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I Got Divorced as Soon as I Transmigrated Into a Book! I Got Divorced as Soon as I Transmigrated Into a Book!

I Got Divorced as Soon as I Transmigrated Into a Book!

Author: JQK

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Transmigrated Into a Novel!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Noisy music. Flashing, sensual lights.

Before Bai Yun could even size up her surroundings, her chin was grabbed by someone who tried to force a glass of wine down her throat. The astringent taste of alcohol was mixed with bitterness.

Having been in the entertainment industry for so many years, Bai Yun was certain that there was something fishy about this wine.

Not daring to take a single sip, Bai Yun's teeth were tightly clenched as they knocked on the edge of the glass.

As the wine spilled on her collar, Bai Yun struggled a few times before realizing that her body was sore. Damn, she had swallowed some of that wine?

A pair of hands moved up her waist. Her head was groggy from the drug, but her body's instincts were still there. She grabbed the groping hands with all her strength, retreated half a step, bent her back, and threw that person over her shoulder. The next moment, a thickset man crashed onto the glass table.

The glass shattered with a clang. The fat man howled on the floor, and the private room fell silent.

Following that, angry curses could be heard. "Bai Yun, are you tired of living? Do you still want to see Yuan Cong?"

The people in the private room finally reacted and went to help the fat man who was still rolling on the ground. Shouts of "Director Yuan!" sounded in the private room.

Shaking her head to maintain consciousness, Bai Yun pointed at the man who was scolding her and said clearly with a sneer, "Who are you? What Director Yuan? No one dared to do this to me even back when I was 18. What's that about seeing Yuan Cong? He's only fit to carry my shoes. Why do I need to see him?"

Please, she was Bai Yun, who had won the international Best Actress Award at the mere age of 23!

But who was Yuan Cong? It sounded familiar.

She swayed and was about to fall. The man who was pointing at her and cursing closed in on her, and the voices around her became distorted. It was impossible to catch any useful information.

Bai Yun closed her eyes. No way, she was about to get ruined on such a good day?

She didn't fall to the ground as expected, nor did she pounce on that man and hit him angrily. Instead, she fell into a solid embrace and the fresh smell of cedar entered her senses. With a heavy head, Bai Yun struggled to see the man against the light, but all she saw was his chiseled jaw.

Before Bai Yun fainted, she thought to herself, 'Alright, this man's jaw is quite attractive. Maybe it's not such a loss to fall into his hands. But shouldn't I contact my assistant? It'd be terrible if this were to make the headlines.'

Bai Yun was woken up by the commotion.

She woke up with a dry throat. She was about to raise her hand to shout for her assistant when the back of her hand stung. It was bruised and had a needle stuck in it.

Bai Yun repeatedly sized up her current hands. No, that wasn't right. Because she had been filming martial arts scenes all year round, her hands kept getting injured, so there would inevitably be some small scars. There were also calluses on her fingertips and between her thumb and index finger.

However, at this moment, her hands were slender and pale to the point that even her green veins could be vaguely seen. It was a delicacy that came from being pampered. As for her original hands, they were slightly plump, such that every time her hands appeared on screen, she would be mocked by her fans.

Bai Yun stared at the ceiling. The disinfectant in the hospital stimulated her nerves and her head hurt. A moment ago, she had still been attending her celebration party, having won the international Best Actress Award at the mere age of 23. Half drunk, she had gone to the rooftop to take a breather and following that, lost consciousness.

"Are you awake? Sign your name if you are."

Realizing there was someone else in the room, Bai Yun sat up to take a look.

A man was seated on the sofa. Tall and thin, he was smartly dressed in a suit and tie, plus glasses with thin gold frames. At least he was very particular about how he dressed.

Just by sitting there, he exuded a noble aura. His hair was neatly combed, and his sideburns were beautifully trimmed. The eyes hidden behind the lenses were very deep, and the ends of his eyes were raised. Perhaps they were the fox eyes that most people liked. Also, there was a gorgeous black mole on his lower right eyelid, as clear as the cypress tree in her grandfather's courtyard. Bai Yun couldn't help but sigh.

Looking around, her assistant was nowhere in sight in the unfamiliar ward. Even her body felt a little off. Bai Yun tried to remember what had happened after she lost consciousness on the rooftop.

The blurry scenes from when she had been unconscious surged into her mind. Bai Yun, Director Yuan, Yuan Cong, and the familiar scene of the private room. Bai Yun's hands trembled as she called out tentatively, "Chu Jiang?"

His expression was unreadable due to the reflection of the lenses, and his hands were folded and pressed against his knees.

With an unswerving gaze, he exuded a strongly oppressive vibe, like a natural-born ruler. He answered casually, "Who else?"

Chu Jiang! Chu Jiang!!

Linking the fragmented information from last night to this man called Chu Jiang, wasn't this the plot and character name of the novel that her assistant had been talking about every day recently?

In the silence, Bai Yun's mentality collapsed. Holding onto whatever remained of her upbringing and wanting to grasp the last bit of hope, she asked with a dead expression, "Sign what?"

"The divorce papers. I think our marriage has caused a lot of trouble for both of us." Chu Jiang sat leisurely on the sofa, as if the divorce papers were a casual contract.

When she heard the words "divorce papers", Bai Yun could no longer hold back her expression.

She had transmigrated into a novel!

Moreover, she had transmigrated into the body of a D-list cannon fodder!

No wonder those names and that scene in the private room had felt so strangely familiar! Wasn't it the plot of "Runaway Sweetheart" that her assistant had been talking about in front of her?!

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