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Chapter 23: Gu Lin attacks!? [1] [R18]


Gu Xia's eyes slightly widened when he saw his mother's figure standing at the door.

He unconsciously took a step back when he felt a sudden chill run down his spine.

Gu Lin fully entered the private office and closed the door behind her.

Locking the door, she then took a couple steps forward with a drunk atmosphere surrounding her.

Her eyes were droopy and her expression was smiling.

"Little Xia, It's not worth it..."

Gu Xia showed a serious expression when he heard his mother's drunk words.

"B-But mother! This bastard cheated on you!"

Gu Lin raised her right eyebrow and shrugged her shoulders as if she couldn't care less.

"So what, I knew this entire time. Hiccup."

Gu Xia was a little taken back when he heard what his mother just said.

"Y-You knew? Then why didn't you say anything?"

Gu Lin walked up to her son and pulled his head slightly downward into her breasts.

She then whispered into his ear with a gentle voice.

"To be honest, I never really liked that man. He was pathetic..."

Gu Xia raised his head upward so his eyes could meet his mothers eyes.

Seeing his mother's sluggish words and actions he thought to himself.

'Is my mother wasted?'

While he was in his own thoughts, Gu Lin stopped showing a gentle smile and instead showed a pouting face.

Before Gu Xia could even open his mouth, Gu Lin leaned in...

Gu Xia snapped out of his thoughts and his heart beat faster and faster as his mother's white face came up on his own.

Gu Lin kissed him, to her his lips were unexpectedly soft.

They parted...

Gu Xia was shocked but suddenly before he could even open his mouth to say a word...

Gu Lin grabbed the back of his head and pulled him to her lips.

She then slipped her tongue inside his mouth.

Her soft sighs turned to muffled surprise as Gu Xia's sharp teeth bit into her lower lip.

Those pale purple eyes Gu Xia so loved opened wide with panic and Gu Lin's palms beat against his shoulders in a vain attempt to get him to let go.

After a couple of minutes of purely kissing they separated from each other.

Gu Lin showed a fat smile but her eyes showed that of sadness...

Of course, Gu Xia noticed his mother's emotions and gently wiped off the blood dripping from her mouth.

"I'm sorry mother, I got out of hand."

Gu Lin looked downward and suddenly a trail of tears poured down her cheeks and to the floor.


Gu Xia, who was caught off guard by the crying, embraced his mother without a second thought.

Wiping her tears, Gu Lin looked upward at her son and spoke in a small whisper.

"I love you..."

She slowly took off her clothes revealing her amazing figure that was hiding behind her sexy white bra and panties.

Despite being drunk, she still had this beautiful radiance around her.

Gu Lin suddenly hugged her son.

Her ample breasts wrapped around his chest, making her cleavage seem even deeper as she got close.

Her breasts were within Gu Xia's reach, but he decided not to move and take a good look at them first.

"Hey, are you shy!? Hiccup... You're so cute... But stop with the acting... I know you are an experienced man."

Gu Lin's fingers stroked her son's abdomen, then they gradually moved downward.

"Oh my, looks like I've been found out."

Gu Xia let out a small laugh as his embarrassed expression disappeared.

"Ara, ara, the devil inside my little Xia came out."

"There's no point in lying to you now."

Gu Xia said with a handsome smile plastered on his face.

"Yes, that's it. That's the kind of attitude that I've been looking for~ My little Xia is all grown up!"

"You came along all wasted so you could have the courage to sleep with me, right? What a really bad girl."

Gu Xia chuckled.

"And you're a really bad boy for being such a fine young man who could even attract me. I've had my eye on you since you became a man..."

"So, it means we're in each other's interests, huh."

"That's pretty much it.♪"

Gu Lin moved her hand from its resting on her abdomen down to Gu Xia's crotch.

"I know your appearance is amazing, but what about here?"

"I haven't seen your dick in a very long time..."

She unbuckled her son's belt.

With a clicking sound, Gu Xia's pants were pulled off at once.

"Huh? I'm hugging you, and you're still not hard... You're used to being with a woman, aren't you?"

Gu Lin sluggishly said with a pout on her face.

"No comment about that."

Gu Xia responded with a shit eating grin.

"Even though you're with me, your beautiful mother?"

Gu Lin looked at her son with a seductive expression.

"Of course my mother is the most beautifulest."

Gu Xia complemented her.

"Don't be so hasty you playboy. I wanna see what makes all the woman around you enjoy having sex with you♪."

With that, she stroked her son's cock on top of his underwear.

Gu Lin calls herself an expert at pleasing, her movements are like a high-class prostitute, judging from the way she carefully pinches the cock between her fingertips while rolling the tip with her palm.

After all! She's trained for this moment to pleasure her son!

Gu Xia's cock gradually got harder and harder for every second passed.

"Wow, it's growing so fast. Wait, it's still growing bigger and bigger!?"

Gu Lin let out a shocked gasp.

Gu Xia's cock has swollen to the extent that it would burst off his underwear at any time.

Seeing that her son's crotch made a steep tent made Gu Lin gasp a bit, but even though she's breathing hard, she still took off his underwear all the way.

"Y-you're joking, right?"

Gu Lin uttered, as if her drunkenness had sobered up in an instant.

"W-what a size you have! And it's so thick and long!"

'I've got a certain amount of confidence in my cock. After all, I possess Chad Ultimate.'

Gu Xia thought to himself with a confident expression plastered on his face.

Gu Lin's face became red... Her body began to fidget.

"This first time doing this... I've never had..."

"Are you scared?"

Gu Xia showed a cocky smile.


Gu Xia said teasingly, and Gu Lin got a bit miffed when he said it.

Gu Lin pouted, her cheeks were slightly flushed.

"Ah, Hmph! Don't be stupid. Let mommy take care of you! I'll show you how good I am at pleasuring you!"

"I'm looking forward to it."

Gu Xia commented, now he had high expectations!

"Okay, get on the floor..."

Gu Lin instructed her son to lie on his back.

Gu Xia did as he was told, and from there, she straddled his body.

"Fufu, this is going to be fun.♪"

Gu Lin licked her lips.

Her breasts, far larger than her hands, were brought to the open, followed by her butt, which was being hugged by her white panties, tucking it up to expose those jiggling lower halves.

She has a great figure, and any virgin, would have probably ejaculated just by looking at her.

"Thank goodness it has stopped getting bigger. Anh…I'm just looking at it, yet I can't stand it anymore...."

A sticky liquid spills out of Gu Lin's private area as she comments on her son's large cock.

'I haven't even started caressing her, but her vagina is already wet.'

Gu Xia thought to himself with a smirk.

With a horny look on her face, Gu Lin screamed in a erotic voice.

"Geez, I can't endure this anymore! I want your big cock in my tight cobweb pussy!"

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