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I Have A Special Cultivation Talent I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Author: Silent Sausage

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Technique Selection For Aspirant Cultivators

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

White Cloud City was located west of the Pulao Kingdom. A barren wasteland surrounded the city for hundreds of kilometers.

The outside and inside sections of the city were like two different worlds. The outside was barren, while the inside of the city was like spring all year round.

In White Cloud City, at Green Stone Plaza in the Aspirant Cultivators Academy, 3,000 aspirant cultivators were gathered. They were all just young children.

In the academy, Master Ge stood at the front of the plaza and slowly said, "Today is the day when you will officially choose your techniques to train. As aspirant cultivators, you should all be diligent in your cultivation and work hard to induct Qi into your bodies as soon as possible. The first ten to do so will receive elixirs as rewards."

His voice was soft and gentle, but it could be heard throughout the plaza and rang in the ears of the aspirant cultivators. It was as though he was talking to them face-to-face.

Not only were his words clear, but also they stirred up the spirits of those present, causing them to focus their attention on him.

The aspirant cultivators had solemn expressions on their faces, but their eyes revealed innate desire.

The elixir rewards that Master Ge mentioned were extremely precious items that were hard to come by. These rewards were very enticing.

"Let the technique selection begin!" announced Master Ge.

"Aspirant cultivators, line up according to your respective attributes."

Under the instruction of the other masters, 3,000 aspirant cultivators immediately formed five lines.

Metal, wood, water, fire and earth—the five elements were all represented here.

Chen Jingzhai wore the long white robe of an aspirant cultivator as he stood in the line of those with an earth attribute.

His expression was calm and indifferent, while his eyes were as brilliant as stars as he looked toward the front of the lines.

Up in front, next to the masters, were three children that were about his size. They were around 12 to 13 years old and did not seem any different from everyone else.

However, these three did not need to line up. With chins raised, all three had a look of pride on their faces.

"Jingzhai, stop staring! Those three are geniuses that possess celestial bones. They will certainly be admitted into a celestial clan. We had better work our way up by practicing diligently."

Behind Chen Jingzhai was Ling Wuque who patted him on the shoulder when he said all these in a hushed tone.

"I know," Chen Jingzhai replied as he retracted his gaze, his eyes revealing a confused look.

Having transmigrated to this world 12 years ago, he initially believed that he could use his previous life's experience to rise up quickly in this world.

He never imagined that there were Celestials in this world. They had long lives and could see things far into the distance. They could move mountains and seas, causing the heavens and earth to change colors.

Even with the memories of his previous life, he could not do anything. He could only bide his time.

When he was six years old, he was sent to the Aspirant Cultivators Examination by his father.

Fortunately, it was found that he had a spirit root.

Although he only had a metal, wood, and fire three-element spirit root, it qualified him to be an aspirant cultivator.

Overnight, his little family's world was turned upside down.

His father, who was originally a mere policeman, was made provincial magistrate in the provincial government.

The Pulao Kingdom rewarded them with gold and silver, bestowed them with land, and exempted them from paying taxes.

Since Chen Jingzhai was the only aspirant cultivator in the province, he was considered a celebrity there.

He initially believed that spirit roots were hard to come by and that becoming an aspirant cultivator was a big deal.

However, to his disappointment, he learned that this was not the truth after he passed the Aspirant Cultivators Examination and was sent to White Cloud City.

The Pulao Kingdom held the Aspirant Cultivators Examination every year. 

In a good year, there would be close to 10,000 aspirant cultivators. 

If not, at the very least, there were around 1,000.

The year when Chen Jingzhai passed the examination, there were 3,000 other aspirant cultivators who were admitted into the academy along with him. This number was considered very average.

However, for there to be three aspirant cultivators with celestial bones among the 3,000 was extraordinary.

Chen Jingzhai still recalled the time when it was confirmed that three aspirant cultivators had celestial bones, Master Ge was obviously over the moon.

For Chen Jingzhai, the look of astonishment and surprise on Master Ge's face was like a stab to the heart.

How wonderful his life would be if he had celestial bones!

Chen Jingzhai subconsciously clenched his fists when he thought of this, dissatisfaction glinting in his eyes.

Cultivation required skills. What were these skills?

Spirit roots were the qualifications. Celestial bones were the qualifications. It came down to talent.

