Hatred flashed in his eyes as he recalled the betrayal he had experienced moments before his death.

The grin of his beloved disciple, the Harem Emperor, and his harem surfaced in his mind when they took the glistening book that he painstakingly created through various trials and errors and thousands of years of accumulation of knowledge.

The laughter soon stopped as the young man—Miguel—began to examine himself.

"That being said, this child is also quite pitiful in his own regard," he commented, recalling the information that he got the moment he transmigrated into this world.

This Miguel was an orphan found in the forest by Sara, one of the servants in the Red Family.

After reporting this to the Red Family that they were in, the Red Family originally wanted her to throw the infant away, as they believed that taking care of an infant that wasn't part of their lineage had no worth. However, instead of throwing the infant away, Sara took responsibility and adopted the infant, Miguel, without hesitation. Since then, she has taken care of Miguel as if he were her own son.

As Miguel grew, more and more people noticed his peculiar actions.

He always acts like a child and will often stare at the distance and laugh like a fool. It was as if he were someone who had a screw loose in the head and was always in a trance. A mentally ill person. Due to this, he was often bullied by the Red Family youngsters.

Being a servant, Sara could only comfort the fool, Miguel, with a heavy heart.

Miguel also doesn't fight back or even cry from the bullying. He would only laugh the bully off as well as the beatings that he received, consolidating the moniker given to him by the others even more: The Fool.

It was also for this reason that Sara would feel even more heartache for her child.

From those memories, Sara would silently cry as she nursed the bruised Miguel every night.

Of course, being a 'fool', Miguel could not sympathize with the feelings of Sara and would only laugh as Sara tended to his injuries.

This process would repeat itself time and time again until yesterday.

Yesterday, Miguel was suddenly struck with a severe fever.

Sara believed that this was due to the accumulation of injuries that he received from the bullies, but having received the memories of this world's Miguel, the old and experienced Miguel from another world naturally knew of the real reason for his high fever.

The fool Miguel was poisoned.

And with that being said, the fool Miguel finally left the world earlier today, allowing the old Miguel to possess this body at the most opportune time.

Miguel shook his head and stood up from the bed.

Transmigration was such a marvelous thing. The potent poison that killed the fool was nowhere to be found as his body went back to its tip-top shape. No sign of being poisoned could be seen as Miguel took a look at the person in the mirror.

It was a thin young man with a handsome appearance. He has jet black hair, brows, eyes, and striking facial features. His nose was defined, and his cheek bones, which were almost chiseled to perfection, were outlined due to his sickly thin cheeks.

Even the old Miguel from another world could not help but marvel at the appearance of the fool, Miguel. He was a handsome man himself from his previous life, but nowhere near as handsome as the person in front of him when he was still a mortal.

With that being said, this same face was also what caused the trouble and bullying. Jealous of his handsome looks, the other servant children and even the young masters of the Red Family would look at him unfavorably, resorting to violence if their envy reached its peak.

Miguel observed his current body and could only shake his head at how weak it was.

Miguel was not worried, though.

In his previous life, he had studied and accumulated a lot of knowledge.

He created a lot of skills and powerful techniques that others would use as family heirlooms due to how profound they were.

It was also because of this that he was betrayed by his beloved disciple, who called himself the Harem Emperor—the child he once adopted and raised since young. The child whom he taught martial arts and cultivation and the child whom he least expected would betray him.

He recently uncovered a secret of the universe and made a cultivation technique with it as a foundation.

Trusting his disciple a lot, he told him of this discovery and information regarding it.

In the end, his disciple and his harem betrayed him for the cultivation method that he had just finished, catching him off guard.

Miguel was a powerful cultivator himself. If not for the fact that he trusted his disciple a lot and the fact that he was ganged up by him and his hundreds of his harem members, it would still be a question who would fall at that time. 

Unfortunately, he still failed to defend in the end. He died and was fortunate enough to transmigrate to this world.

A grin was on his face as he clenched his bony fist in front of the mirror.

"My dear disciple, just wait for Daddy to come back, alright?" He muttered as he looked at himself in the mirror.

As he said that, a bang was suddenly heard behind him.

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