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47.5% I Have Awesome Luck / Chapter 19: 190% Luck

190% Luck - I Have Awesome Luck - Chapter 19 by Wu Xin 1008 full book limited free

Chapter 19: 190% Luck

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The onlookers who walked by and got involved, and the old lottery buyers were all driven by Li Muyao and bought some scratch cards. After all, the scratch cards were cheap, only 2 yuan each.

However, nobody got any gold ingots after Li Muyao!

Everyone kept scratching as they opened their ears to listen to the conversation between the shop owner and the brother and sister.

"Boss, come and check us out. Sister Yao got three scratch cards with five gold ingots, six with four gold ingots, twelve with three gold ingots, thirty-two with two gold ingots, and forty-seven with one gold ingot.

"If we redeem all of them, we'll get a total of 13755 yuan.

"I have here one ticket with four gold ingots, ten with two gold ingots, and eleven with one gold ingot. They can redeem 645 yuan altogether.

"Right, if Sister Yao needs to pay the tax, deduct it from mine!"

When Color Hair reported the amount of money they got, everyone in the shop gasped. They couldn't believe that someone would truly be able to win more than ten thousand yuan of rewards by scratching scratch cards!

The shop owner was especially emotional. He knew how low the possibility of winning a lottery and getting a reward from a scratch card issued in the form of public welfare was. And today, he encountered a great God of Wealth!

"We're neighbors. I can afford the little amount of tax. Color Hair, your calculation is correct. Can I take a photo first? I'll then go to withdraw money from the bank. Can you wait for me for a few minutes?"

The lottery shop wasn't big and not many people came to buy lottery tickets. Although the shop owner could sell a couple hundred scratch cards like this every day, not a lot of them had won the grand prize. This was the first time the shop owner had ever encountered someone with super good fortune in money like Color Hair and Li Muyao, so the shop didn't have enough cash.

"Sure, we can wait here for you."

Color Hair and Li Muyao certainly had no problem with that. At first, they only wanted to come over and buy some scratch cards for fun today. They had never thought they would win the grand prizes.

That was completely out of their expectation!

When the shop owner was about to head out, the other lottery buyers stopped him. "Boss, don't go anywhere yet. Are you sure the girl and the boy really bought the scratch cards from your shop?

"Is this really not a show for us, so you can swindle us out of our money?"

Such a coincidence made these people think more. After all, everyone in the shop bought the scratch cards as well, but none of them won. On the other hand, Li Muyao got gold ingots on every single one of all one hundred scratch cards. This problem was way too glaring, wasn't it?

The shop owner certainly disagreed and was unhappy after people slandered him and doubted his credibility when doing business!

"My shop has been operating for more than ten years. I've never done anything to deceive anyone. If you don't trust me, you can call the police! Come on, pretty girl. Come here and pick one. Show everyone I didn't work with you guys to lie to them!"

"You're talking like I don't need to take my money out for them to redeem their prizes!"

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The shop owner was furious. He had been running this lottery shop for more than a decade and today was the first time his customers got such a huge prize. He was even thinking of calling the headquarters after redeeming the prizes and getting himself some rewards.

However, these customers suspected him of manipulating the results, which truly made him enraged!

"You've misunderstood the shop owner. He really didn't work with us to deceive you. We really bought the scratch cards and scratched them one by one ourselves!" Li Muyao kept letting Color Hair talk to the shop owner because they knew each other and the shop owner wouldn't dare to welch on the money or cheat. And now, he was so generous that he didn't even charge them tax.

Li Muyao certainly had to step up and help the shop owner. Of course, she also wanted to verify if her guess was right.

Li Muyao took another ten yuan out and gave it to the shop owner. She then picked five scratch cards randomly from the box where everyone else got theirs from. In front of everyone's eyes, she started to scratch the tickets live.

All five of them had gold ingots without an exception. Although there were only two gold ingots, this was enough to astonish everyone around.

"See, I told you this pretty girl is lucky today. Fortune from the God of Wealth has fallen on her. She wins effortlessly no matter what she buys! How would I possibly lie to you? You just don't have the luck for money!" The shop owner praised Li Muyao so much that he almost took her to the entrance as a live advertisement.

Someone still couldn't believe it and he ran to Li Muyao. "Pretty girl, scratch this ticket for me. I bought twenty-five but didn't get any gold ingots at all after scratching twenty-four of them. Can you help me with the last one?'

Li Muyao took the ticket and scratched it with a coin!

"Argh!! I won two gold ingots! Boss, I trust you now. This pretty girl has truly been blessed by the God of Wealth."

After that customer tried it, the others also wanted to try it. While Li Muyao and Color Hair were waiting for the shop owner to withdraw money from the bank, Li Muyao scratched one ticket for everyone. Each of them had one or two gold ingots.

"Stop, stop, stop!! Sister Yao has already given each of you some luck for one of your scratch cards. Don't be too greedy!" Color Hair thought he and Sister Yao would never be able to get back to the salon if this continued.

Those people were really greedy. Sister Yao had already helped them scratch one ticket and they still wanted her to continue.

Not only that, some of them even wanted Sister Yao to choose some numbers for them to buy in a lottery. Did they really think Sister Yao was a pushover?

"I'm sorry, guys. I'm not entering a lottery. What happened today was just a coincidence. We work at Wanhua Beauty Salon just opposite this shop. If you want to get a haircut or shampoo your hair in the future, you can come to our shop. However, I'm afraid we can't help you with anything else."

After helping the others win consecutively, Li Muyao confirmed that she was indeed a bit lucky.

If it wasn't because these people were surrounding her, she would have truly bought a few tickets for the lottery draw to try it out.

And yet, Li Muyao knew that even good fortune had a limit. Luck was like time. The more she used, the less she had.

"Alright, alright, pretty girl, did you make any good investments recently? Or have you bought any financial products?" Some people still weren't willing to give up. They kept asking Li Muyao if there were other ways of making money, so they could follow her and benefit from her luck.

"You people are too greedy. However, Sister Yao recently bought stocks at the newly opened securities company right in the front. If you really want to benefit from her luck, you should go to ask the managers of the securities company. We invested in the companies the managers recommended and the stocks did rise a little lately.

"When you go there, tell them Color Hair introduced you. They'll surely recommend some good stocks to you."

After hearing what Color Hair said, the people around Li Muyao all came to Color Hair and asked for more details.

There was finally some space around Li Muyao and she was also relieved. She sighed in her heart silently. Countless people dreamt of becoming rich, taking shortcuts, and thinking about beautiful dreams where pies fell from the sky at any time!

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