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90% I Can See The World's Desires / Chapter 36: The Fate of “Li Gui”

The Fate of “Li Gui” - I Can See The World's Desires - Chapter 36 by Comfortably Trippy full book limited free

Chapter 36: The Fate of “Li Gui”

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Coster was slapped to the ground by Kota, and a trace of blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth.

If the appearance of this man had shocked everyone, then by teaching Coster a lesson it showed that he was disregarding anyone at the scene.

After all, it was also an unspoken rule that no outsiders should interfere in the family affairs of others.

At this moment, Coster was already close to a state of delirium. His entire body was trembling, and his hands, which had veins pop up on his skin, were digging out finger marks on the ground.

He mumbled to himself unclearly, "It's been almost thirty years. For over ten years, no one looked up to me in Yan. For over 10 years, I worked my fingers to the bone in Ying."

"When I finally got a chance to turn things around, I lost it. Why?"

Kota looked down on Coster with a condescending attitude.

"At first, you had a sixty percent chance to complete your plan, but now it's zero."

Kota kicked the knife under his feet at Coster.

"Look at Mr. Moanke behind me. Trust me, you can't walk out of this door today."

"And even if you can, you'll definitely suffer a fate worse than death."

Coster saw the terrifying look in Moanke's eyes. Not only had he witnessed the cruel methods of these wealthy families, he had also used them on countless people.

He knew that if he were to die right here today, it would be the greatest mercy to him.

The knife stopped right beside Coster's hand.

"It's you... If it wasn't for your appearance, everything would have gone according to my plan..."

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"I admit I have lost it all at your hands..."

Coster picked up the knife from the ground and slowly placed it on his neck.

"Kota... Kota... I'll remember your name... When you come to hell, I'll settle this score with you!"

He whisked the knife across his neck and fresh blood spurted out.

He instantly lost the strength to support himself. After twitching a few times on the ground, he stopped moving.

Coster's suicide shocked everyone present.

The socialites screamed in fear and covered their eyes.

Although those who sat in the front row turned their heads away, they could not help but take a peek.

The people in the back row stood up one by one and pushed aside the people in front to see if the person was really dead.

That was the sick psychology of the upper class.

When the money is no longer your desire, only by pursuing a more sick stimulus could you fill the void in your life.

Kidnapping, promotion, death. A wedding banquet turned into a funeral banquet.

It was rare to see such excitement.

Kota first lowered his head to look at the blood splattered on his shoes, then turned back to look at the frightened expressions of the audience.

He snorted coldly.

Because what these people showed was completely different from what they thought in their hearts.

A fatty frowned, sighed, and shook his head, but his thoughts were:

'What the f*ck, I didn't come for nothing this time! It's so exciting! Someone is dead here!'

A socialite who was trembling and throwing herself into the arms of a rich man next to her was thinking, 'I can play this sexy trick tonight. Betrayal, dead, and necrophilia!'

'These people are sick!'

Kota did not want to look at the faces of these so-called successful people anymore. It was disgusting.

Catherine looked at Coster lying in a pool of blood. The only thought in her mind was that he deserved it.

He had kidnapped her, wanted to rape her, and wanted to take control of Ying Corporation.

Letting him kill himself was a mercy already.

She could finally breathe a sigh of relief after Coster had died.

She believed it would not be long before Ying Corporation recovered.

Especially with Kota's appearance; he had solved Ying's crisis in just a few days. He could definitely do more in the future.

At this time, the sunlight outside the window shone on the stage. Kota was bathed in the warm sunlight.

Catherine had never been as determined as she was now, as if they had been in love for three lifetimes.

Drizzt, who had not spoken all this time, could not help but gasp. He stared at Kota with great puzzlement and curiosity.

His thoughts were extremely chaotic.

If Kota had not appeared, he did not know how things would have developed.

More importantly, because of his appearance, Heavenly Punishment had lost its shine in this cocktail party.

Besides amazed by Kota's information, what terrified him more was that Kota could make Coster commit suicide with just a few words.

This ability of mind manipulation was unheard of.

He then looked at Moanke, not knowing how he was going to handle the situation.

"I am sorry for what has happened here."

Moanke looked at those who were present. As the host of the banquet, he had to resolve the current situation as soon as possible.

"Here, I would like to express my apologies to everyone."

After saying that, he bowed to everyone.

There was an instant silence in the hall.

"I made a mistake and trusted the wrong person. What an embarrassment."

"I hope that this matter ends here. Don't mention it again in the future. I will thank you in advance."

With that said, he cupped his fists at everyone present.

Although the internal problems had been resolved, it was not a simple matter to deal with the external problems that were about to come.

It would damage the reputation of Ying Corporation further if the cocktail party were to continue.

However, if he gave up, Heavenly Punishment would definitely put pressure on him. Yan and Yun Ye, who had been eyeing him covetously, would definitely take advantage of the situation.

Therefore, he continued, "Since things have come to such a pass, it is pointless to continue with the cocktail party. I will find another day to apologize to everyone."

"I am sorry for the inconvenience, everyone."

The physically and mentally exhausted Moanke put down the microphone, turned around, and prepared to leave.

Everyone present saw that there was no more show to watch, and they were all prepared to leave.

At this moment, the sharp noise of the microphone resounded throughout the hall.

Catherine held the microphone in her hand and looked at Kota.

She took a deep breath as Kota gave her a smile.

Then, she swept her gaze across the entire hall and said, "Everyone, allow me a few moments as I have something to announce."

Something else? Today, Catherine had already revealed enough explosive news, and a person had died here.

The show had not ended yet?

Everyone stopped in their tracks and was prepared to rubberneck again.

Moanke also turned her head to look at her granddaughter:

"Catherine, what else do you want?"

Ignoring her grandfather, she continued. "I, Catherine, have never agreed to marry into Heavenly Punishment."

These words instantly ignited the entire venue.

They had been invited to attend the banquet of the Heavenly Punishment and Ying, but now Catherine said that she had never agreed to the marriage?

So this banquet was nothing more than a farce?

Or... was it just a ploy to trip up Coster?

Everyone had different opinions. Since the Chen family was involved, they did not dare to discuss it too much.

After all, the second-in-command of Heavenly Punishment, Drizzt, had not expressed his opinion yet. If they offended Heavenly Punishment because of this, there would not be no room for them in New York.

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