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I Created a Protagonist Sect: My Programmer Job is Super Overpowered I Created a Protagonist Sect: My Programmer Job is Super Overpowered original

I Created a Protagonist Sect: My Programmer Job is Super Overpowered

Author: MrKonic

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Name: [REDACTED] (Former), Chen Mo (Current)

Species: Human (Former), Digital Lifeform (Current)

Cultivation: [REDACTED] (Former), Perfect Stage Celestial Supreme (Current)

Job: Programmer, Writer


OpenSource - Can intuitively comprehend the intricate formulas and particles that compose all matter and energy. Able to reverse-engineer the underlying patterns of creation, dismantling any material or spell to understand its primal origins.

Existence - Keenly aware of all unconcealed knowledge across the physical and spiritual planes. Automatically indexes and absorbs information, lore, history, and secrets laid bare. An ever-growing well of uncontrolled insight.

Scripting - Masters the art of forging new particles and formulas through will and imagination. Can reshape spells, materials, minds, and souls by reconfiguring their fundamental patterns. Effortlessly optimizes, reinforces, and transforms existing metaphysical architectures.

Development - Visualizes and gives life to completely novel elemental particles, ethereal blueprints, and law formulas. Manifests wondrous objects, creatures, and phenomena by combining raw imagination with a deep intuitive understanding of the primordial mechanisms of the universe.

Memory - Perfectly recalls all experiences and knowledge without deterioration. An indestructible vessel containing immense amounts of readily accessible information. Cannot be tampered with or altered by any magic or entity without consent. Provides limitless insight into the ancient truths of existence.

Parallel Processing - Can independently process and absorb infonts using a separate metaphysical processing structure that operates in parallel with the main consciousness. This allows rapid comprehension and synthesis of infonts without compromising or interfering with the focus and functions of the main mind. Also remains aware and conscious even when the primary consciousness is inactive, asleep or incapacitated, providing ongoing peripheral awareness and cognition.

Storage - Able to break down any physical object or conceptual entity into its fundamental infonts particles. Can then compress, encrypt and store these primal building blocks in a metaphysical pocket dimension immune to the effects of time and space. Stored items are perfectly preserved and secured, immune to any external disturbances or disruptions. Can retrieve and reconstitute stored items at will by reassembling their infonts components into their original forms. Provides a limitless, inviolable storage space for safekeeping objects, knowledge, memories, skills, entities, and more.

AllOfCreation - Able to freely manipulate, reshape and recombine the fundamental infonts particles that comprise all matter, energy, consciousness and reality itself. Can visualize and catalyze any desired change or creation by directly altering the primal infonts blueprints at will. Not bound by conventional laws or physics when reshaping existence through infonts programming. This godlike mastery allows manifesting any imagined object, lifeform, force, realm or entire universe simply by reconstructing its infonts architecture from scratch. The scope is truly limitless and omnipotent when commanding reality at the most elemental level. [SEALED STATE]

Parallel Existence - Can exist across multiple simultaneous instances impossible to fully eliminate. If one physical form is destroyed, the greater part of their existence simply shifts to another parallel continuity that is already underway. Essentially immortal as long as at least one parallel existence remains intact. Allows the user to divide their focus across countless realities and paths at once with no degradation. Grants near-invulnerability as the user always has contingencies and backups. [SEALED STATE]

PerfectState - A constant passive state of unwavering mental clarity, emotional equilibrium and rational focus. The user's mind remains eternally calm, centered and impervious to external influences or imbalances. Negative status effects like fear, mind control, insanity, charm and confusion are completely negated. Thoughts flow with perfect coherence, free of inner turmoil, hesitation or fragmentation. Emotions are balanced and harnessed as potent fuel rather than hindrances. Allows operating at maximum cognitive effectiveness in any situation without losing composure or wavering from pure logic and reason. An unshakable bastion of perfect psychological equilibrium.

Instant Thought – Manipulates the laws of time to isolate a portion of the user's cognitive processes and accelerate them to functional infinity within an infinitesimal span of subjective time. This allows taking an eternity of contemplation, calculation, and higher reasoning in the space between moments. While the outside world is essentially frozen in stasis, the segmented thought stream operates outside the constraints of linear time to accomplish feats of instant, perfect decision making and problem solving. Complex operations, strategic planning, predictive modeling, etc. can all be conducted by harnessing this localized infinite processing. Once the segmented thought concludes, it can be seamlessly reintegrated with the normal time flow, providing derived insights and answers with minimal apparent lag. Essentially grants computational omniscience within a self-contained bubble of accelerated consciousness. [SEALED STATE]

SynCret – The ability to completely deconstruct any item, concept, energy, or essence down to its fundamental infont particles and quantum state. This decouples and exposes the core building blocks, opening a fluid interstitial realm where the user can seamlessly combine, separate, merge or reprogram the isolated components however desired. Within this metaphysical compartmentalization, the segregated elements can be synced, blended, remixed or metamorphosed into novel hybrid forms and paradigms without violating their original natures. Once satisfactory recombinations are derived, the synthesized infont matrices can then be recompiled and continuously shape-shifted into tangible or intangible actualized states with malleable features. SynCret allows transcending conventional boundaries to engage in unrestricted combinatorial creativity and exploratory unification across all domains of existence.

Cultivation Realms:


Mortal Realm:

Qi Gathering

Foundation Establishment

Core Formation

Golden Core

Nascent Soul

Soul Formation

Void Traversing

Soul and Body Integration

Tribulation Transcendence



Immortal Realm:

Earth Immortal

True Immortal

Golden Immortal

Immortal Emperor


Celestial Realm:

Celestial Lord

Celestial King

Celestial Emperor

Celestial Supreme


Sage Realm:

1st Path Reincarnation

2nd Path Reincarnation

3rd Path Reincarnation

4th Path Reincarnation

5th Path Reincarnation

6 Paths Reincarnation Reunification (Perfect Sage)


Law Realm:


Spiritual Roots Grade








Items/Weapons(Low, Medium, High)









Great Dao


Techniques(Low, Medium, High)









*[REDACTED] - [Unspoken Name] - [Cannot be Named(even by the 'author')] - [Too much karma]

*[ERROR] - [CONCEALED INFORMATION] - [Too much karma]

MrKonic MrKonic

All the information is written from the MC's knowledge and not the authors knowledge. The MC accessed this information through his [Existence] skill thus he can't access any information that is purposefully concealed, well, at least not yet.

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