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Chapter 1: Prologue

* Aaahhh *

An Asian boy with short black hair and black eyes yawned as he woke up and got out of his bed. He is only 10 years old. He has an average height for children his age. And his appearance is just normal, he is neither handsome nor ugly, he is only average.

'Good morning to you, you fucking kid.'

The boy was greeted by a voice that came from inside his head.

"Yes, good morning to you also your shit kitsune."

(Author's note: Kitsune means fox in Japanese.)

The two greet each other with insults is not at all abnormal, in fact the two have been doing this for over 3 years. The boy showed no resentment or anger at this and the voice inside the boy's head was the same.

The boy soon went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. When the boy left the bathroom he heard a woman's voice calling him.

"Ryusuke come down here, breakfast is ready."

"I understand Sakura-san, I'm coming down." the boy named Ryusuke replied back. He already left the room and went down the stairs.

When Ryusuke arrived in the kitchen he saw breakfast already placed on the table and that there was a woman dressed as a miko (priestess) putting the finishing touches on the table adding two rice dumplings.

This woman appeared to be about twenty years old, she has long pink hair that reaches the waist, light purple eyes and she is also wearing a miko outfit. She also two long fox ears over her head.

(image is here.)

"Good morning Ryusuke, it looks like you had a good night's sleep to get up early."

The woman noticed Ryusuke's arrival and greeted him with a polite smile.

"Haha was no big deal Sakura-san, I just watch something funny before I go to sleep." Ryusuke spoke while scratching the back of his head with a fun smile.

'Oh yeah, then use Jizo Mitama to hack bank accounts of corrupt politicians while you throw all the evidence of your actions to the police just to watch the politicians show themselves shitting with fear because of the police knocking on their door was a lot of fun. ' the voice inside the boy's head spoke in a tone of amusement.

'What a surprise, it is very rare for you to support some of my actions.' Ryusuke spoke a little surprised in his own mind.

'Speaking sincerely you are not a bad host in my opinion, after all you have no intention of using my powers for the good of humanity. After all, you did this show purely to see politicians screwing up in the hands of the police. With no money he is unable to pay a good lawyer so he is sure to spend several years in a crowded prison. Hahaha...'

* sigh * 'but it is a pity that you do not want to destroy the scum known as humanity. By the way, did you really need to donate most of these politicians' money to charities and orphanages around the world? This is really a useless waste of money and you know it. ' the voice spoke with dissatisfaction and curiosity.

'Ah about that? Long before Sakura-san became my legal guardian I used to be an orphan so I know the difficulties that other children go through...' Ryusuke started to explain but was interrupted.

'I want the real reason and not a hypocritical lie.' the voice spoke.

'Okay, it was because I wanted to avoid any Sakura-san sermon if she found out that I used a divine key to screw politicians. If Sakura-san finds out what I did then I could use the excuse that I stole from the rich to donate to the poor just as Kallen-san did in the past. That way I would be able to avoid a serious Sakura-san sermon, after all if she criticizes me for it then she will also be criticizing Kallen-san, and she definitely won't want to do that.' Ryusuke spoke to the voice regardless of appearances.

'You really suck, aren't you? I don't understand why our God allowed you to have the powers of Herrscher of Binding even when you are not following Honkai's will.' the voice spoke with a little doubt.

'You are not the only one who thinks so, I also do not understand why the cousin of Truth simply appeared in my dreams and put the Herrscher of Binding stigma on me. It is also strange that I have not heard any Honkai voice so far.' Ryusuke spoke with a slight trace of concern for not being able to understand the intentions of God Honkai.

Ryusuke saw that the woman was looking at him with a complicated look that showed concern and guilt.

"Were you talking to her?" Sakura reluctantly asked in a concerned tone.

"Yes, I was talking to her. In fact, she keeps talking to me, it must be difficult to be a lonely child with no attention..." Ryusuke responded with a little joke.

'Fuck you, you shit!!!' the voice spoke angrily in Ryusuke's mind.

"I see, Ryusuke I'm sorry... Because of me you have to put up with such a great burden that what you want is just a peaceful life... I really ... "Sakura started talking more quickly interrupted by Ryusuke.

"Sakura-san... I told you that three years ago and I will repeat it again."

"What really matters is not what others want you to do but what you want to do yourself. All the risks and consequences of my choices that day... I understood everything."

"So you don't have to apologize and blame yourself because none of this is your fault. This all resulted from the choices of my own actions and decisions that I myself made." Ryusuke spoke as he crossed his arms with a small smile to reassure Sakura.

* sigh * "Honestly I don't know who the adult is and who the child is in this house." Sakura spoke with an ironic smile trying to cheer up.

"Yeah, right? I still remember the day you called the television a magic mirror when you first saw it." Ryusuke spoke with a small playful smile when he remembered that day.

"Please don't talk about it, this is in the past!" Sakura with a red face of shame for remembering that embarrassing moment.

"Look at the time, if you don't eat soon you will be late for school." Sakura spoke desperately trying to change the subject.

Ryusuke knows that she was trying to change the subject and didn't care about that. Soon the two people sat at the table and started eating breakfast.

Ryusuke finished breakfast and got up.

"I'm already going to Sakura-san." Ryusuke spoke while he took his school backpack and went to the door.

"Yes, go carefully." Sakura spoke with a polite smile.

'It's been 5 years since I recovered the memories of my past life, and I was sincerely horrified to learn that I was in the apocalyptic world known as Honkai Impact.'

'Even though my first wish was absolute luck, it seems that I did badly for being reincarnated in this world. And the worst thing is that I have already attracted the attention of God Honkai... * sigh * Fortunately I can use the powers of Herrscher of Binding to hide the Honkai energy that is inside my body, in this way Schicksal and Anti-Entropy as well as the World Serpent will not be able to detect my existence, the same goes for Sakura-san.'

* sigh *

"I just wanted to have a peaceful life, so why did I become a Herrscher?" Ryusuke complained softly and a little depressed to see that his future will be quite bleak.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Author's note.

Hi guys this is a new fanfic that I'm writing. This fanfic will be focused on the honkai impact. I will also make some minor changes to the characters' plot and add some characters from other Mihoyo works.

That's it for now even more.

Jovictor Jovictor

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