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17.5% I Created a World of Magic! / Chapter 7: I Am the Only Source of Magic!

I Am the Only Source of Magic! - I Created a World of Magic! - Chapter 7 by Oily Sauce full book limited free

Chapter 7: I Am the Only Source of Magic!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"First question, Mr. Charlot, where did you learn magic?"

General Godwin's voice was calm and indifferent, filled with a peaceful and unhurried pressure.

It was as if even a major event like magic could not make him feel the slightest bit of fluctuation in his mood.

As for this question, Charlot had long thought of how to answer it.

"Magic has always existed in this world. However, in the past thousand years, the spiritual energy has been depleted, so magic has not appeared in front of people."

"My magic was taught to me by a great sorcerer. In the past few years, he secretly went to my residence to teach me, and then he quietly left."

"A few days ago, he used a special method to tell me that he had left."

"Left? Where did he go?", General Godwin asked with a frown.

Charlot shrugged and said, "I don't know. He is very strong. Perhaps he has gone to travel around the countries."

General Godwin was silent.

Charlot was sweating in her heart!

There were two reasons why he made up a great sorcerer.

One was that he was an illusory great sorcerer. He could make the source of the magic he mastered more reasonable. After all, it was impossible for someone to be born with such knowledge.

On the other hand, it was a subtle warning to the government.

I have someone above me who taught me magic. It's a very powerful person!

If you want to touch me, you'd better consider the consequences!

Although his words were full of loopholes, Charlot believed that General Godwin wouldn't care!

This was because the government also needed a reasonable explanation!

Sure enough, after a while, General Godwin slowly nodded and said, "So, Mr. Charlot, all your magic was taught to you by that great sorcerer? Did he leave any written records?"

Charlot smiled slightly, shook his head and said, "No, that great sorcerer said that I have extraordinary talent, so every time he came to teach me, he taught me orally!"

General Godwin frowned again.

The order he received from the highest leadership of the government was to try his best to comfort Charlot. If possible, he would dig out the secrets behind Charlot, and it would be best if he could help the government to take control of magic as a weapon.

But remember, don't provoke Charlot!

At this time, Charlot's answer was like a lie, such as great sorcerer, secret teaching, oral teaching, and so on.

It was no different from bullsh*t.

The most depressing thing was that he couldn't say anything to refute Charlot's words!

More than an hour ago, Charlot's background had been thoroughly investigated. Everything that had happened to him since he was young had been recorded in great detail!

However, no matter how detailed it was, it was impossible to record that there were people who came to look for him every night, right?

Before this incident, Charlot was just an ordinary caretaker in a nursing home that was not worth paying attention to!

After being depressed for a moment, General Godwin asked again, "Mr. Charlot, may I ask, how many kinds of magic have you mastered?"

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Charlot pretended to think for a moment and said solemnly, "Many!"

After seeing the reactions of the few people in the room and General Godwin in the holographic image, he continued, "I can even cast a forbidden spell!"

"What? Forbidden spell?!"

This time, even General Godwin could not sit still!

Forbidden spell was a legendary spell that could destroy the world. Once it was cast, in the most extreme case, the entire West City would probably be destroyed by the forbidden spell!

General Godwin's expression changed a few times. Finally, he regained his calm. He understood that since Charlot was willing to tell him the truth, he must have a request.

Since that was the case, there was no harm in listening to it!

"Mr. Charlot, to be honest, the government really hopes that magic could be used for the country. After all, only the government can let magic play its greatest role!"

"But the country respects you very much. If you have any requests or ideas, you can tell me!"

Even though the think tank had prepared many questions for General Godwin, under Charlot's old tricks, there was nothing much to say.

Next, he wanted to hear Charlot's request.

Hearing Godwin's words, Charlot heaved a sigh of relief.

What he was most afraid of was that the government would ignore him and not talk to him. They would just arrest him directly.

That way, he would really be at his wit's end. After all, at this time, the matter of magic had not spread widely. Even if the government did not ban videos on the internet and so on, the people would not be able to believe it just because they saw it.

In Charlot's system, there were still a large number of people who had contributed a large number of faith points. However, other than a few people who had exceeded 50 points and become believers, the majority of them only contributed a few faith points!

Most of them had seen the videos or rumors on the Internet and were not sold on it.

At this moment, since the government was willing to talk to him, everything was fine.

After all, it was most appropriate for the government to step in to promote magic to the entire human race!

Moreover, this matter was more beneficial than harmful to the country. As long as Charlot agreed to some conditions of the government, the government would probably be willing to help him.

After thinking carefully for a moment, Charlot decided to use the great sorcerer who did not exist to take the hit!

"The great sorcerer who taught me magic originally wanted to let magic return to people's lives!"

"In ancient times, the spiritual energy on Earth was rich. At that time, almost everyone could use magic."

"It was because everyone was using magic that the spiritual energy on Earth became richer. This was a positive cycle of mutual circulation!"

"Later, when the spiritual energy dried up and magic disappeared from people's lives, the spiritual energy also became less and less. Until today, people no longer even know about the existence of magic!"

"I hope that the government can help me to teach the concept of magic to everyone again!"

General Godwin heard it and frowned.

The order of the higher ups was to try to let the government controlled the magic power. Even if it was not possible, it was necessary to limit the further spread of magic.

After all, this was a powerful force. If it was in the hands of ordinary people, it was very easy for some vicious incidents to happen!

The government would definitely not allow unstable factors to go wild!

"Mr. Charlot, please allow me to explain a fact to you."

General Godwin leaned back and organized his words before continuing.

"The world is peaceful now, but the absence of war does not mean that people will not do evil and cause trouble!"

"Once the supernatural power of magic is mastered by everyone, the consequences will most likely be to reignite the flames of war in the world. No one can bear this responsibility!"

Charlot nodded and said frankly, "Of course I know. So, what I want to say is that currently, besides me, there's only one great sorcerer in the world who knows magic."

"And he has already left!"

"So, I am the only source of magic!"

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