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14.81% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 24: Fighting, Practicing, Nurturing, Killing

Fighting, Practicing, Nurturing, Killing - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 24 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 24: Fighting, Practicing, Nurturing, Killing

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Two bottles? Why don't you keep one for yourself?"

His parents returned after a busy day and commented upon getting home.

They seemed to want to say something when Lin Yao took out his nutrition drink to share it with Lin Ye and Lin Xiaodie. However, they remained silent.

All of them were their children. They valued Lin Yao, but they also loved Lin Ye and Lin Xiaodie.

In the end, Lin Yao's father took out a bank card and passed it to him.

"There is 100,000 yuan in it. Take it."

"Dad, like I said, I am not short of money now. Didn't I go to register my talent today? The state subsidy amounts to tens of thousands of yuan. You two can take it easy now."

"Nonsense! We are used to being busy. It's good to exercise more. Besides, don't think that I know nothing. A martial artist's expenses are very high. The more money you have, the better."

Upon saying that, he forced the bank card into Lin Yao's hand.

When he saw the stubborn expression on his parents' faces, Lin Yao sighed. He knew that there was no way to say no to them.

'Oh, these family's ties… I remember that I have two chances to apply for gold treasures. One chance can be kept in exchange for the treasure, and the other can be used. I should ask Chief Shi for help. Perhaps, my parents can take on easier jobs.'

Lin Yao's parents worked in a state-owned enterprise, which was not under the Abnormal Ability Department. However, given the power of the Abnormal Ability Department, it should be easy to lend some help to Lin Yao's parents.

At the same time, if he sought help from Chief Shi, it would mean that he intended to join the Abnormal Ability Department after his graduation.

Lin Yao had deliberated this seriously before making this decision. In China, the most powerful force was the army, and the next strongest one would be the Abnormal Ability Department.

At the beginning of the Spirit Energy Revival, the Abnormal Ability Department had controlled everything abnormal.

This department was similar to the spirit energy novels in the past, when the government had assigned a large number of elites to join forces and work together.

Although this department no longer held absolute power due to the gradual maturity of the Spirit Energy Revival, it was still responsible for managing talent. Therefore, there had to be a lot of powerhouses and treasures within it.

Most importantly, there was a lot of freedom over there.

'A gold treasure in exchange for a more carefree life for my parents. It's worth it.'

Now that he had a plan in mind, Lin Yao accepted the 100,000 yuan.

'I'm worried about my parents, and my parents are also thinking of ways to raise money for me. This is really a family… I have a strong feeling that this body is my body in the parallel world, and my parents have similar personalities.'

Lin Yao thought of something else and felt worried.

"Dad, Mom, how did you raise so much money? How did you manage to borrow 100,000 yuan in a day? I hope you did not get it from a loan shark."


Lin Yao's mother gave him a hard knock on the head. She put her hands on her waist and reprimanded him. "Nonsense! There's no way we would dare to do that."

After scolding Lin Yao, she smiled again. "I know what you are worried about. Borrowing money was naturally difficult in the past, but now that everyone knows that you have talent and we are raising money for your cultivation, it is much easier to borrow money. If we weren't afraid of causing you trouble, we could have raised more money."


It turned out that he was the main reason.

In the end, Lin Yao did not return the 100,000 yuan to his parents. This was a result of their effort. Lin Yao was determined to use the gold resources so that his parents could lead an easier life.

As for the so-called gold resources, there were actually treasures, elixirs, and even special equipment produced in the secret realm. In short, they were very useful.

Since it was nighttime, the training effect dropped drastically. It was only one-tenth of the usual training efficiency, and he could not train for long. Therefore, Lin Yao decided not to train at all.

Of course, he did not have fun. Instead, he revised his homework. At the same time, he also watched some videos of martial artists fighting online.

The martial artist profession was a fighting profession. One not only needed to practice, but one also required combat skills.

The country was very safe, and it would pose a hidden threat if minors mastered lethal abilities. Therefore, people under the age of 16 could not learn offensive combat skills. The military boxing techniques also focused mainly on defensive and capturing techniques.

However, Lin Yao was already in his third year of high school and could learn combat skills.

Unfortunately, other than martial artists, no one was capable of integrating spirit energy into the body. Besides, in this world, the more advanced combat skills were all related to spirit energy. Hence, Lin Yao had not learned them in the past. Instead, he had focused on training his body.

"The body is the root of everything. When one's physical fitness is 100 times that of other people's fitness, one's moves and strokes will be unstoppable. Therefore, all of you should concentrate on the training methods. We can proceed to the moves later."

"Fighting", "practicing", "nurturing", and "killing" were the four major classifications of martial arts in this era.

"Fighting" was easy to understand. It was about fighting and the method of combat.

"Practicing" referred to training one's body and improving one's physical fitness. This was also the most important of all methods, and military boxing was such an example.

"Nurturing" focused more on one's spirit and one's recovery ability. Tai Chi, the Pre-Heaven Skill, and more ancient martial arts belonged to this category. Some other strange abilities were also classified in this category.

The last one was "killing". Strictly speaking, killing and fighting had the same meaning, and both were about fighting methods and moves.

However, the reason they were listed separately was because "killing" represented the killing move, which was the ultimate strike.

Reality was different from games. Naturally, there was no CD1. One could use lethal moves continuously.

However, there were very few people who could use the ultimate strike continuously.

This ability was called the killing move, as it gathered one's full strength. One could even release a high-level attack despite being at a lower level.

Such a tactic was naturally very powerful, but its energy consumption was also indescribable.

There had been rumors before the Spirit Energy Revival that some people had unleashed their potential and pushed cars away, or they had unleashed their ultimate strength to catch hold of their family members, who had fallen from a high place.

Regardless of whether this had been done in the past or not, with the introduction of spirit energy, it was possible for human beings to unleash their full potential.

However, the body could not keep up with it and would tear its muscles, thus causing one to suffer serious injuries. After the outburst of energy, one would inevitably weaken or even be rendered motionless.

"Killing" was similar to this. It was one's ultimate move.

In short, "fighting" was the combat skill that could be used continuously, and "killing" was the combat skill that was one's trump card.

Of course, "killing" meant much more. One had to understand its profound meaning. However, since Lin Yao had not practiced any killing moves, there was no way he could fully understand it.

Lin Yao, who was already considered an adult, wondered about the combat after the Spirit Energy Festival and browsed the battles of the geniuses online. It was time he learned a combat technique.

'Strictly speaking, it's best to learn fighting skills after becoming a martial artist. After all, the more advanced fighting skills require the use of spirit energy. I don't have time for that. Even if everything goes well, I will only become a martial artist before the Spirit Energy Festival ends. By then, there will not be enough time for me to master a combat skill.'

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'I will redeem the gold combat skills of my quota tomorrow and start practicing.'

  1. In gaming, CD means Cooldown, which refers to the period that a player has to wait before being able to use certain abilities and items again.

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