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I Only Want to Enjoy Life But My Little Sister Want Me to be King I Only Want to Enjoy Life But My Little Sister Want Me to be King original

I Only Want to Enjoy Life But My Little Sister Want Me to be King

Author: Fangrove

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

You know… Reincarnation is great, but reincarnating into someone who is soon to die is not great. Well, I cannot say that I am reincarnated. I take over the body of a child. Is it a regressor? I don't think so. A regressor is someone who goes to the past or something like that. Urgh. Let's forget about this.

Anyway, I take over someone whose future is to die. Yeah. Fuck up, huh? Just like this world!

This is the world of A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones. I don't know which timeline I arrived at. The body I took over did not have memory other than the usurper he wanted to kill for taking over what was rightfully his.

By that, you should know who is the person that I control. Yup. I take over the beggar king—the Fake Dragon. I take over the body of Viserys Targaryen.

What makes matters worse is that I am a child. I am a six-year-old child with a one-year-old child in the middle of an unknown town. The reason why I take over his body is because he is dead, assassinated by someone who keeps muttering that he is sorry, as he stabbed me four times.

Lucky for me, the wound was already healed, and they did not see Daenerys inside one of the barrels hidden behind the dark alley.

Because of this ambush, my bodyguard, who supposedly takes care of me, is gone and leaves us alone. I don't know what to do now. I am a child and have a baby to take care of. This will be hard.


I rub my head when I feel something hit my back. I turn around to the wall behind me and see there is a stone with paper wrapped around it. I frowned, took the stone, and took out the paper. I can see something written on it.

|I apologize for sending you this, but we need your help. This world is on the brink of destruction. If the body you take over dies, Daenerys will die, and the age of the Dragon will not appear in this world.

We know that you cannot survive this world without help, so we decided to give you a suitable gift from your memory.

Help us kill the Abomination in the North, and we will grant you any wishes.

Rip this paper, and you shall receive our gift.


Stranger? That means the one sending me here is the embodiment of death or the God of Death of this world. Also, the Abomination in the North should be the White Walker, right? I shake my head and put that away for now.

I take the paper and rip it apart. A second later, a rush of knowledge got inside my brain. The gift the Stranger gave to me was something I knew and something very useful. What the Stranger gives me is Minecraft Dimension.

I get an inventory just like in Minecraft Game and a pocket dimension the size of Earth to explore as a Minecraft player. The only difference is that I can only go to this dimension once every week and stay there for a month but only a day outside.

That sounds good and all, but here comes the problem. This place is dangerous. From the knowledge the Stranger gave me, this place is like Hardcore Mode from the Minecraft game. That means zombies can kill me easily if I am not careful.

And don't let me start with the creeper. There is a reason why it is called a creeper. It will creep to you and explode, killing you instantly.

I shake my head and hold my head in frustration.

"At least send something that lets me raise my sister! I did not have a pair of tits to feed her!"

As I shouted that in frustration, something hit my head. I rub my head and look at two things on the ground. I blink a little when I see a wooden container and what looks like a baby bottle. I pick up the paper sitting next to the baby bottle and read it.

|Here is a milk that gives nutrients like breast milk. The powder will last for one and a half years. Use the mark on the bottle. Don't lose this.|

I smile a little and say.

"Thank you."

I take the baby bottle and wooden container and then store them in my inventory.

It still sucks that I am a child that needs to take care of a baby, but at least I can feed my sister and have something to work with. I walk toward the hidden barrel, open it, and see baby Daenerys look at me with a happy expression. She raised her hand, asking for me to pick her up.

I pick her up and open the portal to the Minecraft world. After I walked through the portal, I saw a meadow before me. I can see a small lake to the left and a massive mountain to the right.

I can see many livestock like cows, sheep, and chickens. According to the Stranger, this world has the same physics as the Minecraft game. That means little animals will appear when you feed two cows at once.

The only difference is the villagers. They are sentient now. That means I cannot breed them and get myself a loyal villager that I can manipulate through zombie and curing solutions.

I smile a little and take a deep breath. I walk toward the nearby tree and put Daenerys down for a moment. Lucky for me, she is not a fussy child. I walk toward the tree not too far away from her and start punching.

I grit my teeth as I can feel pain go through my knuckle from punching the tree. However, it is a necessity. After a few seconds, I see a massive wooden log appear before me. I store them inside my inventory and start punching once again.

It takes me five minutes to clear the entire tree. I put one log on the ground and pressed my hand on it. I can 'see' the inventory crafting grid inside my mind a second later. I put the log in there, and a second later, four wooden planks appeared in front of me. I put my hand on them and created a crafting table.

I put the crafting table next to Daenerys and changed all the logs into planks and sticks. After a few seconds, I get myself a set of wooden tools. I pat Daenerys, walk far away from her, and start digging.

==Two hours later==

After nine or so hours of work, I managed to create a house made of cobblestone and a door made of iron. I made an iron door because zombies can break wooden doors but not iron doors.

Not only that, I also made a campfire outside the house to boil some water. I don't know if I can drink the water directly and decide to boil them before drinking.


I snap from my thoughts and see my sister start to cry. Ah, the sun is going down. I walk toward the table (a wooden log) and take out the milk from my inventory. I take some of the milk powder inside the baby bottle until it reaches a certain height, which the Stranger has already prepared for me. I pour water and start to shake it.

I walk toward the bed where my sister is crying and lay next to her. I let her suck on the baby bottle and sing a lullaby.

I know that it will be a hard life for the two of us, but I will try my hardest. I am upset that the Stranger took me to this place, but at least he gave me family. I have always wanted a family since I was a little kid in the orphanage. The people in the orphanage are my family, but I want someone who is truly my family.

This second life will be hard, but I don't mind for some reason.

Fangrove Fangrove

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