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10% I Created a World of Magic! / Chapter 4: Become A Junior Sorcerer!

Become A Junior Sorcerer! - I Created a World of Magic! - Chapter 4 by Oily Sauce full book limited free

Chapter 4: Become A Junior Sorcerer!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The children massaged the shoulders of the elders, and almost every elder was laughing happily.

Charlot was also laughing mysteriously and happily.

On the other side, Vera quietly leaned over and stretched out a finger to gently tap the head of the ice elf.

Vera's eyes were big and bright. When she saw that the ice elf actually showed a very happy expression, her eyes instantly widened!

"Wow, Charlot, is this... really an ice elf?"

It seemed that Vera still didn't believe it.

Charlot nodded and said confidently, "Of course, you'll believe me after this!"

In his mind, Charlot directly opened the exchange list!

[Faith points: 3,652]

[Number of believers: 3]

When the number of believers reached 100, Charlot could advance to a junior sorcerer!

At this time, although the faith points in the system was not very small, the number of believers was only three.

The road to gain more believers was still a long and arduous journey!

In the exchange list, Charlot had already chosen two items that she wanted to exchange for!

[Morning glow spell (exchange price: 600 faith points)]

[Body cleansing spell (exchange price: 1200 faith points)]

The former was the foundation of practicing magic, which was used to absorb the mana that flowed from heaven and earth, while the latter was the method of using mana.

Charlot had carefully considered the choice of spells!

Everyone had malicious intentions in their hearts, but some people would not show it, and some would show it.

And once people mastered magic, the possibility of the malicious intentions in their hearts being released would increase!

Charlot didn't want this to happen, so the spell that he chose in the beginning was only a support-type spell like the body cleansing spell!

After using the body cleansing spell, one could expel the dirt and impurities from their or other people's bodies to a certain extent.

Over time, one's spirit and body would be refreshed!

For the elders in the nursing home, this spell was the most suitable for beginners!

As for the children, he planned to teach them the ice elf spell.

He didn't even plan to teach the flame spell, which was only a little dangerous, on a large scale in the early stages.

Although this would slow down the rate at which he collected faith points, Charlot didn't regret his decision!

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After more than ten minutes, the children finished massaging the shoulders of the elders.

The elders were all smiling while the children were all excited!

"Big brother, we're done massaging. When are you going to give us the little elves?"

A little girl asked crisply.

Charlot smiled and extended his palm in front of everyone. An ice elf instantly appeared in his palm!

"Because the children are doing very well, I plan to give each of you an ice elf, okay?"

"Okay!", the children were extremely excited!

Charlot said again, "Then, do the children want to learn magic?"


The temptation of learning magic was hard to resist, not to mention the children, even the caretakers and teachers were the same!

Seeing the reactions of the crowd, Charlot was extremely satisfied.

"Okay, then, today, teacher Charlot will teach everyone the most basic techniques of practicing magic, okay?"

"Okay!", all the children clapped their hands and responded loudly.

Some of the caretakers were also whispering. Before long, a female nurse came to Charlot's side and asked in a low voice,

"Teacher Charlot, do you think we can learn from you?"

She looked at Charlot and continued with some embarrassment, "I think that after I learn, I'll go home and get a little elf for my son. He'll be very happy."

"Of course.", Charlot couldn't wait for more people to come and learn.

After thinking for a while, he said to everyone in the square, "I can teach you whatever you want to learn. After you learn it, you can also teach it to your relatives and friends!"


"Charley is such a generous child!"

"Thank you, teacher Charley!"

"Haha, I knew Charley would be a promising child!"

"Charley, I have a granddaughter at home..."


Hearing that they could learn the magic, everyone no longer doubted the authenticity of magic.

Charlot's path of magic promotion had finally taken its first step smoothly!

In the system, her belief points were increasing!

[Obtained 59 points of faith from Martha!]

[Obtained 65 points of faith from Ivan!]

[Obtained 68 points of faith from Stephen!]

[Obtained 48 points of faith from Frankie!]

Among them, those who did not believe it before had their faith points increasing crazily!

Charlot took a look. Among them, the one who contributed the most faith points were Old John. It was a total of 100 points!

This was also the maximum amount of faith points that everyone could contribute.

This old man had no children. He had probably already treated him as his own son. Such trust made Charlot feel a little touched.

Next, with the help of the teachers and caretakers, Charlot used the photocopier in the nursing home to print out hundreds of handwritten spell guides.

They included the "Morning glow spell", the "Body cleansing spell", and the "Ice elf spell".

After everyone received the spell guides, Charlot began to teach in the middle of the square.

Whether it was the elderly, children, caretakers, or teachers, they all showed the most positive attitude toward learning!

From time to time, someone would raise their hands and ask questions, and Charlot would answer them seriously.

Because the learning ability of the elderly and children was a little weak, even though these few spells were the simplest and most basic ones, it took Charlot more than three hours to teach them all.

During this period, the news that there was real magic in the world had already swept the entire world like a tornado!

Various countries and regions quickly set up special teams. The district head of the West Region received an order from the most mysterious organization in the country and quickly went to the Palmeira Nursing Home!

The storm about magic also caused a huge uproar on the internet!

"There's really magic?"

"I don't believe it unless I'm allowed to learn it too!"

"It's true, I was there! Teacher Charley taught it very well and allowed us to spread it!"

"Magic? Is it the kind of magic that can destroy the world?"

"If magic really exists, then what about magical beasts? are the other legendary creatures and things also real?"


Almost everyone on the internet was speaking their thoughts, regardless of their country or region. Many experts also stood out to question or agree with people's ideas!

Charlot was stunned when he saw that the system had more than a hundred notifications per second!

He did not expect people to be so interested in magic.

If he had known earlier, he would not have been so troubled.

After finishing his teaching at the nursing home, Charlot stretched himself and checked the system.

[Host: Charlot]

[Faith point: 29,854]

[Number of believers: 209 (number of believers required for the next level: 5,000)]

[State: Junior sorcerer]

[Spells: Flame spell (noobie-level) , Ice elf spell (beginner-level) , Morning glow spell (beginner-level) , Body cleansing spell (beginner-level)]

The moment Charlot opened the system, a warm current flowed into his body from the system.

The pure magic power was not only increasing his mana reserves, it was also transforming his body!

Charlot even felt that her spirit was constantly stimulated. Waves of chill feelings surged out from the depths of his mind. It was very comfortable!

From this moment on, Charlot was already a genuine junior sorcerer!

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