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1.29% I Planted Crops Alone After Awakening The Weakest Farmer Job Class / Chapter 6: First Battle! Iron II, Soaring Attributes

Chapter 6: First Battle! Iron II, Soaring Attributes

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The night was dark.

Lin Sen arrived at the periphery of the Canaan Safety Zone. With his professional certificate, he successfully boarded an armored vehicle heading towards the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

In the Hundred Thousand Mountains, some ferocious beasts lurked in the day and came out at night. Due to their scarce numbers, their flesh and fur could be sold for a good price.

Hence, on the armored vehicle, Lin Sen saw many combat professions in pairs or small groups.

After two hours of running around.

Lin Sen alighted at the foot of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, standing alone in front of the dark forest.

"It's time."

He exhaled slowly.

Then, like a black hole, he swallowed the surrounding air and rushed into the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

With 71 times the physique of an ordinary person, he felt as if he had been possessed by Superman.

[Crown] skill activated.

The black branches of the Kabbalah Tree of Life spread out from the void, allowing him to step on them and wander freely in the forest.

Compared to a certain American manga ancestor, he only lacked hot vision and the ability to fly.


The repression from 18 years of transmigration was released at this moment.

Lin Sen's heart was on fire. He felt extremely spirited and alive.


A deep and violent roar suddenly came from Lin Sen's left.

Under the moonlight.

Lin Sen saw a bear-shaped beast that only hunted at night. It opened its bloody mouth and darted out of the forest towards him——

Name: Kala Violent Bear

Level: Iron V

Rank: Normal

Physical Body: 25 (+10)

Spirit: 10

Psionic Power: 10

Skill: [Low-level Skin Hardening]: Passive; Increases skin defense, defends against the impact of small firearms.

[Low-level Claws]: Passive; Increases the sharpness of the claws and teeth, can easily cut open a car.

[Low-level Mammoth Strength]: Passive; Increases physical strength by 10 points.

[Rage Roar]: Active. Consumes 2 points of psionic power to roar at the sky. Puts all units within a 10-meter radius can undergo a spirit authentication. If their spirit is lower than 15 points, they will be disorientated for a second.

After being possessed by the God-level Farm, Lin Sen could check the interface of lifeforms that were not more than a major level higher than him.

Know yourself and your enemy, and you can fight a hundred battles without fearing defeat.

Compared to Lin Sen, who had just awakened his profession, the attributes of the beast in front of him were undoubtedly superior.

The skills [Low-level Skin Hardening], [Low-level Claws], and [Low-level Mammoth Strength], together with its 25 physical body points and three-meter-tall body, as well as the group control skill [Rage Roar], could even wipe out a French combat team with loaded weapons from his previous life.


For Lin Sen, whose physical body points had reached 355 points and 468 Spirit points, it was just an appetizer.

"The first battle of my transmigration will be you, stinky bear!"

The first battle.

Lin Sen suppressed the nervousness in his heart and held his breath.

He controlled the Kabbalah Tree of Life to extend a branch under his floating feet. He suddenly stepped on it and used the force to eliminate the flaw of the inability leverage force in the air.

He was like a human cannonball.

He charged at the three-meter-tall Iron V beast head-on.


There was a loud bang.

Lin Sen passed through the giant bear unscathed, breathing heavily.

As for the originally mighty giant bear, its upper body disappeared without a trace, and traces of blood rain fused into the forest.

"An Iron V didn't even last a round against me."

After a while.

After calming down, Lin Sen's eyes burned as he looked at his blood-stained hands and muttered to himself.

"And my level is only Iron I."

"This is the difference between [Mythical] and [Ordinary]."

The Kala Violent Bear's interface listed its rank as [Ordinary], while the Kabbalah Tree of Life was evaluated by the system to be [Mythical].

He could instantly kill his opponent that was five small levels higher!

This was the crushing effect of [Mythical] on the general public!

"What would it be like if I reached Iron V or Bronze?"

"Also, how far can those geniuses who have awakened hidden professions reach at my stage?"

The combat power system of this world was not a mere suppression of level.

It could provide a reference.

However, combat often focused more on attributes and skills.

Just like how combat professions crushed life professions.

At the same level, or even when there was a difference in levels, hidden professions could often crush ordinary combat professions.

Gu Wan'er specialized in a hidden Summoner's profession [Silver Pope], which could scare people to death with its attributes.

Then what were the attributes and skills of those hidden professions that specialized in close combat?

Lin Sen had no idea.

But he believed that

with the system, he would not be inferior to anyone!

"I should try the devouring effect of the [Crown]. I hope it can convert more experience."

Lin Sen turned around and commanded the branch of the Kabbalah Tree of Life to wrap up the remaining half of the Kala Violent Bear's corpse.

"There's more."

"Next time, you should be gentler. If you lose the bear paw, how can you sell it for money to support your elder sister?"

"Recycling it into the farm as fertilizer also reduces the quantity by half. You can't continue wasting it."

As he reflected on his first hunt, Lin Sen sensed the devouring effect of the [Crown] skill.

He felt a cold aura pass through the branches wrapped around the Kala Violent Bear's corpse and into his body, constantly being delivered to his internal organs.

Seconds later.

"Ding! Congratulations, Host. You have leveled up!"

Name: Lin Sen

Occupation: Farmer

Level: Iron II

Physical Body: 455

Spirit: 568

Psionic Power: 953

"Physical body, spirit, and psionic power have all increased by 100 points!

"My psionic power is about to break through to the triple digits!"

Lin Sen's face lit up with joy.

Feeling his continuously increasing strength, his heart was in turmoil.

The improvement of his physical body allowed him to have a physique nearly a hundred times stronger than that of an ordinary person!

His 568 points of Spirit allowed him to control every ounce of his strength in a meticulous manner. He was not a fool who would accidentally fly dozens of meters away with a light hop.

Nearly a thousand points of psionic power also permitted Lin Sen to control the branch of the Kabbalah Tree of Life more easily.

One had to know that

controlling this branch consumed 1 point of psionic power per second. Without a large capacity, it was very easy to run out of mana.

The Kala Violent Bear had completely become a pile of "mortal meat" without any supernatural energy. Lin Sen placed it in the farm.

The system's progress immediately changed——"Mission Progress: 1.3/1000 (unit tons)"

"Including the parts that were blown up, a ferocious beast can provide about two tons of fertilizer…"

Lin Sen looked at the forest under the moonlight and smiled.

"I still have to hunt about 500 more ferocious beasts to complete the mission!

"I won't be bored tonight."

Aah ooh——

Aah ooh——Aah ooh——


A series of wolf howls came from the dark and cold forest.

Lin Sen frowned and looked over.

Dozens of blood-red eyes were staring at him from the shadows in the distance with a malicious aura.

A snow-white silver wolf was looking down at him coldly from the top of the hill.

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