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3.7% I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart / Chapter 6: I Don't Want To Plant Trees!

I Don't Want To Plant Trees! - I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart - Chapter 6 by King of Torch full book limited free

Chapter 6: I Don't Want To Plant Trees!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Would you believe me if I said that this is a misunderstanding?"


Lin Yao had a bitter smile on his face. An angry Yan Yan directed a powerful aura at him. A chill covered the sky and the earth, resulting in a loud boom, and frost formed on the ground. Lin Yao began to shiver due to Yan Yan's icy presence and her freezing talent. It was obvious that the girl next to him was very furious.

"Lin Yao, things have come to this stage, yet you still won't admit that you are wrong. You are really shameful. To think that I still thought you were a good person this morning."

The Ice Snow Princess sneered, radiating a menacing aura. Lin Yao quickly said, "You should not be rash. If you dare beat me, I will not take it lying down. This will be considered a brawl. You'd have to compensate me for my injuries and you might even go to jail. Remember, a life for a life."

"I have money. Besides, it's alright to beat up a stalker."

Lin Yao was at a loss for words. Just as a brutal fight was about to break out, the gentle Qin Xue grabbed Yan Yan's arm to stop her.

"Yan Yan, don't do this. Let's just ignore him."

"We must not let such a stalker go. Xiaoxue, you haven't become a martial artist. What if something had gone wrong?"

"Indeed, the wicked must be punished. Your gentleness is irresponsible and harmful to you."

Qin Xue was stunned. Yan Yan looked at Lin Yao with a shocked expression as well. They were shocked to hear those words come from Lin Yao's mouth.

Yan Yan prided herself on being smart. However, she had no idea what Lin Yao was up to.

He had said that everything was a misunderstanding in the morning and that students should focus on their studies. However, in the evening, he had stalked Qin Xue to the orphanage. Just as she had been about to strike and had been stopped by Xiaoxue, he had taken her side and argued with Xiaoxue. The smart icy fairy was confused by his sudden change of attitude.

As for Qin Xue, she kept looking at him angrily.

"You big liar, I'm helping you, but you lectured me instead. I shall ignore you in the future."

As she was speaking, Qin Xue dragged Yan Yan away from Lin Yao and went to another part of the orphanage to help out. Lin Yao felt relieved upon watching their departure.

'I am sure I didn't read the almanac before I went out today. This is such an unlucky day.'

As he had said earlier, this was indeed a misunderstanding. No, it could not be considered a misunderstanding. It was true that Lin Yao had wanted to go to the orphanage. However, his reason for going here was not wooing a girl but improving his capabilities.

What had happened this morning had a rippling effect. The news that Lin Yao had left the city after a failed love confession had spread at school.

His reputation was in tatters. After all, everyone believed that Lin Yao had left the city alone after a failed love confession in order to intimidate kind-hearted Qin Xue into reciprocating his love. This was indeed not something a man should do.

Fortunately, compared to Japan, bullying was not as serious in China. Besides, the girl that Lin Yao liked was not a top genius. Although other people detested him, they merely stopped talking to him. It was still bearable.

However, his neighbor Zhang Heng blamed himself for this. This enthusiastic guy was quick to act but was not very smart.

After realizing that he had made matters worse, he'd kept apologizing to Lin Yao. In order to help Lin Yao gain the girl's affection, he had even asked around for more information.

After a lunch break at the end of the morning classes, he had really discovered something useful.

"Buddy, I was informed that Qin Xue and Yan Yan volunteer at the orphanage every week. The two of them met while doing volunteer work. If you want to continue to woo Qin Xue, you should volunteer there as well."

Lin Yao was troubled by Zhang Heng's behavior. "Like I've said, it was just a misunderstanding. I have already let it go. Now, all I want to do is study, study, and study. I am not interested in other things. I don't know how to be a volunteer either… Wait, volunteer!"

When Zhang Heng had first mentioned volunteering, Lin Yao had not cared much for it. However, he had soon thought of something and his eyes had suddenly lit up.

'From a certain perspective, The Ant Forest is like planting trees in the desert. This is a kind of environmental protection. According to a high-sounding way of putting it, environmental protection is protecting the natural environment, the mountains and rivers, animals and plants, and Mother Earth. However, this is actually somewhat of a weak statement. The fundamental reason humans protect the environment is actually for themselves.

'This is because the Blue Planet is the only existing home humans know, and the harsh environment is harmful to the human body and not conducive to future development. Therefore, humans will work to protect the environment. As for the protection of the earth, this is a joke. The original Blue Planet had no living beings. Right now, all organisms living in this ecosystem are likely the Blue Planet's germs.'

