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19.07% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 33: Clear Mirror Sword-Drawing Technique

Clear Mirror Sword-Drawing Technique - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 33 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 33: Clear Mirror Sword-Drawing Technique

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yao felt that he was not that different from the children of ordinary rich people. Of course, this merely applied to ordinary rich people. Lin Yao could not compare to the established and wealthy families that were well-known in the country.

'Although it is expensive to consume nutrition drinks for cultivation, the effect is really good. Consuming 10 bottles will be enough for me to condense a vital energy seed.'

Money could really solve a lot of problems, and the spirit energy of 10 bottles of nutrition drinks would be enough for Lin Yao to condense a vital energy seed again.

If he drank 1,000 bottles and practiced 3,000 rounds of military boxing, Lin Yao would be able to condense 100 vital energy seeds, which was the minimum requirement for advancement to a warlord.

It was a pity that ordinary people could not afford to spend 100 million yuan to advance to a warlord. Moreover, one could not advance to a warlord with vital energy alone. One still had to master killer moves.

Besides, money alone could not condense vital energy seeds.

The external spirit energy did not belong to Lin Yao. He needed to integrate his energy and blood with spirit energy to form marks that were considered vital energy seeds.

In addition to the absorption of spirit energy, Lin Yao's energy and blood were needed as well in order to condense every single vital energy seed.

His blood and energy would reduce with every absorption. Without a strong body, it was impossible to condense vital energy seeds.

This was also the reason a martial artist could not meditate and inhale and exhale spirit energy. Instead, one needed to continue practicing military boxing to train one's body. This was also why these people were called martial artists.

'Fortunately, gold-level military boxing has laid a solid foundation for me. My current fitness can withstand the condensation of 10 vital energy seeds. As long as there is enough spirit energy, I can condense 10 vital energy seeds at any time.'

Lin Yao trained while pondering the changes he would experience after condensing the vital energy seeds.

Since he had only obtained these vital energy seeds and his body had not become stronger, Lin Yao could only practice military boxing nine times.

However, since Lin Yao could sense spirit energy, his cultivation efficiency was much higher.

Whenever he was tired, Lin Yao worked on the Sword-Drawing Technique.

After continuing his practice and consuming eight bottles of nutrition drinks, Lin Yao finally gained one more vital energy seed.

He obtained another vital energy seed after consuming eight bottles of nutrition drinks.

In this case, although Lin Yao's calculation was not wrong, the credit of the talent [Sunshine Absorption LV3] had been brought about by the Tree of Light.

When he'd first acquired this skill, Lin Yao had lamented that this skill was useless. However, as time passed, Lin Yao increasingly felt that this was a magical skill.

Before Lin Yao had become a martial artist, it had been used for training. Since his advancement to a martial artist, the sunlight absorption function had not been reduced. Instead, it had brought about better effects.

Spirit energy could be combined with sunlight to form positive energy. Lin Yao had known about this fact for a long time. This positive energy could nourish the body, which was why he had been able to exercise longer and more efficiently even before becoming a martial artist.

After advancing to a martial artist, Lin Yao had discovered that this positive energy was not only beneficial to the body, but it could also be directly absorbed by the vital energy seeds through the skin.

The earlier training had led Lin Yao to discover that now that he'd obtained the vital energy seeds, the spirit energy absorbed by the sun was almost the same as the spirit energy brought about by the breathing method. Besides, as many people gathered, the spirit energy in the natural world that had no attributes contained impurities. However, the positive energy of the sun had not been polluted, and Lin Yao's training was highly efficient as a result.

This was not the most pleasant surprise for Lin Yao. What made him most ecstatic was that this absorption did not require his active involvement. As long as he was under the sun, the spirit energy in his body would increase at any time.

'I can absorb spirit energy even while lying down. I didn't expect this.

'This won't do. In the future, I will have to go under the sun as soon as the sun is out. Otherwise, it will be a huge loss. I will lose 10,000 yuan per hour.'

