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12.71% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 22: 10 Times A Day

10 Times A Day - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 22 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 22: 10 Times A Day

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Lin Yao came back, his younger siblings were watching television. Upon hearing Lin Yao's words, they touched their pockets immediately. Soon, both of them shook their heads and one of them said, "I don't have a five-yuan note."

"It's not mine either."

"It should be mom and dad's then. In that case, let's share the money among the three of us. Xiaoye, go and buy us ice-cream. One for each of us."

After speaking, Lin Yao gave the money to his brother and told him what to buy.

Of course, any money lost at home did not belong to whoever picked it up. If it had belonged to his younger brother or younger sister, Lin Yao would have returned it to them without saying a word.

If it had been a large sum of money, Lin Yao would also have handed it to his parents. However, five yuan was a meager sum for adults. Therefore, Lin Yao treated it like pocket money and spent it.

"We'll just tell them when they get back."

'Hmm… Should I put aside 10,000 yuan of the money I received today for the family? Also, should I share some of the nutrient drinks with my younger siblings?'

After inheriting this body from his predecessor, Lin Yao had started regarding his family as his own, mainly because the atmosphere in the family was very harmonious.

Therefore, Lin Yao, who was not selfish in nature, contemplated whether he should leave some resources for them.

However, he did not do so in the end.

'I'll focus on passing this assessment round first. If I pass the class assessment, I will not only receive subsidies from the country and the city but also from my class. If I fail this assessment, I'll lose a lot of money. Therefore, I have to improve first. I'll think about the rest when I have the capability.'

After making up his mind, Lin Yao stored away the money in his room. Then, he immediately took out a bottle of a nutrient drink and went downstairs. Lin Ye and Xiaodie followed him. They were carrying two large buckets of water for Lin Yao's hydration.


Lin Yao stood in the middle of the courtyard. First, he calmed himself down and waited for his excitement to die down completely. Then, he took the nutrient drink and began practicing military boxing in the courtyard.

As he took nine short breaths and one long one, his body started absorbing something inexplicable. While he moved vigorously, this thing slowly merged with his body, strengthening it.

The thing inhaled by Lin Yao was spirit energy, something that every martial artist needed to absorb. It was also the foundation of martial artists.

The difference between Lin Yao and other people was that, in addition to spirit energy, sunlight from the sky also entered Lin Yao's body.

Because spirit energy was soluble in everything, the combination of sunlight and spirit energy evolved into a form of positive energy. Lin Yao felt extremely great both physically and mentally when he absorbed this positive energy. The positive energy also reduced Lin Yao's fatigue and eliminated his ailments and injuries.

The positive energy formed by the combination of sunlight and spirit energy was beneficial to the human body. Furthermore, Lin Yao's cells had been transformed by the Tree of Light and had acquired the sunlight absorption ability. This was also the reason he could train consecutively several times. For each training, he could achieve exceptional training efficiency beyond that of ordinary people.

In the past, this used to be the limit of Lin Yao's training.

However, it was different this time. In addition to the sunlight and spirit energy, the nutrient drink that Lin Yao had consumed was also gradually volatilizing at the moment.

This nutrient drink had been prepared by thousands of medical experts using endless spirit herbs, spirit medicine, and spirit beast meat. It was a nutritional substance that could be easily absorbed by humans.

Absorbing this nutrient could replenish a human's energy. In addition, it contained spirit energy, which could nourish the human body and increase one's training efficiency further.

First, he used the military boxing breathing method to inhale spirit energy from the external world. Second, his skin absorbed the positive energy from the combination of sunlight and spirit energy. Third, his stomach was also warmed by the heat currents coming from the nutrient drinks. This triple-strengthening effect gave Lin Yao amazing training efficiency.

In the past, when Lin Yao had not possessed any talent, despite eating a large pot of meat before training, he had been exhausted and had started panting afterward. This time, after practicing, Lin Yao could only feel his body strengthening tremendously as it was being nourished by the spirit energy. He did not feel the slightest bit of fatigue.

Even the normal muscle fatigue caused by exercising had been eliminated by the nutrients and positive energy sunlight.

'I can keep on training.'

