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Chapter 40: He Protected Golden Cloud City

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In the pitch-black cave, the atmosphere was a little stiff and heavy.

Cai Zuo, who had been a deacon for a long time, had not encountered such a troublesome matter for a long time.

"He died again!"

In the darkness, his expression was ugly. He clenched his fists and frowned tightly. He did not expect that the second bounty hunter would not survive a night after entering Golden Cloud City.

"Could it be that this anonymous night patroller really has the ability to see through our disguise?"

Even though he felt that it was ridiculous, with the death of the second bounty hunter, this point had basically been verified. However, he was still in disbelief.

After all, since the establishment of the Senluo Organization, bounty hunters had almost always succeeded in assassinating people in the Seven Star Province.

No one had ever seen through their disguise. It made it hard for him to believe anyone could do that.

"How did this person do it?" Cai Zuo felt frustrated. They thought that the Night Patrol Division was deliberately scaring them. They didn't expect that this night patroller who didn't want to reveal his name actually had the ability to kill them.

"No matter what, we can't go to Golden Cloud City again!" He sighed and made a helpless decision.

At this moment, the bounty hunters gathered in the cave were also discussing this matter.

"I don't think this night patroller can see through our disguise. This must be a coincidence!"

There were a few bounty hunters who were quite stubborn. They felt that with their powerful disguise abilities, it was impossible for them to be seen through. It must be caused by other factors.

"The first time was a coincidence. Could it be that the second time was also a coincidence?"

There were also some bounty hunters with relatively clear heads who knew that it couldn't be a coincidence that the other party had killed them twice.

"Regardless of whether this unnamed night patroller can see through our disguise, this person has already posed a certain threat to us bounty hunters. I think… our top priority is to think of a way to get rid of this night patroller! We have to kill this kind of person as soon as possible. Otherwise, there will be endless trouble in the future!" A tall bounty hunter suggested.

"You mean to continue the assassination in Golden Cloud City?" Another bounty hunter in the shadows asked in confusion.

"It won't work." Cai Zuo directly rejected it. "If the other party can really see through our disguise, we will be courting death if we go! Moreover, we still don't know who this anonymous night patroller is. There are no clues about the spies in the Golden Cloud City. How can we kill him?"

"I have a way to find this man." The tall bounty hunter said. "According to the information reported by the spy, we can deduce that this person is not at the Qi Martial Realm. If he was at the Qi Martial Realm, Di Jin and the other two would not have died like this."

The rest of the bounty hunters nodded. This could be confirmed. There was no need to get close to someone in the Qi Martial Realm. And Di Jin and Tong Pei were both killed at close range.

"Since he's not in the Qi Martial Realm, it's not impossible for us to find him. As long as I'm the bait, I'll have a chance to lure him out!" The tall bounty hunter said confidently.

"You mean…" Cai Zuo frowned, vaguely understanding the other party's thoughts.

"Two bounty hunters will enter the Golden Cloud City together. One of them is in charge of luring out this mysterious night patroller, while the other hid in the dark to secretly confirm this night patroller's identity. As long as this night patroller makes a move, his identity will definitely be exposed!" The tall bounty hunter said. "I'm confident that I can be the bait. One of you only needs to hide in the dark and confirm the identity of this night patroller."

Cai Zuo fell into deep thought. It had to be said that this method was indeed feasible. One of them acted as bait while the other hid in the dark to observe. As long as they knew who this unnamed night patroller was, Then, he could constantly arrange for people to assassinate them.

He could even be killed by a Qi Martial Realm bounty hunter!

They could not allow such a person who could see through their disguise to exist.

"We can give it a try!" After some thought, Cai Zuo agreed with this plan.

In terms of candidates, other than the tall bounty hunter who proposed this plan, the other was a bounty hunter who was good at hiding.

Both of them were at the ninth stage of the Martial Entry-Level!


Golden Cloud City.

Early in the morning, Xiao Shi, who was patrolling the streets, heard the exclamations.

"I heard that another bounty hunter was killed last night!"

"He was still killed by that unnamed night patroller!"

"Too strong! This unnamed night patroller is too strong! He's simply the nemesis of these bounty hunters!"

"I really want to know who he is!"

"Unfortunately, this night patroller is too low-key and is unwilling to reveal his name."

"After such a massacre, let's see which bounty hunter still dares to come to Golden Cloud City!"

Not only were the people in Golden Cloud City discussing fervently, the night patrollers were also discussing this matter intensely.

When these night patrollers talked about this mysterious expert who did not want to reveal his name, their eyes flickered with admiration.

They all had strong fear and disgust in their hearts towards the bounty hunters.

Bounty hunters mainly hunted geniuses and powerhouses. But it also threatened their lives. Moreover, bounty hunters were unpredictable and untrackable. It was difficult to guard against them. This made them feel like prey when facing bounty hunters.

However, this night patroller who did not want to reveal his name had turned the hunter into his prey.

There was nothing more satisfying than this. This made the night patrollers feel that they had vented their anger. They admired this night patroller even more.

At the same time, they heaved a sigh of relief. They felt that with this anonymous night patroller here, those bounty hunters would definitely not dare to come to Golden Cloud City to cause trouble.

This also ensured their safety. They no longer had to worry about bounty hunters killing in Gold Cloud City.

"He defended Golden Cloud City!" The young man who often patrolled with Xiao Shi said with a touched expression.

The corners of Xiao Shi's eyes twitched.

…I'm not as great as you think. Xiao Shi thought.

At the same time, he was troubled. From the looks of it, no fish would dare to come.

This way, before he broke through to the ninth stage of the Martial Entry-Level, it would be very difficult for him to find a suitable target to kill. Unfortunately, the two kills did not drop anything that could speed up his breakthrough.

He still needed some time to break through to the ninth stage of the Martial Entry-Level.

Although he felt that these bounty hunters might not dare to come, Xiao Shi still insisted on using the Enemy Seeking Talisman to investigate from time to time. Perhaps these bounty hunters would be stubborn and not believe it.

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