Lin Yao had not expected that the most basic sunlight absorption ability of plants would be greatly improved in humans.

At that moment, Lin Yao could sense that because he had been absorbing the sun's rays all this while, he could split to form a vital energy seed within three days. This also took into account the different amount of sunlight between day and night. Otherwise, it would only take him 36 hours to condense a vital energy seed. However, Lin Yao had to have enough energy and blood.

'Unexpectedly, what affects the cultivation the most is not spirit energy, but blood and energy. The sun is too amazing!'

Lin Yao put his palms together, expressing heartfelt gratitude for the sun. Lin Yao did not relax while training. Instead, he practiced the Sword-Drawing Technique during the break. However, this time, it was no longer a simple Sword-Drawing Technique.

Instead, he was practicing the Clear Mirror Sword-Drawing Technique with a vital energy seed.

Lin Yao had studied the first move of Clear Mirror Swordsmanship nearly 100 times in the past seven days. Although he had not experimented with unleashing the vital energy seed, he knew all the concepts by heart.

Lin Yao did not study the move. Instead, he carried the sheathed sword at his waist, got into a lunging position, and got ready to draw his sword.

Lin Yao took a deep breath. When he was in perfect form, he flicked his left thumb and the sword bounced out. Following this force, his right hand, which had a firm grip on the hilt, drew the sword with a flash.

There was a loud clang. As the long sword was unsheathed, a cold light was reflected in the courtyard. At the same time, wind surged in the courtyard, blowing the dust several meters in front of Lin Yao.

Once the sword was drawn, the force of drawing the sword caused a disturbance in the air several meters away. Lin Yao's Sword-Drawing Technique was no longer the same as before.

Lin Yao was the least surprised by this. He no longer made use of his physical strength to draw the sword. This Sword-Drawing Technique used to be at the iron level, but it was at the silver level right now.

When drawing the sword, Lin Yao did not just use his physical strength. Instead, the vital energy seed within his body was unleashed. The explosion of vital energy exerted a powerful force on Lin Yao's body. This was why a storm was stirred up several meters away when the sword was drawn.

Apart from the surge of energy, the outburst of vital energy also increased Lin Yao's sword-drawing speed, thus surpassing his previous speed. If he got into a fight with an ordinary person, they would die upon seeing the flash of the sword.

This was the essence of the Sword-Drawing Technique—extreme speed, powerful force, sudden attack, and a ruthless mind.

However, although the Sword-Drawing Technique was powerful this time, Lin Yao was still a bit dissatisfied.

'I am still too slow. If my speed reaches a certain limit and I master a special method, the Sword-Drawing Technique will not stir up a storm but a sword pressure similar to a sword aura.'

Of course, Lin Yao still had a distance to cross before achieving that. He had to master killer moves or advance to a warlord before he could make use of the killer moves or the physique of a warlord to unleash a sword pressure similar to a sword aura.

'Although I could not unleash a sword aura, it is still considered good enough that I succeeded at once. I was right back then. Since I obtained combat skills a bit earlier, I acquired combat skills at the martial artist level as soon as I broke through to a martial artist. I will definitely be among the top three in the class this time.'

Lin Yao was very confident. However, he remembered that his best friend had been having special training during the break. It was impossible for others to make no progress. Lin Yao had only mastered one vital energy Sword-Drawing Technique, so he could not help but feel worried. However, he felt assured the next instant.

'Fortunately, my Sword-Drawing Technique is at the gold level. The simple Sword-Drawing Technique is at the iron level, while the vital energy Sword-Drawing Technique is at the silver level. Now, I will try the gold Sword-Drawing Technique. The person who came up with this concept is a genius.'

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With this thought in mind, Lin Yao was about to practice his Sword-Drawing Technique again. This time, he used light attributes to release the Clear Mirror Sword-Drawing Technique.

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