Lin Yao gulped a bottle of water. Of course, he did not slack off, as he had just felt his body warm up. He practiced for the second time under the sun. Then, for the third time, fourth time, all the way until the eighth time.

On a hot summer day, a young man was standing in an ordinary courtyard with his chest bare, punching, kicking, and focusing on training. As the sun shone on him, sweat evaporated from his body and he turned red due to the vigorous exercise as if he was suffering from a heat stroke. His entire body felt a burning sensation due to the long exposure to the sun.

However, the scorching heat didn't make the young man in the courtyard give up. On the contrary, his body was filled with excitement amid the heat. Every single one of his punches and kicks had a strange beauty to it.

"There's not enough water. Bring another bucket of it."

"But we've run out of mineral water at home."

"Get tap water then. Brother said before that his body has a slight antibacterial ability. Tap water will be fine."

Although they were young, both of his siblings practiced martial arts all year round. Soon, they carried two big buckets of tap water down the stairs.

After getting the water, the two of them stared in awe at their elder brother, who was training in the field.

"This is the 10th time. Brother is really good."

"Of course, our brother is the best, but I think he should stop. He seems only slightly tired after training eight times. However, this is the 10th time and his entire body is already flushed."

It was true that Lin Yao should stop training. After 10 rounds of military boxing under the blazing sun, Lin Yao's body was fine even though he had been working out for a long time. The temperature in the courtyard had not dropped either.

However, the nutrients of the drink had already been depleted during the eighth round of training.

Without the nutrient drink, which had been specially formulated for humans by the medical experts, Lin Yao could not persist for long even if he were to absorb sunlight. After practicing two more times, his body could not hold on any longer and he sat on the ground, panting.

"Phew, phew… 10 times at one go. Phew… I'm exhausted."

"Brother, Brother. Water!"

Lin Yao did not stand on ceremony. He took the large bucket of water and drank two liters of it at one go, causing his stomach to deform slightly before he put down the bucket.

Now that he was no longer exercising vigorously, sunlight slowly replenished Lin Yao's energy, allowing his body to be rejuvenated gradually.

Lin Yao felt great while absorbing the sunlight. Specifically, it was akin to the feeling of his body hitting a big soft bed when he felt extremely sleepy or sipping ice water when he was hot and thirsty. It felt a tad better than the last few seconds of a man's life.

Due to this extreme comfort, in combination with the fact that he had over-trained earlier, Lin Yao was thoroughly exhausted both physically and mentally. Therefore, he actually entered a deep slumber under the sun.

"Brother, Brother, why did you fall asleep here? Should we carry him upstairs?"

"No, you know about Brother's talent. He'll shine only when there is sun around. It may not be effective if we carry him back to the house. We should not shade him from the sun either."

"Forget it, let's go and play."

China had decent public safety. It was not a major problem to sleep on the roadside, so long as one did not sleep on the driveway.

Lin Yao slept under the sun for three hours. After three hours of deep sleep, he woke up and felt his body regain its vitality. He also felt as energized as before.

After his body recovered, Lin Yao calmed down immediately and let his consciousness sink into his mind.

He wanted to see his attributes, as well as the state of the Tree of Light.

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Lin Yao's face was all smiles after he peered at them.

'I did the right thing by registering my talent.'

Lin Yao glanced at the Tree of Light before looking at the attribute interface.

He had gained a lot from his trip to the Abnormal Ability Department today. He had gotten both nutrition drinks and money. Nevertheless, the greatest gain was that Lin Yao had discovered that he could absorb spar energy. The big trees he planted could also absorb suitable spar energy to grow.

Chief Shi's attempt to win him over had earned Lin Yao 1,000 points of light energy. This was just enough for the Tree of Light to go through one round of evolution.

'Unfortunately, it takes time to absorb light energy.'

Upon seeing the light energy get reduced by dozens of points after a few hours and seeing the Tree of Light, which had grown slightly, Lin Yao felt somewhat relieved.

"10 days…10 days is the most it'll take to upgrade my Tree of Light. The Tree of Light is soul-bound to me. I should also attain new talents with its advancement. I don't know what abilities I'll get this time. Holy light, disease expulsion…"

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