Protecting the Blue Planet seemed like an empty statement. However, it would sound practical if it helped manage the environment for the future development of mankind.

That was why the Ant Forest was there. The big boss had responded to the country's call to plant trees in the desert. This was also meant to prevent soil erosion and transform the desert into an oasis. All these changes had been made so that mankind could lead a better life and obtain more of the available territories.

'So the nature of The Ant Forest is not about planting trees. It's a part of social security. I feel that the best way to grow a small sapling is not by killing or planting trees in the restricted desert area but by making some contributions to mankind.'

All these had been Lin Yao's conjectures. However, he'd been 80% certain that he was right.

With this idea in mind, after school had ended in the afternoon, Lin Yao had gone directly to volunteer at the orphanage. This was the most convenient way to contribute to mankind.

'If I succeed this time, my Golden Finger will be activated.'

Very soon, Lin Yao would be able to activate the Golden Finger. However, Lin Yao had been so excited that he had forgotten that the reason he had thought of going to that place was because Zhang Heng had told him so when he'd been inquiring about Qin Xue.

Therefore, it was not very surprising that Lin Yao had met Qin Xue and Yan Yan at the orphanage and had that conversation with them.

'This is really a misunderstanding. Forget it, I shall ignore them and mind my own business.'

He had a busy day at the orphanage. Although he had not become a martial artist, Lin Yao was able to complete most of the work with ease due to his strong physique.

In fact, Lin Yao did not feel tired even after working late into the night.

The only thing he was upset about was that due to the Spirit Energy Revival, there were fierce beasts everywhere. There were also many orphans in the orphanage. Since all of them were humans, Lin Yao could not help but feel down at the sight of these pitiful children.

'Hmm, I hope everything will be fine in the world.'

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It was already dark when he returned home from the orphanage. After eating a large pot of meat left by his parents, Lin Yao first practiced military boxing in his room.

After three consecutive rounds, his body was exhausted to its limits. Lin Yao had another bath to calm his body and mind. He then closed his eyes and rested, sinking into the Sea of ​​Consciousness and looking at himself inwardly.

This time, Lin Yao was surprised to see that, other than a small sapling in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, a faint green dot with one gram written on it was floating directly above the small sapling.

'Is this… an energy ball? It seems that being a volunteer can really provide energy.'

Lin Yao felt excited at the sudden increase in energy. He finally saw the possibility of overtaking the top geniuses on the curve.

His joy about seeing the young sapling aside, the energy from the sapling might have activated the system. When his consciousness sank into the young sapling, an interface appeared in front of Lin Yao.

[Lin Yao]

[Race: Human]

[Age: 17]

[Techniques Practiced: 13th Military Boxing]

[Realm: Ordinary Person, Human Body Limit (89.37%)]

The interface was very simple but it was considered a system.

'There is a system. There is energy. Could this be a dark blue1 point system? I am about to take off!'

'Dark blue points… No, a system that adds points.'

There would come a day when the Roc would finally move up with the wind, flying to the highest sky. Upon looking at the system interface and the energy points on it, Lin Yao felt that a bright future was waiting for him.

He even thought of relying on adding points to obtain super high attributes and then becoming invincible.

However, an instant later, Lin Yao felt disheartened. It was true that he had energy. However, although there was one gram and an interface, Lin Yao did not see any button on the interface that he could use to add points. It was useless to command it by using his consciousness.

After spending a long time using all kinds of methods in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, Lin Yao finally found the function of the energy light spot by touching a green light ball.

However, this only marked the start of Lin Yao's disappointment.

[Ding! Prompt: The host does not have enough energy points. There is no seed either. A minimum of 100 grams of energy is required to plant a tree or fruit in the Sea of Consciousness.]

'Plant a tree? The purpose of my system is to work hard to accumulate 100 energy points to plant a tree in the Sea of ​​Consciousness?'

He remembered that the original function of The Ant Forest was to accumulate energy points to plant trees in the desert. This function had not changed in the slightest even after transmigration. Lin Yao felt as depressed as though he was suffocating.

'This function is very stable. Why can't it undergo slight changes? No, there are still some changes. Originally, after accumulating points by yourself, a certain big boss would help you plant trees. Right now, one has to find the tree species by oneself and plant a tree in one's Sea of ​​Consciousness.'


  1. This is a reference to Way of the Devil's system.

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