Chen Jingzhai had a three-element spirit root and thus was only considered average.

He was at least stronger than someone with a five-element spirit root and better off than an aspirant cultivator with a four-element spirit root.

However, he could not compare with a person who had a two-element spirit root. It was even more difficult to compare with one with a single-element spirit root, which was also known as a heaven spirit root.

He fell short of the best but was better than the worst. In the end, he could only be considered average.

As for those with celestial bones, they were comparable to heaven spirit roots.

The Aspirant Cultivators Academy of White Cloud City had not had an aspirant cultivator with a heaven spirit root in 300 years.

There were many with two-element spirit roots. For instance, in this cohort, there were six of them with two-element spirit roots.

They were at the very front of the line and were the first to obtain their techniques.

As for Chen Jingzhai, other than not having celestial bones, he did not even possess a two-element spirit root. 

And this depressed Chen Jingzhai. He felt suffocated and distressed.

After entering the Aspirant Cultivators Academy, he did not dare to relax for even a moment. He was forced to do so because of his skills.

He did not wish to be beneath others, so he naturally had to face the pressure!

The line slowly advanced. After five minutes, it was finally Chen Jingzhai's turn.

Before him were three manuscripts. They were for three different techniques.

"The Rock Technique, Magma Technique, and Mudflow Technique—do you know about all of them?" asked the master before him.

"I already know about them," answered Chen Jingzhai. "I choose the Rock Technique!"

"Once you have chosen, you cannot change your choice," the master warned calmly.

"I understand!" replied Chen Jingzhai as he bowed. He then accepted the manuscript.

Inducting Qi into one's body was the first step of cultivation.

Jade slips were precious, so they were not used to record techniques that were of the level of inducting Qi into one's body.

Chen Jingzhai was not in a hurry to cultivate. Instead, he stood to one side and waited for Ling Wuque.

Ling Wuque was Chen Jingzhai's friend for six years in White Cloud City.

Not only were they close, but also they stayed in the same house at the Aspirant Cultivators Academy.

He was right behind Chen Jingzhai in the line, so he naturally received his technique very quickly.

"I chose the Mudflow Technique. What about you?" asked Ling Wuque excitedly.

"I chose the Rock Technique," answered Chen Jingzhai.

"Although that is not surprising, you sure are stubborn," said Ling Wuque with a sigh.

All three techniques were primarily earth attribute techniques.

The Rock Technique was a pure earth attribute technique. It was the most difficult to learn.

The Magma Technique was an earth and fire dual-attribute technique.

The Mudflow Technique was an earth and water dual-attribute technique.

Ling Wuque chose the Mudflow Technique because he had a metal, earth, and water three-element spirit root.

The Mudflow Technique was very suitable for Ling Wuque.

Chen Jingzhai had a metal, fire, and earth three-element spirit root. He could have chosen the Magma Technique.

Chen Jingzhai explained, "After we entered the academy, we spent three years learning to read and write and another three reciting scripture. We have long mastered the knowledge about cultivation. Master once said that specializing is the key to cultivation."

Ling Wuque retorted, "With a single-attribute technique, the spiritual power you cultivate will naturally be pure. However, it is a slow process! Don't forget, we only have four years left in the academy. After four years, if we cannot break through to the Meditation Plane, we won't be chosen by the celestial clans."

He then reminded Chen Jingzhai softly, "When that day comes, how is it any different from being reduced to a commoner?"

The aspirant cultivators in the academy would have a grand examination when they turned 16.

When they reached 16 years of age, masters from the celestial clans would come to recruit disciples.

As long as their cultivation was up to standard or their skills were acceptable, they would be recruited.

For the three aspirant cultivators with celestial bones, even if they did not cultivate, they were certain to join a celestial clan.

As for aspirant cultivators like them with three-element spirit roots, it was different.

There were too many of them, making the competition was too fierce. If they did not cultivate properly, they would be eliminated.

The aspirant cultivators who were eliminated would be recruited by the Pulao Kingdom.

Even though the kingdom would not take back what they had rewarded, those who failed would still lose face.

Most importantly, they would lose the opportunity to join a celestial clan.

"I have a plan. Let's go. Let's head back to memorize our techniques first," said Chen Jingzhai as he turned to leave.

Ling Wuque quickly followed behind.

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